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Template documentation

A simpler alternative for hyphenated words and more[edit]

The template (devoted to nsPage) simply displays into nsPage the content of its parameter 1, and into ns0 the content of its parameter 2. The mos common use is, to render hyphenated words between pages, but it can be used into a number of other cases, everywhere a difference between what is displayed into nsPage and into ns0 is needed. It's related, but slightly different, to the couple of templates {{Hws}} - {{Hws}}.

When a page ends exactly with an hyphenated word, and next page starts exactly with the end of that word, the template can be applied by javascript (a similar trick runs into fr.source with {{Hws}} - {{Hwe}}).

words code nsPage output ns0 output
Napu- {{pt|Napu-}} Napu-
letano {{pt|letano|Napuletano}} letano Napuletano