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Organization of the page[edit]

The current organization of the poems, i.e. a wikipage for each poem is not scalable. The page needs to be organized differently. After some reading of books and internet sites on Mir, looks like Mir had published atleast the following: (1) Kulliyat-e-farsi (containing his persian poems), (2)Kulliyat-e-Mir, which further consists of six diwans.

A better organization would be to have his works listed eg: Nekat-u-shaera Faiz Mir Zikr Mir Kulliyat-e-farsi Kulliyat-e-Mir.

Source: Kulliyat-e-Mir, Jild Daum, by Dr. Masihuzzaman, Publisher Ramnarainlal Prahladdas, 2 Katra Road, Allahabad

Under Kulliyat-e-Mir, we have six subdivisions one for each of his diwans. Since each of his diwans contain a large number of poems, it may not be wise to have them on a single wikipage. We can break each diwan into several pages, diwan-1-part-1, diwan-1-part-2 and so on.. The exact breakup of which poems go into which part of the diwan can be done once we start typing the poems. Naming structure of pages: kulliyat-e-mir/diwan-1/part-1 and so on for the different pages. Index of Mir's poems: I am not sure how to handle this, specially since the number of poems of Mir is huge. The idea of the index is to make the poems easily accessible to people. We probably should not add the index into the page where the poem itself is stored, so as not to modify the text from how it appeared in the original publication. maybe we can create a separate poem index page for each part, eg kulliyat-e-mir/diwan-1/part-1_index, that contains an index of the poems. Appreciate comments/sugestions. IrfanAli04 23:24, 29 December 2009 (UTC)