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Draft United Nations Guiding principles on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty : is there a possibility to make available to all an existing Bengali version ?[edit]

Dear all, I am sorry to write in english, I don't unfortunately have in knowledge of bengali. And I hope this page is appropriate for this request. I am Xavier Verzat, and I am the representative to the United Nations in Geneva of the International Movement ATD Fourth World. I am writing to you thanks to a suggestion from User:Yann. This message concerns the [Draft United Nations Guiding principles on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty] which have been introduced on en.wikisource since Feb 2007. A friend of mine provided me with a translation in bengali; is there a possibility to introduce it on wikisource (although I dont see any wikisource in bengali yet) ? This would be very useful to bengali people who would like to contribute to ongoing consultations on this text to reinforce the fight against poverty worldwide, working with the poor themselves. Here is the pdf image version of this text, I have it also on a pagemaker7 format. Thank you in advance for any recommendation ! (I am up to post a similar message on User_talk:Bellayet ). With my best regards, XavierV 07:49, 7 September 2007 (UTC)