Menuet de l’opéra Don Juan

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Menuet de l’opéra Don Juan (before 1920) 
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ed. Rudolf Strobl
[ 4 ]


W. A. Mozart.

\paper { #(set-paper-size "a4") oddHeaderMarkup = \evenHeaderMarkup }
\header { tagline = ##f }
\version "2.18.2"
\score {
\midi {  }
\layout { line-width = #180
indent = 2\cm}
\new PianoStaff <<
\new Staff = "up" { \clef "violin" \key g \major \time 3/4 \relative g' {
<g b d>4---1-2-4 <g b d>8-.[<g b d>_. <g b d>_. <g b d>_.] | <g b d>8.-3([g'16]) <g, b d>4 <d' g>8-2-5([<b d>-1-2]) | \stemUp <a c>4-2-4 <d, a' c>8-.[<d a' c>-. <d a' c>-. <d a' c>-.] | <b' d>16-3-5([<a c> <g b> <a c>]) <g b>4 r | <e g cis>-4 <e g cis>8[<e g cis> <e g cis> <e g cis>] | <fis d'>8.-1-3[<g e'>16-1-4] \stemNeutral <a fis'>4-1-5 r8 <a fis'>8-1-4 | 
<b g'>8.-2-5([<g e'>16-1-4]) <fis d'>4-2-5 <e g cis>-4 | <fis d'> r r \bar ":|.|:" <a d fis>-4 <a d fis>8[<a d fis> <a d fis> <a d fis>] | <b g'>8.^>-5([<b d>16]) <b d>4 r | <a c>-2-4 <a c>8[<a c> <a c> <a c>] | 
<g b>8.-1-3([<a c>16]) <b d>4 r | <c e>8.^>-1-3[fis16] <e g>8[<e g> <e g>-2-4 <e g>] | <d g>8.-1-3([<fis a>16]) <g b>4 r8 <d b'>-1-4 | <e c'>8.-2-5([<c a'>16-4]) <b g'>4-2-5 <a fis'>-1-4 | <b g'> r r \bar ":|."
} }
\new Staff = "down" { \clef "bass" \key g \major \time 3/4 \relative a, {
g4-._5^\p b-._4 \stemUp d-._2 | \stemNeutral g(g,8)[g'-._2 b_1(g)] | d4-._5 fis-._2 d-. | \stemDown g_1(g,8_5)[g'-._1^\mf g-._3 g-._2] | a4_1(a,8)^\<[a'-._1 a-._3 a-._2] \! | d4_1(d,8)^\<[d'-._1 d-._2 d-._1] | 
g,4_3^\> a_1\! \stemUp a,_5 | d-._1^\p a-._2 e-. \stemNeutral | d'16_5(^\f [d' c d]) d,([d' c d]) d,([d' c d]) | g,_4([d' c_2 d]) g,([d' c d]) g,([d' c d]) | d,_5([d' fis,_3  d']) d,([d' fis, d']) d,([d' fis, d']) | g,_5([d' b d]) g,([d' b d]) g,([d' b d]) | c_4([e_2 g_1 e]) c([e g e]) c([e g e]) | b_5([d_2 g_1 a,_4]) g_5([b_3 d b]) g_5([b_4 d_2 g_1]) | c,4-._3^\> d-._1\! d,-. | g-._1 d-._2 g,-. |
} }
>> }

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.