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VI. Syndriucht.

[1] Thit is thet sinthriucht. Hwersa ma anne mon biclagat vmbe en vnebinomat mord, sa is hi niar xijsum to vntswerane than hi age to deyane sineth iefta cn ontiuch. Berst him thera etha, sa schel hi beta thet bon met thrim merkum and thene liudfrethe, alsa thet riucht is, and thet mord alsa diure sa anne monslachta.

[2] Hwersa ma ene frowa wrogat, thet hio vrhor den hebbe, sa ach se hire formund to sikriane, jef hi hia siker wet. Berst him thera etha, sa weth hire hir formund alle schildich. Sa ach hi thenna thene kere, hwether hi se fille sa hi se vnthaudie mitha swerde, ther hiu vnder geng, tha hio thet afte bigeng, sa hi se to him nime. Sa scel ma vmbe tha sende tha hermschere vntfan and thet bon beta mith lxxij scillingum.

[3] Hwersa ma clagat vm en afte, thet hit bretzen se, sa scol hit aldus to riuchte kuma, thet thio frie Fresinne kome on thes freia Fresa were mith hornes hlude, mith bura vnhlest, mith bekana bronde and mith winna songe, and ma thet burmel et, and <hio> breydelike sinne bethselma vrstop and on tha bedde hire liwes nette mitha monne and a morna vpstod, to tzurka geng, tzurcstal stod, alter erade, tha prestere offerade, thet afte bigeng, alsa thi freia Fresa mither freia Fresinna scold. Sa schel ma thet afte b iherda mith sogen burum and mitha prester, ther se in tha tzurka lat, and mitha offermanne, ther tha klocca hlette, and mitha prestere, ther tha missa sang and thet offer vntfeng. Sa is ma mith thisse ix tiugum niar thet afte to sterckiane than hit eninge Fresa is to slitane.

[4] Hwersa en prester in ene capella kumt mith hlote jef mith liuda wilkere, sa ach thi persona then alter him to bifelane and ta tzurka, boka, stola, ompel and fona and alle thet goud, sa therbinna is to hudan, ther ma godisthianst mithe framma schol.