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Instead of liag loṫas, one MS. has tiar toṫas, which is quite obscure to me. For tim, several MSS. read tind, which would hardly make sense.

ib., p. 50.

Ní ba dúnad cen rígu,
Ní ba fili cen scéla,
Ní ba ingen minap fial,
Ní maiṫ ciall ceiċ nád léga.

It is no stronghold without kings,
He is no file without stories,
She is no maiden if not generous,
Not good his sense who does not read.

ib., p. 38.
finan cecinit.
fégaid úaib, Behold,
sair foṫúaid, To the north-east of you
in muir múaid mílaċ, The great sea full of beasts,
adba ron, The abode of seals,
rebaċ rán, Sportive, shining—
rogab lan línad. The tide is full.
ib., p. 100.
Tallad a ulċa To cut off his beard
de astiġ óil From him in the tavern,
rim ḟear cumṫa To my comrade
coċor bo ċóir. Was not right.
ib. p. 99.
In t-én beg The little bird
ro lég fed Has piped a note
do rind guib glanḃuidi, From the point of its pure-yellow beak;
foċerd fáiḋ It has uttered a cry
ós Loċ Láiġ Over Loch Láigh.
lon do ċráiḃ ċarn-ḃuidi. The blackbird from a . . . yellow branch.

The MS. has carḃuide with a stroke over r. It might stand for carrḃuiḋe, and this for corḃuiḋe, to rhyme with glanḃuide.

Leaḃar Breac, p. 262, marg. sup.

The Crucifixion.

Do gabsat ó gairm in ċéteóin
’cot ċroċad, a ġrúad mar géis:
nís ċóir anad oc cói ċaidċe—
scarad lái is aidċe da éis.

At the cry of the first bird they began
To crucify Thee, O cheek like the swan:
It were not right to cease lamenting ever—
Parting of day and night after it

Kuno Meyer.

MS. 23. D. 5 (R.I.A.), p. 342.

This MS. was written in the beginning of the last century.

MS. B. (Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh), fo. 10a.

1. Ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
déicsin gnúise dé,
ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
biṫbeṫa ’maille.

2. Ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
léiġionn leḃrán léir,
ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
ḃeṫ fo riaġail réil.

3. Ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
reṫinċe fri cáċ,
ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
búaiḋ n-éiseirġe iar m-bráṫ.

4. Ro ḃuḋ mian dom’anmain-si
aomḋa cuirp iar m-búaiḋ,
ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
iongnás ifrinn ḟúair.

5. Ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
aitreaḃ ríġṫeaċ réil,
ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
taiṫneaṁ aṁail gréin.

6. Ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
gnás do grés an ríġ
ro ḃuḋ mian dom’ anmain-si
ilċiúil tré ḃeṫ ṡír.