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After the in some cases bad experience with the creation of new subdomains in summer 2006 (see To subdomain or not to subdomain :-) and others) it seems to be necessary to have some more specified criterias criterias for our support of the creation of new subdomains. The first proposals which are made only in addition to the existing rules in Wikisource:Language domain requests/Rules for voting.

Creation of new subdomains[edit]

So here my first ideas. Please note, that the sense of my proposals is to show the principle; so if you want to change one year to one month or 200 edits to 1000, it is OK. - - - The first proposals:

  1. there must be a working and active Wikipedia in the same language
  2. the language Wikisource should exist at least one 6 months or it should have at least 200 text pages; in the last three months before the creation of a new subdomain there should be at least 50 edits
  3. there should be at least 10 users editing in this language, at least three of them should be active continuously and have at least 100 edits here each
  4. at least three of the users (experienced contributor) should have good contact to the community here (i.e. discutting problems, helping in solving the problems etc); one of these three users should be the candidate for admin-bureaucrat of the new subdomain
  5. there should be enough support for the subdomain in the own language Wikisource: the voting should happen not here but there, and it is necessary to gain ??? votes
  6. at least 2 admins of this multilingual Wikisource must support the request
  7. all pages in this multilingual Wikisource which belong to the language must be clearly categorized so that their move to the new subdomain can be done as well as the deleting after the creation

... etc. -jkb- 10:05, 9 October 2006 (UTC)

Subdomains that does not work[edit]

(here we should discuss what to do with subdomains that are not alive...)