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Ca chan dait a fuireach?
naiscsiu corbad buideach
ar des rīg is ruirech
doradsad frit lāim.
Fil sund nāchadfuirfe,
dāig rofes co muirf(e)[1]
in fer ticfa id dāil.

[36a] Nī gēb cen sē curu,
nība ní bus lugu,
sīu donear mo mudu
i fīadhnaisi[2] int slūaig.[3]
Danamtora m’ardarc[4]
cen cop cēin co comnart,
rachad isin chomrac
co Coinculaind crūaid.

[5]A Medb co mēd buafaid,[6]
nīt cerb cāime nūachair,
dearb leam is tū is būachail
ar Crūachain na clad.
Art glōr is art gairgnert[7]
tuc dam th’ōr is t’airced,
mēd rofairced[8] dam.

[5][9]Geb brugaid, geib oirgni
ocus ōes na bairdne
rodfīaso cen acht.
Fonaisc lat ar Morand
mad āil dait a chomall,
geib Cairbri Nia Manand
is naisc ar dā mac.[10]

  1. The e is imperfect
  2. The mark of aspiration is later
  3. s added later below
  4. Between d and c there is a blur; over it there is a mark of reference to ar which has been added later above
  5. 5.0 5.1 Such is the order of the two verses in the ms.; but they should be in the reverse order as in LL.
  6. A t has been added (possibly later) beneath between a and f
  7. A line is wanting in this verse; after this LL. has: domroiched sról santbrecc
  8. Beneath o and f a t has been added later
  9. A line is wanting
  10. ardamc̄ on an erasure