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Wikisource is a growing collection of primary source texts in any language, as well as translations of source texts. Most of the texts on Wikisource are in the public domain and not protected by any copyright or license. However, some are copyrighted and available under the Creative Commons-Atribution-Share Alike 3.0.

Using Wikisource[edit]

Read the introduction for more information.


By the nature of Wikisource, original texts should not be changed, except for correcting errors. However, you are welcome to add new primary source texts or complete current ones.

Other possible edits are:

  • linking words in the source to other pages of Wikisource, to Wikipedia articles, etc.; avoid any change of the source text itself; often this means using a piped link.
    • Example:
resolutions on [[:en:Western Sahara|Western Sahara]], and ''reaffirming'', in particular, [[UN Security Council Resolution 1495|resolution 1495]]
resulting in
resolutions on Western Sahara, and reaffirming, in particular, resolution 1495
See also en:Wikipedia:Interlanguage_links#Interwiki_links
  • formatting
  • explanation and links in separate sections
  • annotations in such a way that the distinction between source and annotations is clear

See also Wikipedia:Help.