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This is a community poll prepared by the Wikisource User Group to learn how to make Wikisource a better place. Answers are open, results are non-binding, but they will help to establish priorities at international level.

After this draft is completed, we are going to make a survey via Google (or SurveyMonkey) and send to every Wikisource Village Pump.
  • main language wikisource(s)
  • country
  • age
  • sex
  • occupation
  • adminship
  • start year of Wikisource usership
  • I'm not a Wikisource user, my main project is: ...

What is allowed in your Wikisource?[edit]

Y/N/Not now, but I would like to.
  • User generated translations
  • Annotations (ex. )
  • Wikilinks to Wikisource (ex. )
  • Interlinks to Wikipedia or sister projects
  • Notes: .......
  • Don't know
Please take the time to update also this table.

Would you like user translations to be ...[edit]

Choose one
  • On a different namespace
  • With a specific extension, like this one.
  • I don't want user translations on Wikisource.
  • No opinion or don't know

Do you use the Proofread extension?[edit]

Choose one
  • Yes. We only accept books backed with scans.
  • Yes. We mostly accept books backed with scans.
  • Yes. We accept books backed with scans, but they are few.
  • No. (Reason: .....)
  • Don't know

In my opinion, Wikisource should include[edit]

Y/N (check all that apply)
  • copied and pasted texts (ie. without scans)
  • manually transcribed text from offline books (ie. without scans)
  • born digital texts (ie. not physically printed)
  • texts backed by page scans

What is your opinion about customizing the Visual Editor for Wikisource once the bugs have been fixed?[edit]

It's very important / It's important / It's OK / It's not important / Do not know

Which features are a “must”?[edit]

Y/N (check all that apply)
  • ability to copy and paste formatted text
  • integration with the Proofread extension (support for the Page: pages and the <pages> tag)
  • Other

Are you interested in GLAM partnerships with Wikisource?[edit]

Choose one
  • yes
  • I'd like to, but Wikisource is not ready yet.
  • no
  • No strong opinion

I would like Wikisource to partner with[edit]

Y/N (check all that apply)

What do you think it is necessary for Wikisource to cope with GLAM partnerships?[edit]

Y/N (check all that apply)
  • metadata management
  • XML export
  • TEI markup
  • Other .....
  • I don't know

What do you see in the future of Wikisource?[edit]

Y/N (check all that apply)
  • Annotations
  • TEI markup[1]
  • Highlighting concepts as the Perseus Library
  • Gamification and microtasking as on Zooniverse
  • Companion Bots always ready to read aloud perfectly exact texts available in the widest library in the world including all known languages and all known texts.
  • Supplying theatrical creations, musical creations, teaching tools, intellectual researches, artistic creations, encyclopedias, lots of other usages that we can't imagine now: supplying all of them with a complete library of exact, whole, and verifiable texts.
Please write us about the Wikisource of your dreams. You can say anything you want.

What do you think are the core priorities for the Wikisource community?[edit]

Please select a priority from 1 (lowest priority) to 10 (highest priority). There are no ex aequo.
  • EPUB exporter, active in every Wikisource and every language[2]
  • Metadata management system
  • Visual Editor in the main namespace
  • Visual Editor in the Page namespace
  • Localized OCR, with possibility of training in every language (eg. ABBYY Finereader[3])
  • Wikidata integration
  • Other

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for the Wikisource community?[edit]

Please select a degree of magnitude from 1 (no/minor obstacle) to 10 (largest obstacle).
  • Lack of volunteers
  • Lack of available scanned texts
  • Lack of public awareness
  • Lack of support within the Wikimedia community
  • Lack of necessary technology
  • Other
If 'Other', please explain...

Write the three main technical/social issues that the Wikisource community should try to solve during the next years[edit]

Choose up to three
  • To ensure a common standard both in wikitext and in resulting xhtml
  • To build a shared, multilingual "proofreading lab"
  • Training materials including videos
  • Publicity to possible sources of funding for software development
  • Integration with Wikidata in basic noncontroversial ways

Google Summer of Code projects[edit]

Free text
  • What do you think of the BookManagerv2 under development?
  • Which features should it have to be considered usable?
  • Would you support automatic creation of “Index” pages for all DjVu files uploaded to Commons in your language?

Are you aware of Wikidata and d:Wikidata:Books Task Force?[edit]

Choose one
  • Yes
  • Yes, but I don't work on Wikidata
  • No

In the following months, Wikidata will integrate all the sister projects, and Wikisource too.

Every Wikisource community is invited to participate in the discussion about Wikidata-Wikisource integration.

Do you think any property is missing in Wikidata?[edit]

See this model and an example.

Free text

Do you want to celebrate the international 10th anniversary of Wikisource on November 24, 2013?[edit]

Choose one
  • Yes
  • No
If yes, which activity would you suggest?


  1. TEI markup is a standard for the representation of texts in digital form. With a proper TEI extension or tool, we could mark up works collaboratively. This tool could be very interesting for GLAMs and academics working in Digital Humanities. Tpt wrote a converter "TEI to Wikitext".
  2. At the moment, the tool generatea an EPUB from the transcluded text of a book in Wikisource. The tool is active but only few Wikisource use it widely, as there is no integration within MediaWiki.
  3. ABBYY Finereader is a state-of-the-art OCR software. It is proprietary, but it supports many languages, and it also supports DjVu.