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Like all wikis using the MediaWiki software, Wikisource has the following namespaces: the main namespace, where page names have no prefix, 15 default auxiliary types, each with its own prefix. There are also some other namespeces, which are wiki-specific.


These are namespaces in Wikisource (also the variables for them are shown):

{{ns:1}} Talk
{{ns:2}} User
{{ns:3}} User talk
{{ns:4}} Wikisource
{{ns:5}} Wikisource talk
{{ns:6}} File
{{ns:7}} File talk
{{ns:8}} MediaWiki
{{ns:9}} MediaWiki talk
{{ns:10}} Template
{{ns:11}} Template talk
{{ns:12}} Help
{{ns:13}} Help talk
{{ns:14}} Category
{{ns:15}} Category talk
{{ns:104}} Page
{{ns:105}} Page talk
{{ns:106}} Index
{{ns:107}} Index talk
{{ns:108}} Author
{{ns:109}} Author talk
{{ns:828}} Module
{{ns:829}} Module talk
{{ns:1198}} Translations
{{ns:1199}} Translations talk

Note that e.g. Auteu:Henri Carion is, for the software, in the main namespace; "Auteu:" is a pseudo-namespace.