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The following text should have appeared in the following mailing list Langcom. 2015-September:

Thanks for your message,

I have seen the mail from August and I think we have already given the rationale within this update.

As a language oriented project (all the wikisources are), we want to give full support to our language. That's why we were:

  • continuously working in localisation (this month a bit faster):
    • In eleven years of other foo.source projects nobody else than the nap.source backers took care of localisation for this language;
  • providing support in our language:
    • I don't think I can change it.source + templates + documentation, to my language, and I am not interested in producing faulty documentation in italian. I imagine the italian community is not interested in somebody writing their templates and docs in neapolitan or in faulty italian.
    • I don't think it.source agrees to have 24h-365d contents fully in neapolitan in their main page and community. Other languages of Italy (vec, ca, la, de, el) were not excluded from the process.
    • If somebody of our visitors/contributors does not speak italian he or she will be excluded
    • It leaves open path for cross-source-translations (future)
  • Still we need a common.css/js different for our locale

I don't think this can be achieved in any other foo.source projects alone, so the need is there.

If we add the reason given by Gerard: neapolitan-language speakers are not second class citizens, and so: We have preferred to work under the mul.wikisource umbrella until we are ready for the jump, just to make the things right.

Best regards,

and thanks for including me,