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Open Library is a project of the non-profit Internet Archive. Open Library claims to have 6 million authors, 25 million edition records, and about three million readable books are available as scanned or born-digital e-books.

Which partnership could be possible[edit]

From WS towards IA:

  • WS could link OL works to proofread WS editions
  • Wikisource could upload back into the Internet Archive the proofread editions. Hurdle: WS has no means (yet) of embedding proofread text back into the Djvu files.
  • Books in Commons that are missing in the Internet Archive could be linked from OL or uploaded via Archive-It

From OL/IA towards IA:

  • An indication when there is a proofread work in Wikisource.
  • An invitation to proofread texts in WS when that book is present.


OL is building a working community, not that many resources are available, but there is openness for a collaboration.

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