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List of different language versions;

The Lord's prayer in 250 languages and 180 forms of writing By Pietro Marietti, Wendell Jordan S. Krieg, Catholic Church. Congregatio de Propaganda Fide

The Lord's Prayer in three hundred languages: comprising the leading languages and their principal dialects throughout the world with the places where spoken By Reinhold Rost

The Lord's prayer in five hundred languages: comprising the leading languages and their principal dialects throughout the world, with the places where spoken By Reinhold Rost

Das Gebet des Herrn in den Sprachen Russlands [ed. by H. Dalton]. By Lord's prayer (The Lord's Prayer in the languages of Russia)

Pantographia: containing accurate copies of all the known alphabets in the world ; together with an English explanation of the peculiar force or power of each letter : to which are added, specimens of all well-authenticated oral languages ... By Edmund Fry


Remarks on the Lord's prayer By An Anastasian

Thoughts on the Lord's prayer By Frederick Cavan Blyth

The Lord's prayer, 9 sermons By William Samuel Carter

An exposition of the Creed; the Lord's prayer; the Decalogue; the doctrine of the sacraments By Isaac Barrow, William Whewell

The Lord's prayer, and other sermons By Charles Parsons Reichel (bp. of Meath.)

Eight simple lectures on the Lord's prayer By Robert Vincent Reynolds

Thoughts on the harmony between the Beatitudes & the Lord's prayer By Augustus Theodore Wirgman

The Lord's prayer no adaptation of existing Jewish petitions, 6 essays, to which are added 3 more, on the first two prophecies, and on the Cherubim By Moses Margoliouth

Stories on the Lord's prayer


A bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account, alphabetically arranged, of the most curious, scarce, useful, and important books,: in all departments of literature, which have been published in Latin, Greek, Coptic, Hebrew, Samaritan, Syriac, Chaldee, Æthiopic, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, &c. from the infancy of printing to the beginning of the nineteenth century. With bibliographical anecdotes of authors, printers, and publishers; ... To which are added, an essay on bibliography, with a general and particular account of the different authors on that subject, in Latin, French, Italian, German, and English ..  By Adam Clarke

The cyclopædia of India and of eastern and southern Asia: commercial, industrial and scientific, products of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, useful arts and manufactures, Volume 3 By Edward Balfour

The Evangelical Guardian and Review, Volume 2

The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany, Volume 5

Lord's Prayer in specific languages[edit]

Mandarin Chinese in romanization, numeral type, numeral type shorthand, and chinese characters

Javanese in the Javanese alphabet

An introduction to the critical study and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, Volume 2  By Thomas Hartwell Horne (contains all kinds of bible verses in other languages, including the lord's prayer)

Astrakhan Tartar and Ottoman Turkish in the Perso Arabic script

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