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for Tethbai Tūascirt[1]
for Tethbai Descirt
for Tíarthechta
for Ord
for Sláis fadess
for Indiuind
for Carnd
for Ochtrach
for Midi
for Findglassa Assail
for Deilt
for Delind
for Sailig
for Slaibre
for Sléchtai selgatar
for Cúil Sibrinni
for Ochuind fadess
for hŪatu fathúaid
for Dub
for Comur fadess
for Tromma
for Othromma sair
for Slāni
for Gortslāni
for Druim Licce fadess
for Áth nGabla
for Ard Achad
for Féraind fothúaid
for Findabair
for Assi fadess
for Drúim Sálfind
for Druim Cáin
for Druim mac nDega
for Eódond Mór
for Eōdond mBec
for Mēthe Tog
for Mēthe nEóin
for Druimmtechta

  1. Gl. .i. Carpri