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FrankB says:    Hi there, and WELCOME!

Please be advised
my wikiHome is on Wikipedia. Click below to leave me a message there!


If there is a need for speed, duplicate your post in an email.
(gives me an audible alarm even when I'm off Wikipedia)

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CAVEAT:Browsers compatibility problem[edit]

Visitors: Technical issues have been unearthed on two computers in this household which strongly indicate editing Wikipedia in the new MSIE-7 browser will be problematic. Currently, on those two computers, 'unsaved changes' in an 'edit and preview window' are not being retained, when one follows a link or navigates (check link, check talk, check history... etc.) to any another page; this requires replacing the work just entered with fresh typing. Ahem!
This does wonders for 'productivity on Wikipedia'!

Sincere good wishes, // FrankB 12:31, 8 May 2006 (UTC)

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