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Crystal Clear action run v3.svg This user is a bot run by Doug (talk).

It is used for helping to make many small changes that would take a long time for a person to do alone.
Administrators: if this bot isn't working right or doing bad things, please block it.

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This bot primarily works on custom jobs in the pagespace or mainspace on works its handler is actively involved in and, if others are involved, after discussion; such pages will generally be on the list on the handler's userpage. The bot primarily does cleanup and formatting tasks, using the page namespace editor script structure. It may be used to create mainspace pages when necessary or to bot in an existing OCR layer in pagespace (as User:mjbot does, though mjbot is approved for general use and this bot will limit its editing to certain works, as discussed above).

Also, certain redundant edits such as the removal of interwiki links that do not have a target on the sister project based on the results of running Inductiveload's backlinks script. Unlike the work above, this work will be project wide in Authorspace rather than limited to certain works.

Bot Vitals[edit]

  • Creator/operator: Doug
  • Language: Python
  • Framework: PWB
  • Mode: Semi-automatic, the bot may run automated on short runs with review by human afterwards.
  • Operation: Intermittent - only runs under supervision from its handler.


Completed Tasks[edit]

Basic Formatting[edit]

Recurring Tasks[edit]

Generate report from to identify Wikipedia and Wikiquote pages linked to from Wikisource Author pages and remove links in the headers to non-existent wikipedia and wikiquote pages.