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Laws of Puerto Rico
  1. The development of the best understanding among all the residents of Puerto Rico, and of the sense of national unity in our island.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of Puerto Rico:

Section 1.—(a) No person shall be denied in the Island of Puerto Rico any access, service and like treatment in public places and businesses and in the means of transportation because of any political, religious, race, or color question, or because of any other reason not applicable to all persons in general.

(b) The publication, circulation, or distribution of any order, notice or advertisement tending to prevent, prohibit, or discourage the patronage, or the attendance at public places and businesses and the means of transportation, because of question of politics, religion, race or color, shall be illegal.

Section 2.—Any person who shall deliberately or by false reports or by any subterfuge violate any of the provisions hereof, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty-five (25) nor more than one hundred (100) dollars, or by imprisonment in jail for a term of not more than one hundred (100), nor less than ten (10) days, or by both penalties in the discretion of the court.

Section 3.—When it shall be judicially determined that any person who is operating or doing business under a lease, cession, grant, or contract with the Government of Puerto Rico, the municipal government or any agency thereof, has more than once violated any of the provisions of this Act in the course of such business, such lease, cession, grant, or contract shall be immediately cancelled; Provided, That no similar lease, cession, grant, or contract shall be executed to such person by The People of Puerto Rico, a municipal government, or any agency thereof within the year following such cancellation.

Section 4.—It shall be the duty of the Attorney General of Puerto Rico, and the judges, district attorneys, and other officers of the courts of Puerto Rico, and of the members of police force of the island of Puerto Rico, to cooperate in making effective the enforcement and observance of this Act. If any member of the police force, marshal, deputy marshal, district attorney or judge shall obtain knowledge or information concerning any violation of the provisions of this Act, he shall investigate with diligence and seek to obtain