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This table shows the number of pages that have been proofread using the ProofreadPage extension, at 12 Indic Wikisource subdomains. It is updated monthly.


  • The "proofread" column counts all the pages that have been proofread : [category q3] + [category q4]
  • Language subdomains are ranked by the number of page verifications : [category q3] + 2x[category q4]
  • The "with scans" column counts pages whose text is transcluded from the "Page:" namespace.
  • The "percent" column shows the percentage of texts backed with scans, excluding disambiguation pages from the total:

percent = [with scans]/([with scans] + [without scans])

In addition, a few wikisources still do not have a namespace for author pages; these pages are counted as texts without scans.

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