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by Bryant Knight
ni li ni tan lipu ni. nasin pi lipu ni li sama lipu "Book-A-Minute". toki pi jan Caesium Rubidium li weka lon lipu ni tan ni: ken la nasin CC0 li lawa ala e ona. lipu ni pi tenpo sike 2007 li lon ni li ante lili.

Extremely short summaries of books, retrieved from this page on archive.org. (Copyright information found here.) The author said "The idea for Toki Pona Quickies is based on Book-A-Minute." Submissions by Caesium Rubidium have been left out from this page because it is unclear whether the CC0 license applies to those as well. The first publication of this version was somewhere between July 2007 and October 2015. An earlier version archived on July 2007 can be found here.



kulupu lawa: mi pona.

jan Winston: sina ike.
[kulupu lawa li pakala e jan Winston.]
jan Winston: sina pona!

[jan Beowulf li moli e akesi mute.]
jan: pona!

A Christmas Carol
jan Scrooge: ike.
jan Jacob Marley: jan Scrooge o, kon pi jan moli li kama li toki e ni: sina ike.
kon pi jan moli: sina ike.
jan Scrooge: pona. o jo e mani mi.

United States Declaration of Independence
ma Mewika: jan George li ike. ona li lawa ala e ma ni.

[jan Frankenstein li pali e jan pi ike lukin.]
jan pi ike lukin: jan li olin ala e mi. jan Frankenstein o, mi wile e meli pi ike lukin.
jan Frankenstein: mi wile ala pali e meli pi unpa lukin.
[jan ali li moli.]

Great Expectations
jan Pip: mi jo ala e meli e mani.
[ijo mute li kama.]
jan Pip: mi jo ala e meli e mani.

kon pi jan moli: jan Claudius li moli e mi.
jan Hamlet: mi pilin ike.
[jan ali li moli.]

Julius Caesar
jan Cassius: jan Brutus o, sina wile ala wile moli e jan Caesar?
jan Brutus: mi wile tan ni: ma tomo Loma li pona.
[jan mute li moli e jan Caesar.]
[jan ali li moli.]

Jurassic Park
jan Hammond: mi pali e akesi suli. o lukin e ona.
jan: a! pakala! a! akesi suli li moku e mi!

Lord of the Rings

Fellowship of the Ring
jan Frodo: mi wile pakala e sike ike ni.

The Two Towers
[jan li utala.]

The Return of the King
jan Frodo: mi weka e sike ike ni.
jan Gollum: a!

Mein Kampf
jan Hitler: jan Tosi li pona. mi mute o moli e jan ante ali.

Of Mice and Men
jan George: jan Lenny o nasa ala. mi mute li ken jo e tomo.
jan Lenny: a. mi wile pilin e ni. ona li pona pilin.
[jan Lenny li moli e ijo tan pilin.]
[jan George li moli e jan Lenny.]

The Old Man and the Sea
[jan suli li kama jo e kala suli. kala li suli mute li ken ala awen lon tomo tawa.]
[kala ike li moku e kala suli.]
[jan suli li tawa tomo ona li lape.]

The Red Badge of Courage
jan utala lili: mi wile utala pona. taso mi pilin ike.
[lawa ona li pakala.]
jan utala lili: mi lukin sama jan utala pona. taso mi pilin ike.
[ona li utala pona.]
jan utala lili: mi jan utala pona.

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
lawa Loma li sewi li anpa.

The Scarlet Letter
jan pi ma tomo: sina unpa ike. sina ike.
jan Hester: mi pona.
jan Dimmesdale: mi unpa. a.

A Separate Peace
[jan Phineas li nasa li pona.]
[jan Gene li anpa e jan Phineas tan kasi suli.]
jan Phineas: a! mi pakala!
[jan Phineas li moli.]

[ali li pona.]

Thus Spoke Zarathustra
[jan Zarathustra li wile pana e sona tawa jan.]
[ni li lili tawa jan.]
jan Zarathustra: jan li nasa.

Travels with Charley
[jan Steinbeck en soweli Charley li tawa.]

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