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The following is a few suggested rules for writing on Coptic wikisource, please feel free to discuss them on the talk page; As over the centuries many dialects of Coptic have developed in a geographically-dependent fashion a neutral dialect developed around the third century A.D. and was used throughout Egypt, with the Bohairic dialect as the only surviving dialect of Coptic. [1]

Grammar & spelling[edit]

Unless otherwise specified, the Bohairic spelling is in use. Greco-Bohairic may be included for some of the more modern words, however, for things otherwise, Old Bohairic is to be used as it has been the most common dialect since it was recently reintroduced.

Unicode should be set for the Coptic text as a universal medium, however, to provide for easy standardization of texts, and CS Fonts (Coptic ASCII text) may be used as well. While CS Fonts may be used for basic items, it is still suggested that Unicode be available at all times to allow for compatibility. Older Coptic ASCII fonts may not be used; such fonts are countless in number, variable in quality, and highly lack in compatibility.

Use the this CS fonts tool to update to standard ASCII fonts, and make Unicode text available by subsequently using this ASCII-Unicode converter in order to comply with Unicode standards. Transliterations should also be applied to encourage participation and proper rendering of the Coptic text. For more information, see Introduction to Coptic Wikisource.

Developing your articles[edit]

This Development Wiki Project currently hosts 10 articles. You may develop your articles and add to this Project until the Wikipedia Project is approved.

You may contribute content to Coptic Wikisource (specifying dialect) here or create a new Incubator Project.

Νιραν ΄ντε νι΄αβοτ


  • Characters used from the Unicode set Greek symbols and Coptic.