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I am the webmaster for, .net, .com

You are permitted to use any data available on my website. Currently it has only the first chapter of Matthew transcribed, but I have the text & unicode for the first couple books on my computer. Just haven't compiled it onto my site yet. My project is expected to be complete in December.

Be warned, I have not done a careful proof-read yet.

I wish to remain anonymous, but you can verify my IP address that I am posting this message with matches the IP address assigned to those sites, and that can be interpreted as my signature.

Hey! It's great to hear from you...I was hoping that contact could be made. Thank you so much for what you have been doing! It's really great. I started working here, and then noticed your site. Is there any way that we could help you? Perhaps by typing in a section here? You have the first couple books already, which ones are those?--Cherokeekid 21:24, 8 July 2007 (UTC)

It is the first two books. I already got all of the first book online, I think. About halfway done with the second. The copy of the CNT I have is poorly printed. A good friend of mine lost her old 1970s copy. Once she finds it, I can borrow it and do a lot of proofreading.

I use linux. I wrote a couple 'c' programs to make data entry easier. One of my programs takes the hyphenated English phonetic text and converts it into several different file formats that are automatically saved. Another program, world.c, compiles all these files into a single collection of HTML files. The ASCII-to-UTF encoder lets enter the words delimited with hyphens and then generates Unicode. I don't know of any other out there that works correctly. Every other one I have seen barfs when it can't parse words that may contain 'nahna' as either ᎾᎿ or ᏀᎾ. By hyphenating syllables, it forces exactitude in the entry of data.

It would be so cool if there was a way I could have uppercase characters, but I don't know how the unicode font can be resized. Since the Unicode has once one size, I am not sure how uppercase characters would be able to be mapped from a Cherokee keyboard, if one existed. I would be up to designing one of these though...

Hi, it's me again, I'm not sure you'll check in here, but I just decided I would try--and see how you are doing? How is the transliteration going? Do you still think you can manage by the end of the year? I think there is a Cherokee keyboard, though I'm not sure, there might not be. Yes, I agree it would be cool if Upper case was possible, but I'm not a programmer, or a fontographer :)--Cherokeekid 03:12, 14 November 2007 (UTC)

Good to see you again! I am about to hit the 25% mark in a few days. I am trying to get a few different copies of the CNT to help with proofreading. Some of the older printings were relatively devoid of ink blurs. The new ones are unreadable in places. When I am closer to done, I will try to work with the Unicode people and see what suggestions they have for the upper-case issue. It will take at least another year to finish typing. 6000 more verses... I am heading back to Jay, OK this weekend to ask a bunch of questions regarding some of the verses. -- CNT Feb 22, '07

Wow, it has been two tears since I posted last! I finished the transcription on my site. I got a list of about 170 verses that have ink spots on them. I will be going to a couple museums to look at their copies soon. -- CNT Feb 21, 2009