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tromaiḋeaċt, act of abusing; speaking hardly or “heavily” of a person.

truaġ, f., pity; compassion, mo ṫruaġ ṫú! I pity you!

truaġ, adj., wretched; pitiful.

tuaġ, pl. tuaġana, f., an axe.

tuairim, f., an opinion.

ṫuas, adv., up; above.

tubaist, gen. tubaiste, f., a disaster.

tugaim, I give; bring. 2nd sg. imperat. taḃair. imperf. 2nd sg. ṫugṫá. fut and cond. stem, taḃarf—.

tuiġe, f., straw.

tuigim, I understand; I realise; I think.

tuilleaḋ, m., an addition; more, a ṫ., any more.

tuilleaṁ, m., act of earning.

tuillim, I deserve; I earn.

tuillte, vbl. adj., deserved; merited.

ṫúirling, (he) descended; alighted.

tuirse, f., fatigue; weariness.

túis, in phr., ar dtúis, at first; in the beginning (tús—a beginning).

túisge, comp, and superl., sooner; soonest.

tuisgint, act of understanding.

tuitim, I fall.

tuitim, act of falling,

tusaċ, m., a beginning.

uaċtaraċ, adj., d. uaċtaraiġ, upper; higher: uppermost.

uaiḋ, pronom. prep., from him, or it.

uaigneaċ, adj., lonely; solitary.

uaigneas, m., loneliness; solitude.

uair, a time; once, uair nó ḋó, once or twice.

uaireanta, (pl. of uair, used as adv.) sometimes.

uaisle, comp. of uasal.

uaisle, nobles; gentlefolk.

uaisleaċt, f., nobility; nobleness; aristocracy.

uait, pronom. prep., from thee.

ualaċ, m., a burden; a load.

uan, m., a lamb.

uasal, adj., noble; superior.

uaṫa, pronom. prep., from them.

uaṫḃásaċ, adj., dreadful; ‘awful.’

uḃall, pl. uḃla, m., an apple.

uḃall-ġort, m., an orchard.

úd, demon. adj., that; yonder

uile, adj., all; an uile, every.

uime, about or upon him, or it.

uisge, m., water.

um, prep., about; around; on; at.

umá ċéile, upon each other.

úṁluiġeaċt, f., humility; submission.

únán, m., froth; esp. the froth of new milk.

úplár, m., a floor.

urrama, gen. of urraim, f., esteem; respect.

ursail, tongs, (sg. in Irish).

usa, easier, comp. of fuirisde.

úsáid, f., use.