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Template intended to force large Coptic script fonts for the Coptic Bible if installed.

The following is the display of all of Coptic characters in large typeface, as defined by Unicode version 5.1 (check link or see below if characters do not display correctly):

Coptic characters (Unicode 5.1)

Ⲁ ⲁ Ⲃ ⲃ Ⲅ ⲅ Ⲇ ⲇ Ⲉ ⲉ Ⲋ ⲋ Ⲍ ⲍ Ⲏ ⲏ Ⲑ ⲑ Ⲓ ⲓ Ⲕ ⲕ Ⲗ ⲗ Ⲙ ⲙ Ⲛ ⲛ Ⲝ ⲝ Ⲟ ⲟ Ⲡ ⲡ Ⲣ ⲣ Ⲥ ⲥ Ⲧ ⲧ Ⲩ ⲩ Ⲫ ⲫ Ⲭ ⲭ Ⲯ ⲯ Ⲱ ⲱ Ⲳ ⲳ Ⲵ ⲵ Ⲷ ⲷ Ⲹ ⲹ
Ⲻ ⲻ Ⲽ ⲽ Ⲿ ⲿ Ⳁ ⳁ Ⳃ ⳃ Ⳅ ⳅ Ⳇ ⳇ Ⳉ ⳉ Ⳋ ⳋ Ⳍ ⳍ Ⳏ ⳏ Ⳑ ⳑ Ⳓ ⳓ Ⳕ ⳕ Ⳗ ⳗ Ⳙ ⳙ Ⳛ ⳛ Ⳝ ⳝ Ⳟ ⳟ Ⳡ ⳡ Ⳣ ⳣ ⳤ ⳥ ⳦ ⳧ ⳨ ⳩ ⳪ ⳹ ⳺ ⳻ ⳼ ⳽ ⳾ ⳿ Ϣ ϣ Ϥ ϥ Ϧ ϧ Ϩ ϩ Ϫ ϫ Ϭ ϭ Ϯ ϯ

Note: in order to correctly display all of the above characters, make sure you have installed one of the following fonts to view all of the characters as defined by Unicode 5.1:

Coptic Unicode 5.1 fonts (from most to least compatible in descending order)
Well-supported fonts:

Less compatible fonts:

  • The Coptic Language = Ϯⲁⲥⲡⲓ ̀ⲛⲣⲉⲙ ̀ⲛⲬⲏⲙⲓ