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do not modify this page, it'll daily automatically updated in a few days

  • Duplicated en entry are normal, there is two entry for and two for
  • The es trouble is a real bug, on es 'Page' is an alias for 'Índice' which is the canonical name for 'Index' which is not an alias...
  • Not yet checked ar but either there is no Index for ar which make non sense or there is no 'Index' alias to the canonical index name.
  • Reversed id <---> canonical namespace column come from a cut&copy with ltr and rtl string intermixed, it'll fixed when updating this page automatically.
lang         ns           id          canonical namespace
ar           Page         صفحة         104   
br           Index        Meneger      100   
br           Page         Pajenn       102   
ca           Index        Llibre       104   
ca           Page         Pàgina       102   
da           Index        Indeks       106   
da           Page         Side         104   
de           Index        Index        104   
de           Page         Seite        102   
el           Index        Βιβλίο       102   
el           Page         Σελίδα       100   
en           Index        Index        106   
en           Page         Page         104   
es           Index        None         106   
es           Page         Índice       104   
et           Index        Register     104   
et           Page         Lehekülg     102   
fa           Index        فهرست        106   
fa           Page         برگه         104   
fr           Index        Livre        112   
fr           Page         Page         104   
he           Index        מפתח         112   
he           Page         עמוד         104   
hr           Index        Sadržaj      104   
hr           Page         Stranica     102   
hu           Index        Index        106   
hu           Page         Oldal        104   
hy           Index        Ինդեքս       106   
hy           Page         Էջ           104   
id           Index        Indeks       102   
id           Page         Halaman      104   
it           Index        Indice       110   
it           Page         Pagina       108   
la           Index        Liber        106   
la           Page         Pagina       104   
ml           Index        സചിക        104   
ml           Page         താൾ          106   
mr           Index        अनकरमणिका  106   
mr           Page         पान          104   
no           Index        Indeks       106   
no           Page         Side         104   
oldwikisource Index        Index        106   
oldwikisource Page         Page         104   
pl           Index        Indeks       102   
pl           Page         Strona       100   
pt           Index        Galeria      104   
pt           Page         Página       106   
ro           Index        Index        106   
ro           Page         Pagină       104   
ru           Index        Индекс       106   
ru           Page         Страница     104   
sl           Index        Kazalo       104   
sl           Page         Stran        100   
sv           Index        Index        108   
sv           Page         Sida         104   
te           Index        సూచక        106   
te           Page         పుట          104   
vec          Index        Indice       104   
vec          Page         Pagina       102   
vi           Index        Mục lục      106   
vi           Page         Trang        104   
zh           Index        Index        106   
zh           Page         Page         104