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Mockup of the form that will be used to organize the book

The BookManager is a project proposed by User:GorillaWarfare to stabilize and expand the Extension:BookManager. This extension would bundle pages into a single unit, instead of a scattered and loosely-organized set of pages.

Project summary[edit]

From the proposal page: "This project aims to improve Extension:BookManager so that it can be used to collect a book (from Wikisource, Wikibooks, or similar) into a single unit, instead of a scattered and loosely-organized set of pages.

"There are a number of wikis (for example, Wikisource and Wikibooks) that consist of content that is structured as a book. MediaWiki does not currently have much in the way of support for this structure, and so these wikis are forced to try to adapt the article structure to suit their needs. Wikisource has adapted by using an Index namespace for individual pages, then collecting each chapter (or an entire work, if the work is short) in the main namespace. If the work spans several subpages (in the case of chapters), the pages are linked together using header templates, and an index page of sorts is typically used for a landing page. Wikibooks uses a similar structure, using subpages of an article for each chapter. These adaptations work, but are severely limited and unstandardized.

"Extension:BookManager was created as an attempt to address this issue. The extension currently needs to be stabilized, but it is a good starting point for this project. It can be modified to use a JSON representation of the book, which will neatly collect all the necessary metadata and organizational information. I have created an example at mw:User:GorillaWarfare/Proposal/JSON. This will be editable via a form (see right); users will not need to manipulate the raw JSON. Each book will have a single main page that can be used to interact with the book as a whole—these interactions will include the ability to watchlist an entire book or print/export a book. There are quite a few enhancements that depend on this organizational structure (see Bugzilla), and I hope to tackle some of these as a part of the project."

Read more about this proposal on the Google Summer of Code Proposal.