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'Modern', standardized spelling/writing of the same text:

    nican ipan altepetl villa de Coyoacan cempohualli onchiquace mani metztli junio de mil y seiscientos y trece anos ixpantzinco don Constantino Hutizimengari juez gouernador nican ipan altepetl ihuan ixquich itlahuilanalpan icatzinco Crixtobal de Molina Pisa teniente ixiptla Marques de Valle omopouh inin peticion in oquiteixpanti nican teneuhtica

    Nehuatl Leonor Magdalena notlaxilacal Tenanitlan mixpantzinco ninocnopechteca chicahuacatica nicteilhuia in Petronilla nomiccacihuamon auh inic nictecpana in noneteilhuil niquitoa amo quimimacaxilia in totecuiyo Dios ihuan in tlatocayotl justicia atle ipan quitia in ipan lunes caxtolli in ipan metztli inin junia atlauhco onechtzacuili onechmicti onechteteliccac ihuan nechpalosdahuia nechquatlatlapanaz ihuan no ceppa Sacramento ilhuitzin onechmicti nohuipil onechtzatzayanili iuhqui ce loca omocu[ep] cenca quitepexihuia yn ianiman quitlamamaltia huel imacehuallo inic huel huei justicia ic tlatzacuiltiloz teixpan

    Cenca nimitznotlatlauhtilia in tehuatzin tlacatl tlatoani ma xicmocelili testigos tlatolmelahuazque quineltilizque in noneteilhuil ipampa cenca chicahuac justicia ticmotlatzacuiltiliz ihuan oncan mixcuitizque yn oc cequintin auh ipampa inin noquerella juramentotica nicneltilia camo niccocolia amo nictentlapiquia ca can justicia motlatocatequitzin nocontennamiqui itech ninopiloa
    Leonor Magdalena

    auh in oquimottili juez gouernador inin peticion omotlanahuatili quineltiliz ica informacion oin ineteilhuil auh in oquitemacac informacion iquac mottaz neltiz in tlein justicia ic tlaitlani ixquich inic omotlanahuatili auh oquimofirmayotili
    don Constantino Huitzimengari

Rough translation[edit]

Here in Coyoacan, June 26th, 1613, before don Constantino Huitzimengari (judge-governor and representative of the Marques del Valle), this petition was read:

I, Leonor Magdalena, of Tenanitlan, bow before you and accuse my daughter-in-law Petronilla, my widowed daughter-in-law. She respects nothing; does not fear God; tinmks nothing of justice. On Monday June 15th, she met me in the ravine and beat me, kicked me, gave me blows that almost split my head open. Again on the day of the Sacrament, she beat me and ripped my blouse, like a crazy woman. She is hurling her soul over a cliff/into an abyss, placing a great burden on it; she is very crude, and may justly be publicly punished.

I implore you, lord and ruler, to hear wintnesses who will truthfully verify my accusation, because it is just that you punish her, so that others may take it as an example. I swear by this complaint, and do not hate her; I am not lying about this; it is only justice. I salute and depend on your office.
    Leonor Magdalena

When the judge-governor saw this petition, he ordered that it be verified by formal proof; when she (Leonor) has presented proof, it will be seen, and whatever she justly requests will be carried out. that is all he ordered, and signed:
    don Constantino Huitzimengari