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Page 66.

Cúngaraċt⸗cúṁangaraċt, congestion, confinement of space, lack of scope to operate.

Ċuir sé na h-ioḋna i n-eagar, he arranged his forces (battle lines) for the fight.

’N-a ċuis, on foot.

Mar ṫaca, as reserves.

Toiḃ, chose.

Page 67.

Taoiseaċa céad, commanders of columns of 100 men.

Faesulánaċ éigin, some person from F.

Áitreaḃaċ, settlers.

A ṫanaiste, his tanist, lieutenant, second in command.

Cóhoirt ċruaḋa, the veteran cohorts.

Ċun caḃarṫa, as a reserve.

Ġá nglaoḋaċ a a n-ainimneaċaiḃ, calling on them by their personal names, instead of by their military titles.

Fear saiġdiúrṫa, of experience in war.

Á ngríosaḋ, fired their ardour.

Page 68.

Na meirgí do ṡáḋ ċun a ċéile, to trust forward their

Fir ċruaḋa, veterans.

Gan órlaċ do ṁaiṫeaṁ, not to yield one inch.

Gleic, conflict, hand to hand struggle.

Feilimionta, vehemently, furiously.

Froiṫġuin, brunt, the fray, the front rank.

Ċóṁ cuṫaiġ, so bravely, strenuously.

Ḃriseadar, threw into confusion.

Sgaipiṫe, routed.

I mbrúṫ, The thickest ranks.

Page 69.

Aistriġṫe, shifted, transferred.

Goin ṫosaiġ, a front wound.

Ruaig, rout, flight.

Buaḋ gan doċma, without gloom, joyous, i.e. “a walk-over.”