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Usual codes[edit]

  • general settings: select Preferences->Editing and activate "Show header and footer fields when editing in the Page namespace"
  • Grey box for summary at the beginning of articles:
<div style="background-color:#eee;padding:1em;">

  • Running "footer" (odd pages). Copy first code into even pages (fixing page no. and replacing chapter name), second one into odd pages (fizing page no. only):
{{Rh|16||<small><small>HISTOIRE DES ALPES - STORIA DELLE ALPI - GESCHICHTE DER ALPEN 1998/3</small></small>}}
{{Rh||<small><small>MATHIS - MOBILITÄT IN DER GESCHICHTE DER ALPEN</small></small>|17}}
  • Separated references:
    • use Template:Sr:
    • {{Sr|Page:Labi 1998.djvu/8|1}}
    • then wrap text of reference 1 inside page 8 into a <section begin=1 /> .... <section end=1 />