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They have put on gold frontlets and turbans, turbans
With fringes before and behind.
They wear clothes most choice, most choice,
With slaves before and behind,
They hold up swords and shields, and shields,
One is astonished to see them.
There is come a Comoro man with a pot, a pot,
He has come wanting strife,
There is come a Galla with a low, a bow,
He has come wanting to fight.
We will build against them a wall, a wall,
That they may not come to us into the town.

Amekuja Mngazidja na kopo,
Amekuja kutaka vita.
Amekuja Mgala na uta,
Amekuja kutaka kupigana.
Tutawajengea ukuta,
Wasituingilie mjini.

A simple line drawing of a plant