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This applies a Unicode Tangut font to the specified Tangut text if such a font is available on the user's system. The fonts applied are, in the following order:

  • Tangut Yinchuan – Unicode Tangut font originally designed by Jing Yongshi (景永时), but extended and modified by Andrew West and Michael Everson to cover all Unicode Tangut ideographs and components (available from [1])
  • Tangut N4694 – Unicode based Tangut font based on Jing Yongshi (景永时) and Jia Changye (贾常业)'s work (available from [2])
  • New Tangut Std – Unicode based Tangut font based on characters found in Tangut dictionaries as Sea of Characters (文海), Homophones (同音), etc. (available from [3])
  • Tangut TWU – Academia Sinica's Tangut font remapped to Unicode code points (available from [4])
  • BabelStone Tangut Wenhai – freeware font that covers 3,061 of the 6,125 Tangut ideographs (available from [5]);


The first parameter is the Unicode Tangut text to be displayed.

The second parameter is the transliteration or translation of the Tangut text, which will be displayed as the mouseover tooltip. This is optional, and if omitted the tooltip will be blank.

The third parameter is the font size to be used in px units. This is optional, and if omitted the default font size will be used.


  1. {{Tangut|𗴂𗹭𘜶𗴲𗂧}} provides 𗴂𗹭𘜶𗴲𗂧
  2. {{Tangut|𗴂𗹭𘜶𗴲𗂧|Great Xia State of the White and the Lofty}} provides 𗴂𗹭𘜶𗴲𗂧
  3. {{Tangut|𗴂𗹭𘜶𗴲𗂧|Great Xia State of the White and the Lofty|size=24px}} provides 𗴂𗹭𘜶𗴲𗂧