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Eshirt by Peadar Ua Laoghaire

[ 125 ]


á, before v.n. (=dá, ghá), to or for his, or its: á h-, to or for her.
a, in (causes eclipsis).
a, ag, at (before the verbal noun).
à, a h- (before vowel), as, prep., out of, from: às, out of him or it.
ábalta, able.
abaruim, I say. ipv. sg. 2 abuir.
acharan, m., an entanglement, a rough place.
adaváil, v.n., admitting, conceding.
adavuím, I admit, concede.
adú, v.n., kindling, lighting.
âfach, however, at all events.
agal, agala, m., fear.
ah, np. aha, ahana, a kiln for drying corn before grinding.
aharú, v.n., changing, a change.
áhas, m., joy, happiness.
aibig, ripe, lively.
aici, a n-a., beside (followed by gen.).
aigini, f., mind, intellect.
aihini, f., aquaintance, recognition.
aihish, disgrace, ignominy.
áil, see fáil.
áileacht, beauty.
áili, compar. of áluing.
ainhím, I recognize.
ainiví, m., animal, monster.
aireàchas, m., care, attention.
airi, f., care, heed, attention
áirihi, special, certain.
airím, I hear, perceive.
áirím, I count, enumerate.
aish, har n-a., back(wards).
aishgi, m. and f., request, favour.
aiteas, m., delight.
ala, f., g. alyn, np. alyna, an art, science, a performance.
alt, m., ankle.
áluing, beautiful.
amùh, out (at rest), outside
ana-, an intensitive prefix, very.
änach, an assembly.
anáirdi, up, on high.
anál, f., the breath.
anam, m., soul, life.
anamûil, lively.
anaul, hither.
ansùn, there, then.
anuihi, m., fright
anún, hence, over there, beyond (after verb of motion).
araer, last night.
aragal, m., a retreat, a secluded dwelling.
aragóint, v.n., arguing.
[ 126 ]
aram, m., gs. airim, weapon.
arän, together, both.
árdán, m., a platform, a height.
árdry, m., king, high-king.
árduím, I raise, elevate.
árhach, m., np. árhy, dp. árhív, a vessel, a pitcher.
arú ’né, the day before yesterday.
arúr, m., corn.
as, out of, from.
às, out of him, or it.
asachán, m., a reproach.
asduíhi, to-night, at night.
âula (before cons.), âuluig, thus.
aultacht, f., wildness, amazement.
aum, m., time, point of time.
aun, there, in him, in it.
aunsbianta, huge, enormous.
âuras, m., doubt, suspicion.
äval, any place.
ay, ayig, f., face; for idiomatic use see Notes.
ayimshir, f., time, season.
aylaca, m., burial.
aymad, m., timber.
aysdar, m., a halter.

bá, v.n., drowning.
baculm, I pay heed to, interfere with.
bäch, thankful (de, to).
bächas, m., thanks, gratitude.
bäh, foolish.
bahas, m., top of the head.
báhim, I drown (trans, and intrans.).
bail, f., luck, fortune.
bailihi, gathered, collected together.
bailím, I gather, collect.
bäl, m., danger, likelihood.
baluihi, m., a smell, stench.
bár, m., top, crown, result.
bara, m., np. bary, tip, top.
barachasa, curly-topped.
bárhan, m., injury.
baul, m., np. bala, limb, member.
baul, m., a place, spot; er baul, soon.
bauntracht, women.
bayb, m., a scald-crow, a witch.
bayintiarna, f., lady, queen
beach, f., a bee.
beárha, cropped, shorn.
bèarha, carried, pp. of berim.
beárhimíd, fut. pl. 1 of bearuim, I shave.
beart, f., plan, deed, action.
beartuihi, intended, resolved, planned.
beartuím, I wield, brandish; I plan, design.
beaun, f., a peak, a point.
bécig, ds. of béceach, f., crying, screaming.
behi, m., birch-tree.
berim, I take, bring, carry.
bert, f., g. berti, two persons.
[ 127 ]
biàrhad, fut. sg. 1 of berim.
biàs, m., habit, manner.
biàsach, well-mannered.
bie, m., g. bíg, food.
bíng, sweet, melodious.
bingi, comp, of bíng.
biogán, m. a very little, as adv., rather.
bih, er b., at all, anywhere.
blashim, I taste.
blayman, m., noise.
blien, f., gs. bliana, a year.
blúiri, m., a bit, a morsel.
boga, v.n., moving, softening, a stir.
boguim, I stir, slacken, soften.
borab, rough, fierce.
brah, v.n., spying.
bráhir, m., brother, kinsman; a title of courtesy used in addressing a person of equal rank.
brän, m., a drop.
brat, m., a mantle.
brayidineas, m., captivity, bondage.
breac, speckled, gay, decorated.
breáhacht, f., splendor.
breán, m., a pin. b. cnutála, a knitting-needle.
breh, v.n., taking, carrying, bringing; f., a grasp. See Notes.
brenhiú, v.n., examining, considering, judging.
breóiteacht, f., sickness.
bresh, f., an addition, advantage.
brí, m., power, force, meaning.
briahar, m. and f., word.
briàg, f., a lie.
briàgach, false.
briàgnuím, I falsify, contradict.
briàn, evil-smelling.
brishdi, broken.
brishi, v.n., breaking.
brishim, I break.
bróìn, ds of bró, a solid mass.
brona, v.n., bestowing, making a present (er, to).
brosduig ort! hurry up!
brúh, v.n., pressing, crowding.
bua, m., np. buaha, dp. buehiv, victory, triumph; a property, a virtue.
buac, f., ds. buec, top, roof.
buala, v.n., striking.
buan, lasting, eternal.
buarha, grieved, troubled.
buelim, I strike. See Notes
buelti, struck.
buert, f., sorrow, trouble.
bueti, won, gained.
buev, dp. of bó, cow.
buili, f., rage, er b., furious.
buili, f., a blow.
buin, ds. of bó, cow
buinim, I take, touch, pluck.
buint, v.n., taking, touching, plucking.
[ 128 ]
bun, m., bottom, foundation.
bunóc, f., ds. -óic, a baby-girl.
by, yellow.
byn, f., a company, regiment.

cä, f., means, opportunity.
cách, everybody, everyone else.
cah, m., g. caha, np. caha and cahana, a battle, a battalion, an army.
cahav, v.n., spending, consuming. c. ayimshiri, amusement, pastime.
cahav, v.n., throwing, casting.
cahim, I consume, spend, wear.
cahim, I throw, cast.
cahim, I must.
cahîr, f., g. caharach, a city.
cahú, regret, sorrow.
cahvár, m., a helmet.
cahvilí, warriors.
cahvuach, triumphant in battle, victorious.
cáil, f., reputation.
cailim, I lose; c. er, I betray.
cailiûint, v.n., losing.
cáini, v.n., slandering, blaming.
cáirdi, f., respite, armistice, leave of absence.
cáirdi, pl. of cara, friend.
caiti, spent, consumed.
cäl, slender, sharp, shrill.
calama, brave, valiant.
canad? where?
canahäv? rel. interrog., why? what is the reason?
cär, f., a berry.
carabad, m., a chariot.
caradas, m., friendship, union.
cas, twisted, curly.
cás, m., case, situation.
casa, v.n., turning, twisting.
cásav, v.n., grumbling, bewailing, complaining.
casda, curled, twisted.
casim, I turn, return.
casir, f., a head of curly hair.
casóigi, gs. of casóg, f., a coat.
cäv, comely, gentle.
cavas doiv? how do they know?
cayint, f., speech, language, a speech.
cayinteóir, m., a talker, an orator.
cead, m., leave, permission.
ceaharar, m., four persons.
ceanàcha, the features, the face.
ceangal, v.n., binding, making firm.
ceangaluim, I bind.
ceanguilti, fixed, fastened.
ceapuim, I suppose, imagine, conceive.
ceárdy, m., artificer, craftsman.
cearhû, f., np. cearhûna, a fourth, a quarter; thigh, haunch.
[ 129 ]
ceart, m., right, justice.
ceart, right, just.
ceartú, v.n., rectifying, correcting.
ceaty, f., an inconvenience.
ceaun, m., head, end.
ceaun airim, a military officer.
ceaun-fé, humiliation.
ceaun-íshal, crestfallen.
céli, a ch., each other, one another. See Notes.
ceó, m., dust, mist, fog.
ceoca, which, whether, either.
ceólvar, melodious, musical.
ceólvuiri, comp, of ceólvar.
ceóly, m., a musician.
ceshdiú, v.n., questioning.
ceshdiúchán, m., questioning.
cesht, f., np. ceshdeana, question, problem.
chím, I see.
chiúla, chiúlach. See shúluím.
chnucúir, past pl. 2 of chím.
chnuic, past sg. 3 of chím.
chô, as, so.
chroum, past sg. 3 of cromuim.
chuadar, past pl. 3 of tém.
chue, chueg, past sg. 3 of tém.
chúha, to, towards them.
chúhi, to, towards her.
chuigi, to, towards him.
chuíhi, ever.
chúing, to, towards us.
chúiv, to, towards you.
chúm, to, towards me.
chun, to, in order to, for the purpose of; usually followed by gen.
ciàd, pl. ciàta, a hundred.
ciàd, ord. num., first.
ciàl, f., sense, wisdom, reason.
ciàna, same.
cimeád, v.n., keeping, guarding.
cimeáduim, I keep, guard.
cimilt, v.n., rubbing, touching.
cíng veoga, bungs, spigots.
cíora, v.n., combing.
cishcém, f., a step.
ciúin, calm, soft, gentle, quiet.
ciûish, f., border, edge.
ciun, m., share, portion.
ciun, m., gs. ceana, affection.
ciún, as c., over, above.
ciuntach, guilty.
clehailpín, m., a stick with a knob on the end.
cletí, feathers.
cliah, f., g. cléhi, a fence, a darn.
cliav, m., the chest, bosom.
clishdi, clever, smart.
cló, m., shape.
cloch, f., g. clohi; pl. clocha, a stone.
cloigean, m , skull, head.
cluas, f., ds. cluesh, an ear.
clúduím, I fit, cover.
[ 130 ]
cly, m., a ditch, a fence.
clyv, m., gs. cluív, a sword.
cnapóigín fér, a little tuft of grass.
cnâv, m., bone.
cnó, f., a nut.
cnuc, m., hill.
côchdach, powerful.
côcht, f., power, might.
coga, m., gs. coguig, war.
cogar, m., a whisper.
cogarnuig, ds. of cogarnach, f., whispering.
côgheas, equally good, equally easy.
coigilim, I conceal, keep back.
cóir, adj., right, proper, correct.
cóir, f., justice.
cóir, f., treatment, provision.
côir, a gôir, for. as c., before, in the presence of.
côirli, f., advice, opinion, a council.
coitianta, usually, generally.
colan, f., ds. coluing, the body, flesh.
côlíonta, fulfilled.
comáinim, I drive, advance.
comáint, v.n., driving, advancing.
conas? how? in what way?
cónggarach, convenient, concise.
cônuím, I dwell, reside.
côny, v.n., residing, a gôny, always.
cor, m., a stir, turn, twist, state.
côrac énir, a duel, single combat.
córach, well-proportioned, well-shaped.
coran, m., a goblet, drinking horn.
corcán, m., an iron pot; skillet.
corcara, purple, scarlet.
córha, m., a coffer, large chest.
côrha, m., token, sign; pl. côrhy.
córú, v.n., settling, arranging.
cory, v.n., stirring, moving.
cosanuim—er—, I defend—from—
cosc, v.n., restraining, curbing.
cosint, v.n., defending.
cosnav, v.n., defending.
couil, f., the body, the trunk.
coul, m., the hazel-tree.
courú, v.n., helping.
cráiti, tormented, vexed.
creachda, robbed, ruined.
creahán, m., a tremor, trembling.
creasa, tini chr., electric fire.
credim, I believe.
crediûint; gs. crediûna, belief, trust, respect.
crih, v.n., trembling, quivering.
críochnú, v.n., completing, finishing.
[ 131 ]
críochnuím, I complete, finish.
críon, old, withered.
cris, m., belt, girdle.
cróga, courageous, fierce.
crógacht, f., courage, valor.
crohim, I shake.
croicean, m., gs. croicing, skin.
cróing, f., a crown, circle.
cróingeach, písa c., a crownpiece.
croma, v.n., bending.
cromuim, I bend. See Notes.
crónán, m., humming, buzzing, crooning.
crú, v.n., gen. crúiti, milking.
cruach, f., ds. crueh, a rick, a mound.
crua-chás, m., a hard case, a great difficulty.
crua-chôrac, m., stern combat.
crúb, f., a hoof.
crueg, f., steel.
cruh, m., form.
cruingeàcht, f., g. cruingeàchdan, wheat.
cruingeas, m., accuracy, completeness.
cruingihi, gathered, collected.
cruingím, I gather.
cruingiú, v.n., collecting, gathering.
cuardach, v.n., searching.
cuarduím, I search (do, for).
cuerd, f., journey, tour, visit.
cuhig, fierce.
cuid, f., a portion, share; some.
cuideàchda, f., g. -n, d. -in, a company.
cuideàchdanas, m., social intercourse.
cuîdi, a lord; leti c., royal porridge, the porridge for the King’s household.
cúigi, m. and f., a province; lit. a fifth.
cuil, f., a fly.
cuilean, m., holly.
cuili, gs. of cuíl, f., forest; wood.
cuín, f., a recollection; memory.
cuineav, v.n., considering, recollecting.
cuingeal, f., gs. cuínli, a candle.
cúingi, f., a corner.
cuingi, f., a meeting. See Notes.
cuíním (er), I remember, I think of.
cuínleóir, m., candlestick.
cuíreach, a bond, a fetter.
cuiri, m., an invitation.
cuiri, m., cauldron, cooking pot.
cuirim, I put, send.
cuishí, m., a walker or runner, a pedestrian.
cuishling, ds. of cuishli, f., wrist, arm.
[ 132 ]
cúl, m., back: er mo chúluiv, behind me.
cuma, f., a form, a way.
cuma, adv. equal.
cumas, m., power.
cúmha, formed, shapely.
cúmparáid, f., comparison.
cúmpórd, m., comfort.
cúmpórdach, comfortable.
cúntúirt, f., danger.
cúntuishí, accounts.
cura, m., np. cury, warrior, champion.
cúram, m., care, business.
cúrsy, m., events.
cús, m., conscience.
cúsh, f., a reason, cause.
cy, meet, fitting, proper.
cyhach, strange, unfriendly.

dahûil, handsome.
dáilim, I distribute, dispense.
daingean, firm, hard; comp. daingini.
dainginím, I fix, make firm.
dáiríriv, in earnest.
dair, f., oak.
dálha, dálta, like (followed by gen.)
dán, m., a poem, an art, a profession. dán molta, a song of praise.
däna, human.
dána, bold, arrogant.
dánacht, f., boldness.
dar, by (in asseveration).
dar lium, I think, suppose.
dáryàg, twelve men.
dâus, v.n., dancing, skipping.
de, of, from, for. With pl. article, des.
dea-, dei-, well, good (a qualifying prefix).
dealav, f., ds. deliv; figure, appearance.
dearûd, m., a mistake, an oversight.
deas, f., d. desh, the south, the right side.
deas, nice, pretty.
deatàch, m., smoke.
deaurahach, adv., like.
deaurav, m., appearance.
dei-, see dea-.
dei, past s. 3, dependent form, of tém.
dein, adv., certain.
deini, f., certainty.
dein-vrehach, sure-judging.
dei-reacht, m., a good rule.
deligineach, thorny.
deliv, see dealav.
denhiúr, m., ten men.
deocara, comp, of deocuir.
deoch, f., gs. dí, d. dig, drink, a drink.
deocuir, difficult, hard.
deól, v.n., sucking (of a young animal, of bees sucking the honey out of flowers).
deóluim, I suck.
deri, m., end.
derig, secluded, retired.
derim, I say.
[ 133 ]
derineach, late, last.
deshi, comp. of deas.
deshmireachda, gs. of deshmireacht, magic, incantation, superstitious practices.
dí, go dí, up to, to, until.
dian, swift, severe.
diànach, last, latest.
diànav, v.n., doing, making.
dian-leaha, v.n., wide open. (dian is here intensive).
diànta, made, done, performed.
diànuim, I do, make.
diàrhad, fut. sg. 1 of derim.
dias, m., an ear of wheat.
dieg, a nie, a nieg, after, behind (followed by gen.).
difiríocht, f., a difference.
díg, f., a trench.
díg, m., the worst of anything.
díhal, m., utmost endeavor, best effort.
díoltas, m., vengeance, revenge.
díon, m., shelter, protection.
díov, from them, of them.
díováll, f., g. díovála, injury, damage, mischief.
dírím, I straighten, direct.
dîs, m., a pair of shears, or scissors.
díshc, dryness, want of milk
diúir, f., a drop.
diúltú (do), v.n., refusing.
dív, to you (pl.)
dlí, m, pl. dlihi, law, rule.
dlúh, close, tight.
dó, is d. lium, I suppose.
dócha, likely, probable.
docharuideach, wretched, miserable.
dohal, m., churlishness, inhospitality.
dóhídi, the more likely.
dóhin, m., g. dóhana, enough, sufficiency.
doirihacht, f., darkness
dóirshóir, m., doorkeeper.
dol, v.n., going.
donas, m., bad luck, mischief.
dorachú, v.n., darkening.
doran, m., fist.
doras, m., gs. doruish, np. dóirshi, a door.
douch, m., np. doucha, a vat, tub: doucha dona, brown tubs.
dôun, m., the world.
dridim, I move (intrans.).
droh-, bad, evil.
droh-veart, f., wicked deed.
droum, m., back.
druíhi, pl. of dry, a wizard
drycht, fm., g. drychda, magic, wizardry.
dryn, m., thorn
dú, pl. of duv.
dua, m., trouble.
dualgas, m., obligation, duty.
duarag, past auton. of derim.
duart, past sg 1 of derim.
[ 134 ]
duarúir, past pl. 2 of derim.
duaruísh, past sg. 2 of derim.
dúbuilt, v.n., doubting.
dúch, gloomy, sad.
duert, past sg. 3 of derim.
dúhig, f., gs. dúha, native place, district.
dúil, f., a wish, a liking.
duini, np. duíni, a person, a human being.
dúiri, f., gloom, stupidity.
dúnuim, I close.

each, m., gs. eh, a steed, a horse.
eachara, horses.
eachlach, m., a horse-boy, groom.
eadar, see feadar.
eadaruiv, amongst you.
eagana, f., wisdom.
easba, f., a want.
easnav, m., a want, lack.
easonóireach, disrespectful
ebiri, see obuir.
édi, m., uniform, armour.
égean, necessity, force. er égin, scarcely.
égeas, m., np. égshi, a poet, a man of letters.
eiri, m., a reproduction, an exact imitation.
eirí, v.n., rising: e. lä, daybreak.
eirím, I arise.
éleav, v.n., claiming, demanding.
éneacht, a n-éneacht; together, at once.
éngi, anyone.
eocharhnâv, swimming by the edge.
eolas, see ólas.
er, prep., on. See Notes.
er, èr, on him, or it.
érim, f., mental capacity, capability.
érlig, gs. of érleach, m., a commotion, turmoil.
ésh, tar ésh (t’résh), after (followed by gen.).
éshdeacht, v.n., listening.
ésht! listen! be still!

fad, er fad, altogether; entirely. a vad, for a long time.
fágáilt, v.n., leaving.
fáguim, I leave.
faha, f., a lawn.
fahàch, m., a giant.
fald, f., length.
fáil, v.n., getting, finding.
fáiltiú, v.n., welcoming.
fáingi, m., np. fáingí, a ring, f. pósda, a wedding-ring.
fairi, v.n., watching.
fairshing, wide, ample.
fáisgihi, tightened, wrapped closely.
faitís, m., fear.
fálha, fálta, received, obtained.
fan, prep. gov. gen., along.
[ 135 ]
fanuim, I remain, wait.
fanûint, v.n., remaining, waiting.
fär, m., a sharp edge.
fardoras, m., the lintel or headpiece of a door (obs.).
faruigi, f., the sea.
fásim, I grow.
faun, weak, helpless.
fay, fayig, fut. sg. 3 of gheim.
faych, cond. sg. 3 of gheim.
fayfí, cond. auton. of gheim.
feacas, past. sg. 1 of ficim.
feadar, I know, past pl. 3 feadaradar.
feag, er f., during [followed by gen.].
fearag, f., gs. ferigi, anger.
fearagach, angry.
fear shí, a fairy-man.
fear-tísh, m., a house-steward.
fearûil, manly.
feasda, now, presently, henceforth.
fédir, possible.
fé ghén, prep. gov. gen., towards.
fé gheri, at last.
feim, m., force, effect.
fé neár (neara), defect, verb, caused.
fé neár (neara), see tuguim.
félhan, m., woodbine, honey-suckle.
féngl, g. of fian, collect, warriors, soldiery, ry f., military commander.
feóchadán, m., a thistle.
feous [ous], m., excellence.
ferigi, see fearag.
fí, v.n., weaving, plaiting.
fiacal, f., ds., fiacuil, tooth.
fiàchuim, I look at, I appear, I seem.
fiàchuint, v.n., looking, appearing.
fiàchuint, f., look, appearance, expression.
fiaduim, I can, I am able.
fiarhím, I ask; inquire (de, of).
fiarhy, v.n., inquiring.
fiàsda, m., a feast.
fiàsóg, f., a beard.
ficim, dep. of chím, I see.
fihav, v.n., waiting (le, for).
fileata, poetical, pertaining to poetry.
fili, m., np. filí, a poet.
fili, v.n., returning, folding.
filíocht, f., poetry.
fíochvar, furious.
fíog, past auton. of fím, I weave.
fiona, m., a hair.
fionavy, light-yellow.
fíor, true, truly.
fíoränta, righteous.
fíor-gheaurahach, very like.
fíor-vrehach, of just judgments.
firín, dim. of fear, little man.
fis, m., knowledge.
fishgint, v.n., seeing.
fiú, an equivalent, worth.
[ 136 ]
fiular, m., an eagle.
fiún [ún], fair, fairhaired.
fiúndruini, a kind of white bronze.
flah, gs. flaha, a chieftain.
flahas, m., chieftainship, sovranty.
fláir, ní f., it is necessary; ní f. dom, I must.
fleah, f., gs. flehi, a feast.
fleasc, f., a wand, staff.
fochuir, neighborhood, company, a. v., with, beside.
fógra, m., a proclamation.
fóguirt, v.n., proclaiming, announcing.
foharuici, douch f., a bath.
foláini, comp. of fóláin, wholesome, healthy.
foláini, f., wholesomeness, purity.
folav, empty.
folh, folt, m., pl. folha, folta, hair of the head.
fónta, good, serviceable.
fomarach (fôurach), m., a giant.
foramad, m., envy.
fórlâvas, m., supreme power, over-lordship.
fouil, f., gs. foula, outrage, damage.
foulumuim, I learn.
four, m., a sound.
foura, m., edge.
foyingi, f., patience.
freagara, m., answer, reply.
freaguirt, v.n., answering.
friochuin caha, stress of battle.
fuacht, m., cold.
fuah, m., hatred.
fuaras, past sg. 1. of gheim.
fuasguilt, v.n., loosening, delivering, ransoming.
fuem, m., sound.
fued, er f., all over, throughout.
fuer, past sg. 3 of gheim.
fuiligeóch, would suffer, endure.
fuingeav, m., energy, vehemence.
fuingiûil, sprightly, energetic.
fuínshóg, f., an ashtree.
fuirihacht, f., decrepitude, senility.
fuirim, f., a form, shape.
fuirishdi, easy.
fulang (fulag), v.n., suffering, tolerating.
fún, m., wish; inclination.
fúnsa, m., a hoop, band.
fylach, m., remains, leavings.

gá, m., need; necessity.
gahän=gach än, every.
gáirdeachas, m., gaiety, happiness.
gáiri, m., pl., gáirí, a laugh
gáirí, v.n., laughing.
gairivi, comp. of garav.
gairivi, f., roughness, stoutness.
[ 137 ]
gaishgi, m., valor, prowess.
gal, m., fume, vapor.
galar, m., sickness, disease.
ganas, a g., covertly, secretly.
gär, nearness.
garag, rough, fierce.
garav, pl. garú, rough, uncouth.
garav-haylach, m., the common soldiers of the castle.
gasara, youths.
gasda, shrewd, clever.
gâuna, calves.
geal-gháirl, f., a bright smile.
geal-gháiriteach, brightly-smiling, genial.
gealuim, I promise.
gealûint, v.n., promising: g. pósda, a betrothal.
géanuiv, dp. of gé, goose.
geár, short, shortly.
geasa, magic bonds. See Notes.
geaul, mar gh. er, on account of: g. le, almost.
geóin, f., clatter, loud talking.
gérl, f., sharpness, acuteness.
get, f., a start, a jump.
ghá=dá, two.
gheárhach, cond. sg. 3 of gearuim, I cut.
gheim, I get, find.
gheitear, pres. ind. auton. of gheim.
gheltí, imperf. ind. auton. „
gheó(ig), fut. sg. 3 „
gheófy, cond. auton of gheim.
gheóidísh, cond. pl. 3 „
gheóimíd, fut. pl. 1. „
gheych, imperf. ind. sg. 3 „
gheyn, pres. ind. sg. 3 „
ghin, past. sg. 3 of diànuim.
ghineach, imperf. ind. sg. 3 of diànuim.
ghóbuir. See Notes.
ghom=dom, to me, for me.
giàg, f., branch, limb, arm.
giàr, sharp, shrewd.
giàr-chúsh, f., cleverness, quick-wittedness.
giàr-chúshach, intelligent, quick-witted.
giàr-chúshí, comp. of giàr-chúshach.
giàrú, v.n., sharpening, quickening.
gîri , m., winter.
giula, m., boy, gillie.
giura, comp, of geár.
giuràcht, f., nearness.
glaca, v.n., taking, receiving.
gläch, v.n., calling.
glacuim, I take, seize.
glanuim, I cleanse, polish.
gleacycht, f., trials of strength.
glégeal, brightly-shining.
gleóiti, exquisite.
gliàsa, v.n., arranging, making ready.
gliàsda, arranged, attired.
gliàsim, I prepare, arrange; dress.
[ 138 ]
glórvar, glorious, splendid.
gluashacht, v.n., going, marching, proceeding.
gluashóch, cond. sg. 3 of glueshim.
glueshim, I march, proceed.
glueshti, gen. of gluashacht.
glúin, f., knee.
gluini, f., glass.
gnáh, m., a custom: is g., it is usual.
gnîorha, deeds.
gníov, m., act, deed.
gnó, m., np. gnóhy, business, work, affairs.
gnúsh, f., face; countenance.
gofa, pp. of gouim, captured; gone.
gogalach, gabble, cackling.
goinim, I slay.
gorta, m., hunger, famine.
gortú, v.n., hurting.
gou, m., a smith, metalworker.
gouim, I take, capture, go.
gradam, m., dignity.
gráin, f., detestation, horror
greim, m., a grip, a bite.
grén, ds. of grian, f., sun.
griany, comp, of grianach, sunny, bright.
griàsim, I decorate, embroider.
griàsy, m., a shoe-maker.
gríofa, ferocious.
grís, m., hot embers.
grua, m., the cheek.
grueg, f., the hair of the head.
gruem, f., a frown, ill-humor.
gual, m., coal, cinder.
guala, f., ds. gualuing, dp. gueliv, shoulder.
guh, m., voice, sound.
guil, f., bravery.
guili, m., appetite.
gunta, acute, concise.
gváil, v.n., taking, seizing, going, walking.
guilim (er), I hurt, trouble.

háinig [táinig], past sg. 3 of taguim.
háinísh, past. sg. 2 of taguim.
hairish, past him, past it.
hana, already.
har, over, beyond.
hárla [tárla], defective verb, happened.
haul, yonder, on the opposite side.
hâuluig, past sg. 3 of sâuluím.
hâulys, past sg. 1 of sâuluím.
heasduig, past. sg. 3 of teasduím (ó), I am lacking to.
heasiv, see sheasim.
heint, see sheint.
hél, see säl.
hí, see sy.
híl, past sg. 3 of shílim, I think, suppose.
hín, past sg. 3 of shínim, I stretch out.
[ 139 ]
hir, east.
hís, below.
hisbeánhig, see tisbeánuim.
hocaruig, past sg. 3 of socaruím.
hoilig, past sg. 3 of toilím.
hôs, see tôs.
hríd, through it.
hroishadar, past pl. 3 of sroshim, I reach.
húirt, see túirt.

iachdarach, low, lowest.
(f)iachuiv, see Notes.
iàd, m., gs. iàda, jealousy, envy.
iàdach, m., cloth, clothing, a garment.
iàgóir, f., a wrong, an injustice.
iàgórha, unjust.
iàmulsh, a n-l., in the absence of; d’iàmuish, besides.
ian, m., gs. én, bird.
iaracht, f., an attempt.
iaruig, v.n., asking, attempting.
iaruim, I ask.
iasachda, borrowed, foreign.
iasacht, f., a loan.
íhi [uíhi], f., night.
ihi, v.n., eating.
ihim, I eat.
ili, all, every.
imeàcht, v.n., going.
imi, about, on him, on it.
imìhi, gone.
imím, I go.
iné, yesterday.
inéachor, at all, in any way.
inead, m., a place, a n-i., instead of.
iniar, from the west, from behind.
iníonra, maidens.
inish, imperat. sg. 2 of ínshim.
iniúcha, v.n., examining, regarding closely.
iniùv, to-day.
ínshim, I tell.
ínshint, v.n., telling.
íonuiv, a n-i. caha, in battle array, in order of battle.
írdi [uírdi], f., height.
írdi, comp. of árd, high.
iread [uiread], m., amount, quantity.
irishdi, easy.
iriûnach, fitting, suitable.
íshal, low, lowly.
ishdeàch, in (after verb of motion).
ishdìg, in (at rest), inside.
ishgi [uishgi], m., water.
ishgi-fé-halav, a secret conspiracy.
íssad, fut. sg. 1 of ihim, I eat.
iti, eaten.
iúmpa, see úmpuím.
iúna, see úna.
iúr, m., yew-tree.
íving, pleasant, delightful.
ívneas, m., pleasure.
[ 140 ]
lä, gs. of lá, m., day.
lächra, warriors.
lagú, v.n., weakening, growing weak.
láhir, f., a place: a l., in the presence of.
láidir, strong.
láirhach, immediately.
laishtiar (de), behind.
lâivín, dimin. of lâv.
lár, m., the ground, inside, midst.
lasa, v.n., lighting, flaming, shining.
lasim, I light, shine.
lasmùh, outside, beyond.
lâv, f., np. and gs. lâ, ds. and dp laiv, hand.
lâv-ghreada, v.n., beating of hands.
Layineach, belonging to Leinster.
le, prep., by, with, to.
leaga, v.n., overthrowing.
leaguim, I overthrow.
leaha, v.n., stretching, widening, spreading.
leah-amadán, m., a half fool, a silly creature.
leah-dosän, a half-dozen.
leahim, I stretch, widen, trans, and intrans.
leah-órlach, m., a half-inch.
leahshgiàl, m., excuse, apology.
lea-truig, f., half a foot, six inches.
léan, m., g. léng, reading, scholarship.
leana, see liún.
léanta, learned.
leas, m., advantage, profit. See Notes.
leasú, v.n., improving, manuring.
leâunacht, f., g. leâunachda, new milk.
leh, f., direction.
lehad, m., breadth, width.
lehi, comp, of leahan, broad.
leis, v.n., gs. leish, healing, curing, a cure.
lém, f., a leap, bound.
lémim, I leap.
léng, see léan.
léni, f., a shirt.
leoguim, I leave, allow, lay. l. oram, I pretend.
leoguint, v.n., leaving, allowing.
leór, go l., enough.
lér, clear, exact, complete.
lér-shgris, m., complete destruction.
leti, f., g. letean, dat. letin, porridge.
lí, f., g. líhi, color.
lieh, gray.
líhi, see lí.
lihéd, f., p. lihédí, an equivalent. See Notes.
líng, f., period, time.
línti, lines, ranks.
líon, m., number, complement.
[ 141 ]
líonuim, I fill.
líonvar, numerous.
líonvuiri, f., abundance.
liú, m., a shout, cry.
liúig, past sg. 3 of
liúim, I shout.
liúireach, f., shouting, a cry.
liún, m., g. leana, ale.
ló, ds. of lá, day.
lochdú, v.n., finding fault.
locht, m., a fault.
locht, m., people, folk.
lógóireacht, f., a wail, wailing
loishgihi, burnt, tormented.
loishgim, I burn.
loitihi, spoilt, ruined.
losga, v.n. burning, tormenting.
lot, v.n., spoiling, destroying.
louir, past sg. 3 of louruim.
louirt, v.n., speaking.
louruim, I speak.
lóvar, precious, costly.
lú, smaller, less, comp, of beog.
luach, m., price, reward.
luachvar, v.n., precious, costly.
luah, soon, quick.
luaha, comp, of luah.
luahacht, f., earliness, quickness.
luas, m., speed, quickness.
luchuig, np. of luch, f., mouse.
luemineach, nimble, active.
luigi, f., weakness, faintness.
ly, v.n., lying down.
lyd, smallness.

má, f., g. my, a plain.
machnav, m., thought, thinking.
machuiri, m., a plain.
maga, m., g. maguig, jeering (fé, at).
maha, nobles, men of rank.
mahav, v.n., forgiving, forgiveness.
mahim, I forgive.
maidean, f., ds. maidin, morning.
mairig, f., woe, pity.
mairim, I live.
maishi, f., behavior.
maishûlacht, f., comeliness, good looks.
maiti, forgiven.
mäl, bald.
mar, as, for, because. See Notes.
marav, dead.
marú, v.n., killing.
maruím, I kill: past sg. 3 vairiv.
masmas, m., surfeit.
maul, slow, late.
meáchuint, f., weight.
meahalóir, m., a half-grown person.
meala, see mil.
mear, swift, active.
mear-, very.
meas, m., judgment, opinion.
[ 142 ]
measa, worse; comp, of olc.
measc, a m., amidst, er a m., amongst them.
measim, I think, judge.
meaulhach, cond. sg. 3 of mealuim, I coax, inveigle.
méd, m., size, amount, greatness.
méireán, m., dizziness.
melt, v.n., grinding, crushing.
mér, ds. of miàr, f., finger, dp. méreanuiv.
mésh, see mias.
mí-á, m., ill-luck.
miàduím, I increase, make large.
mian, m., wish.
miàracán, m., a thimble.
miàrycht, v.n., fingering, stroking.
mias, f., ds. mésh, a dish.
mí-chorhamach, unequal, unfair, inconvenient.
mí-chysach, excessive, outrageous.
mí-hásav, m., dissatisfaction.
mihid, see Notes.
mil, f., g. meala, honey.
mileán, m., blame.
míleata, soldierly, courageous.
milish, sweet.
mílshacht, f., sweetness.
mílti, pl. of míli, a thousand.
min, f., gen. mini, meal.
míol, m., an animal, a sea-monster.
míol muar, a whale.
mion, small, tiny.
mishdi, an m. leat? do you mind?
misguish, f., ill-will, spite.
mí-shgiavach, unsightly, ugly.
mishgiûil, intoxicating.
míshli, comp, of milish.
mishneàch, m., courage, spirit.
mí-veas, m., a low estimation, contempt.
mó, many.
mô, comp, of muar.
mohälach, simple-minded, gullible.
mohím, I perceive, feel.
móin, f., turf, bogland.
moluim, I praise, congratulate.
mórnán, m., a porringer.
moungrua, red-maned.
muaráil, f., delight, pride.
muar-ghníoch, of mighty actions.
muar-heshar, seven people.
muar-hímpal, around: governs gen., save when followed by le or er.
muar-ueshli, noblemen.
muíl, f., delay.
muilean, m., gs. muiling, np. muílti, a mill.
muíli, f., baldness.
muin, f., back, back of the neck.
muín, f., g. muíni, wealth.
[ 143 ]
muineál, m., the neck.
muíng, f., a mane.
múini, v.n., teaching.
muíntearha, friendly.
muíntearhas, m., friendliness, friendship.
muíntir, f., people, folk.
muiríon, m., a burden.
muíteach, boastful.
musdar, m., ostentation.
myv, v.n., boasting.

ná, than.
náiri, f., shame.
nänúr, m., nine people, a set of nine.
nâuid, f., gs. and gp. nâud, np. nâuid, an enemy.
neach, a person, anybody.
nea-choitianta, unusual, strange.
neavní, nothing.
neóssad, fut. sg. 1 of ínshim.
ní, v.n., washing.
ní, m., pl. nihi, a thing, anything.
nó, new, fresh.
nochduim, I lay bare, reveal.
nós, m., habit, custom.
nua, new.
nuer, when, since.

ó, prep., from.
ó, conj., since.
obuir, f., gs. ebiri, work.
ocaras, m., hunger.
óigi, f., youth.
oilti, taught, trained.
oinig, gs. of oineach, honor.
oirim, I suit, fit.
ól, v.n., drinking, drink.
eól, m., knowledge.
ólas [eólas], m., knowledge, information.
olav, ready, prepared.
olav, m., np. olûna, a poet, scholar.
olavahish, gen. of olavahas, wealth.
olc, m., wickedness.
olc, adj., bad.
olû, v.n., preparing.
oluím, I prepare.
óluim, I drink.
olûna, see olav.
onóir, f., g. onóra, dignity, respect.
onóireach, polite.
onórú, v.n., honoring, paying respect to.
órd, m., gs. úird, rank, dignity.
órdú, v.n., ordering.
órghaiti, gold-colored, gilt.
órlach, m., an inch.
órnáid, f., ornament.
osguil, f., the armpit.
osguilim, I open.
osguilt, v.n., opening.
osguilti, open, opened.
ouc, gs. ouic, m., a dwarf.
(f)ouluim, past s. 3 of foulumuim.
our, m., cause, material.
[ 144 ]
páirc, f., gs. páirci, a meadow.
páirt, f., a part.
páishdi, a child.
pálás, m., a palace.
pé, whatever, whoever, no matter what—.
pearsa, f., ds. pearsin, person.
piarda, m., a giant, a monster.
píb mála, bagpipes.
pionós, m., penance, punishment.
pishóg, f., witchcraft.
piuc, m., a bit.
pläsc, f., a skull.
preabuim, I jump.
priúnsa, m., np. priúnsy, a prince.
puíng, a bit, any.

Note—The forms in brackets are the attenuated forms; r is usually attenuated after an aspirating word.
[reá], v.n., saying.
rábach, vigorous.
rachduiri [reachduiri], m., steward.
raeg [rég], adj., gentle, smooth; a level plain.
raem, f., command, a force.
raer [rér], f., wish; do raer (rér), according to.
rafar, prosperous.
rah, m., prosperity.
ráineóch, cond. sg. 3 of rigim, I reach.
rält óluish, guiding star.
rayd [reyd], fut. sg. 1 of tém.
rayrc, m., a sight; view.
ríoga, see ryga.
riucht, m., state.
riug, past sg. 3 of berim.
riugas, past sg. 1 of berim.
rohanuiv, dp. of roh, m., a wheel.
rou [reou], f., a choice.
rour, stout.
royint, v.n., dividing; f., a portion.
rua, red.
ruag, m., a rout.
ruahiri, m., a small loose stone on the road, hence a small person always running.
ruih [rih], v.n., running, a course.
ruíhi, see ry.
ruihim, I run.
ruim, ruimish, before.
ruimish, before him, it.
ruín, tough, stiff, slow.
ruínish, gen. of ruineas, m., delay.
ryan [rian], m., a track.
ryarha, arranged.
ryav, always; ever.
ryga [ríoga], royal.
rygan [ríogan], f., ds. ryguin, g. rygana, a queen; princess.
ry [], m., np., ruíhi, a king.
[ 145 ]
ryghâuna, m., a prince, heir-apparent.
rygra, lords.
ry-haylach, m., royal house-hold.
ryheach, m., gs. ryhí, a palace.

Note—s and sh become t after the article in the nom. sg. fem. and gen. sg. masc.; the t forms which occur are given in square brackets. Aspd. sh becomes ch before á, ó, ú.
saha, m., a swarm.
sailí, gs. of saileach, f., willow.
sailiú, v.n., soiling.
sáiti, stuck, fixed.
säl, m., gs. and np. sél, the world, life.
sär, free, noble.
sär, m., np. sír, an artisan, workman.
sär chimeàd, “free captivity,” i.e., parole, honorable confinement.
sásav, v.n., satisfying, m., satisfaction.
sásda, satisfied, comfortable.
sásdacht, f., comfort, contentment.
satalóing, past subj. sg. 1 of sataluím, I tread upon, crush.
sâuluím, I imagine, suppose.
says, m., a kind.
sbér, f., the sky, the air.
sbídiúchán, v.n., abusing.
sbiocóidí, spigots, bungs.
sbriàcharnach, f., dat. -uig, sparkling.
sdäna, v.n., flinching, yielding.
sdänuim, I flinch, yield, refrain.
sdoirim, f., a storm.
sdrac-iàchuint, f., a sidelook.
sdracuim, I tear.
sdraungcán, m., a draught of liquor.
sduama, dignified.
sduem, f., self-possession.
sél, see säl.
sevir, rich.
sevireas [toivireas], m., wealth.
sgáh, m., shelter; shyness.
sgaipi, v.n., dispersing.
sgárd, m., the amazement of terror.
sgarûint, separating.
sgâura, m., terror.
sgláiri, m., a scholar.
sgoiltim, I cleave.
sgol âuráin, a snatch of song.
sgólta, tormented, irritated.
sgórnuig, ds. of sgórnach, f., the throat.
sguíli, v.n., loosening, letting go.
sguílim, I loosen, set free.
[ 146 ]
shachuin, imperat. sg. 2 of shachanuim, I avoid, shun.
shâuc, m., hawk.
sheasav, v.n., standing.
sheasavach, sturdy, resolute.
sheasím, I stand, imperat. s. 1.
sheasiv, past sg. 3, (s)heasiv.
sheint, v.n., playing (music).
sheinti, played (of music).
sheóid, f., gs. sheóidi, np shiàda, gpl. shiàd, a treasure.
sherihan, m., disgust.
sherivishach, m., a servant.
shév, beautiful, gracious; comp, shévi.
shgé, v.n., bursting forth.
shgearta, v.n., bursting forth, an explosion.
shgeartuím, I explode.
shgehi, gs. of shgeach, f., thorn.
shgeón, f., fright.
shgiàl, m., story, circumstance.
shgiàlycht, stories, storytelling.
shgian, f., ds. shgien, a knife.
shgieh, f., ds. shgéh, g. shgéhi, a shield.
shgilédín, m., a little skillet.
shgris, m., ruin, destruction.
shí, fairies.
shiàd, see sheóid.
shiar, back, backward, behind.
shie, longer, farther, comp, of fada.
shili, v.n., dropping, dripping.
shin, demons, adj., used after slender sounds.
shin, pron., that.
shínim, I stretch.
shínshar, m., grandfather.
shínti, stretched out.
shíol (shyl), m., seed.
shíreachdy, comp, of shíreachdach, fascinating.
shlea, f., spear.
shleâuin, smooth, slippery.
shleâunú, v.n., slipping, sliding.
shleâunuím, I slip, glide.
shlí, f., a path, a way.
shliasda, gs. of shliasad, thigh.
shlingeán, m., shoulder-blade.
shním, I spin.
sho, demons, adj., this.
shochas, in comparison with.
shóluim, I send.
shómra [teómra], m., a room.
shúd, there, yonder.
shúl, v.n., walking, marching; a procession; sa tiúl, in the walk.
shúluím [chiúluím], I walk, march.
shycháin, f., g. shychána, peace.
shychánta, peaceful.
shyda, m., silk.
[ 147 ]
shydûil, silken
silér, clear.
sílshi, light: do h., your Majesty.
silt, see sult.
sím, I sit down, imperat. sg. 2, sig.
sím [tuím], f., g. simi, interest, heed.
sír, see sär.
slacht, m., neatness.
slat, f., a rod, wand, a yard (in measurement).
sló, m., a military expedition.
sló, see slua.
slua, m. and f., np. slóiti, slueti, gp. sló, an army, a crowd.
smacht, m., discipline, rule, control.
smuíneav, v.n., considering, a thought.
smut, m., a bit.
smuta, m., a bit.
snáh, m., a thread.
snáhid, ds. of shnáhad, f., a needle.
snâv, v.n., swimming.
so, demons, adj. (used after broad sound), this.
so-aihini, clear, obvious.
socarú, v.n., settling.
socaruím, I settle, smoothen.
socuir, quiet, settled, comfortable.
sodar, v.n., trotting.
so-icshi, clear, obvious.
solas, m., light.
somlasta, well-flavored.
sórd, m., kind, sort.
sováilcí, comp. of sováilceach, pleasant.
so-veartuihi, easy to wield.
srian, f., a bridle.
sról, m., satin.
sruh, m., gs. -a, a stream.
sruíng, ds. of srangg, f., a cord.
suaha, v.n., moving, rocking.
suahantas, m., array, show.
suahim, I stir, shake.
suarach, small, trivial.
suary, f., smallness, triviality.
suen, gen. of suan, m., sleep, rest.
suerc, pleasant.
súgach, merry.
súil-aibig, bright-eyed, wide-awake.
súil-iàchuint, f., a look.
sult, m., g. silt [tuilt], fun, amusement.
sultvar, merry, amusing.
sun, demons, adj., used after broad sounds.
sy [hi], v.n., sitting.
sychán, m., a seat.

taca, m., a support.
tachda, v.n., suffocating.
taguihi, come, arrived.
taguim, I come.
taguirt, v.n., referring to.
taihí, f., habit, practice.
[ 148 ]
táin, f., a drove, cattle-driving.
tainghav, v.n., shining, pleasing, a glitter.
tainghim, I shine; t. le, I please.
táinisht, m., an heir-apparent.
tairifeach, profitable, useful.
tairishgint, v.n., offering.
táirshach, f., threshold.
tál, v.n., giving milk, pouring forth.
talav, m., land, ground.
tamal, m., a while, a space.
tánamuir, past pl. 1 of taguim.
tany, thin, slender.
tar, prep., over: t. ésh, after (followed by gen.).
tarac, v.n., drawing ; pulling.
tarna, ord. num., second, other.
taruigim, I draw; pull.
täv, m., side, direction.
teachduireacht, f., message.
teacht, v.n., coming.
teas, m., heat.
teasy, hot-tempered.
tedeal, m., title.
tég, imperat. pl. 2 of tém.
tém, I go.
tengeas, m., sickness, an ache
tepim, see Notes.
teylach [haylach], m., a household.
tlàd-víng, adj., melodious; lit. sweet-stringed.
tiàgar, m., bulk, stoutness.
tiàgarha, stout; substantial.
tiànam ort! come along!
tiarna, m., np. tiarny, a lord.
tig, m., gs. tí, house.
tig, comes; tig lium, I can.
timpal, prep, around, (govs. gen. save when followed by er or le).
tiompán, m., a musical instrument.
tisbeáint, v.n., showing, displaying.
tisbeánta, shown, displayed.
tisbeánuim, I show, fut. sg. 3 tisbeánhig.
titim, I fall, am slain.
tiucad (hucad), fut. sg. 1 of taguim.
tiuv, dense.
tobar, m., np. toibireacha, a well, spring.
tóguim, I lift, I take.
tóguint, v.n., lifting, taking.
toibireacha, see tobar.
toil, f., wish, inclination.
toilím, I consent.
tóin, f., bottom.
toishc, because.
toivireas, see sevireas.
tórav, m., a wake.
tôs, v.n., measuring.
tosàch, m., a beginning, the front.
tosanuím, I commence.
trácht, v.n., discussing (er).
tráh, m., a time, season.
[ 149 ]
treasguirt, v.n., overthrowing.
treasna, prep. gov. gen., across.
treau, v.n., ploughing.
trén-ear, m., a champion.
tréni, f., strength.
treó, direction, way. See Notes.
treshi, comp, of triàn.
trévshi, m., a space of time.
tré, through, because of.
trial, v.n., travelling.
trian, m., p. treana, a third.
triàn, strong.
triel, imperat. sg.2 of trialuim, I try, test.
trihav, m., dp. trihív, a fit (of laughter, or coughing).
trim, dry.
tríu, ord. num., third.
triumuím, I dry.
triúr, m., g., trír, three persons.
troid, v.n., fighting, a fight.
troidim, I fight.
troum, heavy.
truig, f., np. truihi, a foot, a foot in measurement.
truimi, comp. of troum.
trúm, m., the elder-tree.
tua, f., ds. tueg, an axe.
tuah, f., ds. tueh, a people, the country.
tuerim, f., opinion.
tuerishc, f., news, information
tuguim, I give, bring, t. fé neára, I notice.
tuigim, I understand.
tuili [hili], m., an addition, more.
tuilti, deserved, merited.
tuím, see sím.
túir, imperat. sg. 2 of tuguim.
tuirshi, f., weariness.
tuirt, f., size.
túirt, v.n., giving, bringing, taking.
túishgi, sooner, before.
tuishgint [hishgint], f., intelligence.
tumuim, I dip, immerse.
tur, dry.
túrh-, fut. stem of tuguim.
túrha, given, brought.
tútach, clumsy, coarse; comp túty.
tyshach [híshach], m., p. tuíshig, a chief.

û, m., copper.
uachdar, m., surface.
uachdarach, uppermost.
ualach, m., a load.
ualhirt, f., a sustained roar.
uar, m., pride.
ucht, m., the bosom, lap.
úd, demons. adj. See Notes.
ueg, from him, from it.
ueg, f., gs. ua, np. uana, a grave.
uegineas, m., loneliness, solitude.
uer, f., a time, hour.
[ 150 ]
uereanta, sometimes.
ueshleacht, f., nobility.
ueshli, noblemen.
úhásach, wonderful.
uingeóin, a n-u-., in spite of.
uiread, see iread.
úirlish, f., an instrument.
ûlú, v.n., paying homage.
ûluím, I pay homage, bow.
um, about, around, on.
umad, m., number, abundance.
umalán, entire, complete.
umláini, f., the whole, completeness.
úmpáil, turning, changing.
úmpuím, past. sg. 3 d’iúmpa, I turn.
úna [iúna], f., pl. úny, a wonder, úna hél “a world’s wonder”; a great wonder, pl. úny sél.
unan, equal.
únhirt, v.n., struggling.
úntach, wonderful.
úntuív, f., confidence, trust.
úr, fresh, green.
uruim, f., g. urama, esteem, respect.
usáid, f., use.
vairiv, see maruím.
vesht, gen veshdi, a vest.