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My interests include sports, literature, computers, history, music, religion, math, and whatever else is interesting.

My sandbox

To do list (feel free to help out):

  • Fix Gettysburg Address and The Gettysburg Address: move them to standardized pages with the name of the transcript on them etc. see [1] and [2]
  • upload Jonathan Swift stuff
  • upload Emily Dickinson stuff (copyright issues though)
  • Add more features to BoM text:
  1. next and prev links (if feasible, seems like a lot of work)
  2. footnotes (not likely to happen any time soon)
  3. uptrace links at top of each chapter -- Done
  • upload Bertrand Russell stuff

p.s. If you do any of the above tasks, or notice that they have been done, go ahead and remove them from the list. gotta love wikis!