Homelyes XIII in Cornysche

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[Published by Christopher Bice, 1969, reissued by KDL 1994]

This computer file of the text of Tregear’s translation of the Homilies reproduces the 1994 KDL reprint of Christopher Bice’s edition of 1969. To avoid confusion (e.g. from multiple versions circulating) I have tried to follow Bice in every detail, even when I knew (from examination of Tregear’s manuscript, BL Add MS 46397) that the Bice transcription was wrong. A new edition of the manuscript is needed.
Keith Syed.

(...) round brackets and their contents as in 1969/1994 edition.
strikethrough : in 1969/1994 this was shown as oblique strokes over one or more characters in a word.
[ ] notes by the compiler of the present file, including conjectures where the 1994 edition is unclearly printed.


1. Creation and Fall of Man. 1 - 5a
2. Misery of All Mankind 6 - 11a
3. Redemption of Man. 12 - 16
4. How Redemption in Christ is Applicable to Man. 16a - 20
5. Charity. 20a - 26
6. Breach of Charity. 26a - 30
7. Of the Church, What it is. 30a - 35
8. Of the Authority of the Church. 35a - 41
9. The Supremacy. 41a - 46
10. " " 46a - 51
11. The True Presence, etc. 5la - 54a
12. Transubstantiation. 55 - 58
13. The Sacrament of the Altar, etc. 59 - 66a


Ima an profet Dauit in peswar vgans ha nownsag psalme ow exortya oll an bobyll the ry prayse hag honor dhe du ha thy servya in lowendar ha gans perfect colonow the reiosya in sight agan creator ha redemar. yma an profet dauid ow allegia helma kepar ha dell ewa sufficiant cawse agan redempcion. SCITOTE QUONIAM IPSE EST DOMINUS. IPSE FECIT NOS, ET NON IPSI NOS, henna ew the leverall in agan eyth ny. Gothvethow fatell ew du agan arluth ny, hag eff ew agan gwrer ny, rag ny ny russyn gull agan honyn. Rag in dede neb a rella predery an creacyon a vabden ha pondra in ta in y remembrans a behan o agan dallath ny wore gull ken ys ry honor, lawde ha preysse the du neb o y gwrer ha creator. Rag in creacion a bub tra arell visible ny rug du an tas a neff mas commondya ha according thy blonogeth oll creators a ve gwrys gans an ger a thu. sow in creacion a vabden an tas a vsias solempnyty bras, ha lowre notabyll sircumstans. An kensa tra vgy ow tuchia an creacion a mab den, an tas a leverys HIC FACIAMUS HOMINEM, omma ny a ra gull den, an gerryow na o. an gerryow a thu an tas (kowses warlerth an maner an bobill) the thew an mab an second person ha then spuris sans an trissa person, kewses warlerth an maner an bobyll, pan vons y ow mois the wull nampith a ober bras, rag nyna tus a gymmer advisement bras kyns dallath aga ober inweth y ara ioynya gans an gwella han furra cosullyow a alla bos kyffes. An kyth cyrcomstans ma a alse bos geses in part du an tas rag eff a alsa creatya ha gull mab den hebtha. Saw dre henna yma ow declarya an favowre specially a thu an tas the vabden. Sow an nessa circumstance vs ow folya helma, ew moy surra proff ha declaracion an tendyr kerensa a du an tas the vabden, pan rug leverall gas ny.

Gesow ny the wull den the gan similitud ha hevelep ny. lemmyn merkyow tus vas pan dra rug du an tas ragan ny in agan creacion. Eff agan grege ny in dede in hevelep thy ymag eff y honyn, rag henna pen dra alsa eff gull moye ragan. Ithew benefyt ha confort bras ragan ny the consydra agan bos ny creatys ha formys havall then ymag a thu y honyn. lymmyn rag may hallogh vnderstondia an mater ma the well ha the pleynnya, why a ra vnderstondia na go an heveleb a then havall the thu in bodily symblans, hen ew the leverall in y gorffe only. Rag why a res vnderstondia ha cresy fatell ew an dewses spuris ha not substans a corffe, han kyth heveleb ha similitud ma y thesa in ena, an pith o endewys gans celestiall qualites. An rena ew the venya, vnderstonding, remembrans, ha blonogath gans lowar gyfte moy a gras. hag omma y thew the vos notys in weth neb a rug du leverell. Gas ny the wull den thegan heveleb ny agan honyn, dre hemma eff a ros thyn ny the wondyrstondia fatell vs iii person in drynsys so whath nyn gew mas vn du. ha in henna an drynsys tas a leverys, gas ny the wull den. in hemma yma an drinsis ow signifia pluralite, henew number a persons. Arta in henna eff a lyuerys, the gen heveleb ny ha similitud. ny rug leverell thegen similitudes ha thegan hevelenep, dre hemma y thew signifies an vnite inweth agan nature ha substans. Whath rag procedia pelha rag descernya an creacion a then, whi a ra vnderstondia an second chapter an lever a Moyses gylwys Genesis in speciall forth.

Speciall maner ha forth yma ow recordia an severall gwra a then, magata ay gorffe worta y honyn, hag in weth ay ena worta y honyn. ha rag tuchia an corffe a vab den yma an scriptur ow leverell in ii-de Genesis, Du an furmyas han shappyas in mes an nore. dre henna y thesa du ow notya ha shappya mabden vgh oll an creatus erall myng a rug du creatya ha gull. Rag ny ren ny redya in teller vith in scripture fatell rug du schappya na furmya mabden. mas eff an gruge, ha dre an commondment a du an nore a thros in rag bestes peswar trosek han dowre in kepare maner a thros in rag puskas, hag ethyn in eyer. Saw corfe mab den only yma an scriptur ow leverell fatell rug du y schappia hay wull, ha conserning ena mabden y thew scriffes in second chapter in Genesis, fatell rug du anella in corff den, gans ii circumstans kepar dell ew accomp tys marvelus excellency a then a ugh oll creaturs erell, dre henna may thew declarys an exceding dadder a du, the vabden disquethis. lymmyn pan rug du in maner an parma creatya ha gull den. Eff an grug Souereign rewler ha pen war oll an pusces in dowre, war an ethen in eyer, ha war oll an bestas in nore. Ea in weth eff an grug mytern hag Emperowre in norvys. h whath pelha agys helma in weth eff a woras mabden the trega in paradise, ena y thesa an moyha pleysant Jardyn a ylly bos, ena y thesa plentys a bup kynde a frutys, beautyfull tege ha wheg the veras warnetha, Ea ha delicius the thebbry ha the then rag maga warnetha. Saw vn kynda a frut an tas du a chargias mabden na rella myllya na tuchia worta war bayne merwall a vernans, henno mernans an corfe han ena in weth.

Inweth henna o an frut an wethan (gylwys in scripture) An wethan a wothfes an da han drog. Kepar dell rg an tas a neff dre wondres marthugian hag aneth forth gull Adam an kynsa den bethqueth a ve. In kepare maner eff a rug Eva in strang maner a forth thegen heveleb ny eff a rug Eva an kynsa benyn bethqueth a ve. A un asowen a denewan cleth Adam kemerys in mes. han venyn an tas as grug perfect, has lynwys gans an gyftes na o Adam inspiris gansa, pen dra alsan ny predery fatell ylly du gull moy ragan in agen creacion dell ruga gull, parda ef a rug an Ena Immortall, henew tra an parna a rella contenewa neffra heb deweth. Eff an lynwys inweth gans an moyha singular gyftys kyffrys a nature ha speciall grace in weth. An corfe a vabden in state a originall innocencye hen ew the venya yehas, nerth, comlines, gans qualites erell in vhella degre a perfection. Whath an termyn may fo den gwrys ny gesa inna foude vith, na lust, desyre concupiscens, na lust vith the throgkoleth, na neill nyn go dyag the wull obereth da, na nyn sega ynna gwannegreth na cleves, na lake vith a qualite a travith. An corfe a then nena o obedient then ena, han ena oll holly obedient the thu. In della in agan part ny du agan creator ha gwrer a rug agan gull gans perfeccion, gans kyndnes bras ha kerensa ha favore kepar ha tas kerengeak. Ima an scriptur ow leverall hag affirmya evyently fatell ve oll an creaturs gwrys da ha perfect in aga creasion. VIDIT DEUS OMNIA QUAM FECIT ET ERANT VALDE,

genesis. 1. henna ew the leverall. Du a wellas pub kynd a ruga gull, ha y thens very da. An dra ma ew lell generall in oll creaturs consernya agan creacion. hag y thew in sertan degre a excelency the vos verefies in den rag tuchia an estate ay originall innocenci. In dellma ny a yll gwelas ha percevia fatell o pubtra excellent ha perfect, rag henna ny a gottha thyn bois inflammyes the voy the gara ha the servia du agan gwrer ha creator kerngeek. So in mer ver dell ew an stat na kyllys, ha mabden dre an koll a henna cothes in extreme miseri ha wretchednes, Ithew the vos consyddres in agan part ny, fatell ve mabden dres the worth an kyth stat na benegas, the miserabill stat a throkolleth, An kythsame poynt na remembres inta ew sufficient cawse ha ground then ny the renowncya ha naha pehosow hag abhorrya oll drogkolleth ha pegh rag an grevaus towle a vabden a theth dre pehosow. Pegh o an pith a rug then tas a neff humbrak mabden in mes a baradise. pegh o an pith a rug then kyge stryvya gans an spuris han spuris warbyn an kyge. pegh o an pith a thros mabden the suffra clevas, gwanegreth, deseyses ha infirmytes. An pith a ra mab den suffra omma in bysma oll ew rag pegh. Pegh o an cawse a rug the oll an vssew a Adam ha Eva the vos genys in state a thampnacion. So yma ran a hanowgh a vynsa mertesyn gothfas pelha fatell ve mab den kynsoll drys the peha. Rag an vnderstonding a henna gesowgh ny the gafus recourse then tryssa chapter a genesis, Inna y thew scriffes fatell rug an wyly serpent an tebell ell dos the eva hag a leveris thethy hy . QUARE DEDIT VOBIS DEUS MANDATUM.

Praga a rug du ry thewhy commondment na rellowgh dybbry a bup gwethan in parathis. thotheff an venyn a worrebys hag a leverys, an frut vs in paradys ny a thebyr, mas an frut an wethan vs in nes in cres paradis du agan defennas na rellan tuchia na myllia gynsy, rag mar a ten, ny a verwe. Nena myth an serpent then venan. No ny rewgh merwell, sow du a wore peskytter may tepprow anythy why a vith kepar ha du hagys lagasow a vith clerys ha why a vith kepar ha duow hag ara gotthfes an drog han da. In nena an venyn a welas y bos an frut da the thybbry ha teg the sight y lagasow ha pleasant the veras war netha, hy a gemeras ran an frut hag an debbras hag a ros part then gwerrer Adam h y hoth hag eff a thebbras. In delma dre an provocacion han temptacion an teball el den a gothas kynsoll in pegh. Rag hema kepar dell ros thyn ny pub vroll abhorrya pegh hag omwetha theworto rag an myseri han anken bras a ven ny dris ynna dre begh, in kepar maner ny a res thy casa an teball ell hay power ha then vttermost thegen gallus avoydya y temptacions hay successions ha gothfos fatell veny dretha in dallath humbrynkes the beha. Rag kepar maner dell rug eff temptia agan hendasow ny Adam hag eva. Indella eff a vyth maga besy po besya worth agan temptia ny lymmyn ha pub vr kepar dell lavar an Abostyll pedyr ow recordia in. v. chapter yn kynsa pystyll ow leverall in delma, yma agys yskar an teball ell kepar ha lyon ow huga ow mos adro ow
whelas rag agys deu

devowrya. An kyth aduersary ma the vab den a rug disdaynya an happy han felicite bewnans an geva adam hag eva in paradys rag henna eff ny rug cessia dre crefte ha dre questonow adro the eva neb o an gwanha in power han medalha vessell bys may rug gull thethy terry commondment an tas. ha dre an deda na a russens ow dissobeya du. I a gollas an originall innocency stat a vongy in aga creasion ha pan ova kyllys ny vynna an corfe abeya an ena, nan ena ny vynna obeya du, mas pub tra in den o treylys an pith awartha the wolas. Ea ha dre henna y a gothas inweth in necessite a temporall myrnans an corffe, hag in stat a eternall dampnacion, an pith ew lacka oll, ha in myrnans heb dywith kyffrys an corffe han ena. Saw lymmyn martesyn yth hevall the Judgement ran an bobyll nago offens adam ha eve mar vras rag na russens mas dybbry an avall ha rag henna nygo aga fowt mar vras awois deservia mar vras punssement. Gesyn ny the consyddra an circumstans an dra, ha nena ny a ra whare persevya nag o offence bean mas very grevaws ha poos. An kynsa, an pith a rug du commondia mab den the refraynya theworta, ytho tra eysy lowre the forberya ha dre reson a henna y offence o the vrassa, ha pelha agys hemma, pan ve den gwarnys aragdorne rag omwetha theworth peryll ha danger ara cotha warnotha mas eff a gemera weth thotha y honyn. ha mar te ha gull an dra a ra an perill skynnya anotha wosa ybosa gwarnys y fowt ew the vrassa ha the voy an tiusa

An tryssa, the le inclynacion an geffa den the begh, the voy ha the vrassa ew y begh mar te ha gull an dra. Adam hag Eve ythesa thetha inclinacion the oll. not the nonyn na the arell. An peswora, mar te den ha receva royow bras the worth y gothman po y soveran, mar te in byanby ha tyrry blonogath y soveran hay displesya, an fowt han disobediens dretho ew gwrys the vrassa. An dra a rug Adam hag Eva dybbry nynso mas avall, so whath an debry an kyth sam avall na in kyth case na, o disobediens bras warbyn du, ha dretha oll lynyath mabden ave corruptys, in marver dell ons y aga dew an wrethyan dretho may tho res the lynyath mab den dos, han wreythan vnwith o corruptys ha nynso vas. fatell ylly an wethan han barrow ow tos mes an wreythan na bos vas. Rag henna yma S Powle in y epistyll then romans in v chaptyr ow leverall, dre an office a vn den pegh a theth war oll an bobyll the condempnacion, ha in kythsame chapter na yma S Powle ow leverall in kepar porposse. dre an disobediens a vn den mer a theth the vos pehadorryan. Arta yma S Pawle in kethsame chapter ma ow cowsse. Pegh a theth omma thyn bys dre vn den, ha dre pegh y tuth myrnans, hag in della myrnans a passias the oll an bobyll. In delma tus vas why a glowas kynsoll an kyrngeak kerensa a thu the mabden dre henna may ruga creatya mabden mar worthy maner, nessa why a clowas an myschyw a theth the vabden
dre begh

Dre pehosow, han tryssa pan a extreme yskyr the vabden ew an teball ell. In nessa homely wosa helma why a ra clowas an exceding mercy a thu fatell ruga delyuera mabden dre mervelous maner, thean stat a thampnacion. Rag henna dhe concludia rag an present termyn ma. helma a vith rag agys exortia why na rellogh fillall pub dith ha pub owre the ry grace the du golosek rag y thaddar thynny disquethis war agan creatya. rag ny rug du agan creatya ny pobill an bis heb reason, skyans hag vnderstonding, rag an meyne ef a creatyas heb reson, an brut beastas heb reason, Saw eff a ros thynny notabill qualitys ha powers, an pith vs the creaturs erell, ha pelha agys henna eff a blanges innan ny particularly reason hag vnderstonding, ha lowar qualite arell kyffrys in corfe hag in ena. Severally then nature a mabden only, ha not commyn the vabden ha the creaturs erall. hemma ew pelha inweth thegys exortya why dhe remembra pan a miseri ha drockoleth a theth the mabden dre begh. ha dre begh an parna the hevelep ran an bobill nynso mas bean, henna ew the vndyrstondia dre dybbry an avall dre exampyll a henna me a dryst why a vith circumspect the avoydia oll kynde pehosow ha disobediens kynfe an dra vith mar nebas in y nature y honyn, beva dre commondment du, bo dre neb one ny n dre obediens kylmys the seruya ha specially dre commondment du. finally helma ew rag agys exortya why lymmyn war an dyweth the consyddra fatell vs thynny deddly yskar, henna ew an teball ell, neb a vith pub vr

ow whylas rag agan dry the thestruccion, hag yma pub vroll ow travela haw conys gans oll an menys a ylla the wonys innan ny an pith a ruga gonys in agan hendasow adam hag eva rag henna gwren ny kemeras with hay avoydia inweth y ouercommya gans oll y traynes hay antylly, henna re rowntia
dhyn ny oll an dringys tas, an mab, han
Spuris sans, thotha rebo
honor ha glory

Q(uo)d J.T.
Omma yma dewethis an homely a creacions a vab den ha
fatell ruga peha, et cetera.


fatell rug mabdan bos kyllys dre y pegh y honyn
Dre an spuris sans an scriptu(r)s benegas a ve kefys, gwrys ha skryffes. So nynsew an Spuris sans mar dyligens in travith dell ewa ow tenna then dore haw kemeras the ves an goth a vabden gylwys in scriptur Vaynglori, an pith ew moyha oll a vgh pub tra plyngys ha graffys in mabden ha henna ew thean kynsa effeccion agan hyndasow Adam hag eve, ha rag henna ny a rede in lyas tyllar in scriptur lowar notabyll lesson warbyn pehosow coth ha vicys inweth commendabyll dyskans the folya ha sewya virtu ha vvelder. In kynsa oll the aswon agan honyn ha predery a behane onny ha pandra o agan dallath. y thew redys in genesis fatell rug du ry thyn oll tytyll ha henow in agan hyndas Adam, han lesson na a gotha agen gwarnya ny oll the consydra a behane one ny ha pan a dra one ny, ea, ha pehane ony devethis ha pyle y ren mois, markyow inta omma gyrryow du y honyn. IN SUDORE VULTUS TUI VESCES PANE TUO DONEC REUERTERIS IN TERRAM DE QUA SUMPTUS ES, QUIA PULUIS ES ET IN PULVEREM REUERTERIS. hemma ew the styrrya, I wysce ath face te a tehbbyr the vara, bys may tyffy arta ha trelya the thore ha pry, rag a henna te a ve furmys ha gwrys in dalleth, rag a thore ha dowst ythos, ha the thore ha dust arta te a. Dre an kyth exampilma ny a yll gwellas inta hag asswon agan honyn, kepar hag in gwedyr, nagony mas dore, pry, poll ha dowst, ha the dore, pry, poll ha dowst ny a ra arta mos. An kyth henow ma dore pry ha dowst ew appoyntys the lignag mabden dre ganow Dew y honyn. an patriark

benegas Abraham a remembras ay thalleth, .ha rag henna eff a gylwys y honyn in kythsam henow na. pan ruga gull y pesadow ernestly rag Sodome ha Gamorre, kepar dell ew scriffys in xviii chapter in genesis, CUM SIM PULUIS ET CINIS, henew the leverall, me ew dowst ha lusew ha y thew redys inweth in scriptur fatell rug Judith, Hester, Job, Jheremye, gans mere moy tus benegas ha benenas in testament coth a rug vsia gwyska yscar ha canfas garow, an pith a vetha gwrys syehar anotha, hag y a re dehesy dowst ha lusew drys aga pennow ha war aga pemnow pan rellens remembra ha lamentya aga pehosow haga drog bewnans esans ow ledya. I a gylwy the du rag gweras ha mercy, gans ceremony an parna gans yskar ha canfas ha gans dowst ha lewsew, dre henna may thesans ow tesquethas the oll an bys. pan a vveldar ha humylite esa ynnans y anetha aga honyn, ha fatell russens remembra aga henwyn, aga thytyll, aga vile ha corrupt nature, dowst ha lesew, yma an lyver a skyantoleth ow remembra thyn may teffan ha tenna then dore an pryde vs ew raynya ynnan, ha remembra agan mortall genesegeth a russyn kemeras theworth Adam an kynsa den a ve gwrys. inweth myterneth gwlasow, subiectys, tus ientyll, rych.ha behosek y mowns ow tos omma thyn bys haw mos in kerth a lemma arta ny woryn pyscotter. merkyow an exampill ma inta. Du a commondyas an profet Ysay

the wull proclamacion the oll an bys fatell ew mabden gwels, ha fatell ew oll an glory an broghter han lowender a vabden kepar ha flowres in prasow, rag pan deffa an welsan ha dalleth seeha an flowre a ra clamdera ha cotha the ves. In dell ny pobyll an bys surely ny gone mas gwels. kepar dell ra an gwels seha, an flowre a glomder, in della mabden a ra. Saw gyrryow du aworta rag neffra perpetually. According the henna I thesa thyn profet Job experience an miserabyll stat a mab den, ow leverall an gyrryow ma. HOMO NATUS DE MULIERE, BREUI VIUENS TEMPORE, REPLETUR MULTIS MISERIIS, QUI QUASI FLOS EGREDITUR, ET CONTERITUR ET FUGIT VELUT VMBRA ET NUNQUAM IN EODEM STATU PERMANET ET DIGNUM DUCIS SUPER HUIUSAE, MODI APERIRE OCULOS TUOS, ET ADDUCERE EUM TECUM IN IUDICIUM, QUIS POTEST FACERE MUNDUM DE IMMUNDO CONCEPTUM SEMINE. hemma ew the Styrrya, mabden genys a venyn, ny ra bewa omma mas termyn cut, lene ew a anken, eff a deffe in ban kepar ha flowren, eff a clomder hag a in kerth kepar ha skesse, ha ny worta vn tam in vn stat. Arluth esta go ow Jugia mett the veras war onyn an parna, ha the thry the vos Jugys genas ge, pew a yll gull glan, neb ew conceyvys in mostethes. In dede pub den dre aga drogkoleth ha naturall prones, o mar ver declynes the behosow, may rug du repentya eff the wull mabden kepar dell vgy an scripture ow recordya. Ha dre pehosow mabden du a ve provokys warbyn an bys, may ruga cuthy ha dystrya gans lew Noye oll an bys, mas naye y honyn, y wreg, y iii mab haga iii gwreg, viii person ens in holl myns a ve sawys, rag hemma nyn sew heb cawse vgy an scriptur ow kylwall mabden. dore. kepar dell vgy

an profet Jheremy ow leverell. A te dore, remember y bosta, dore, dore. Hemma ew agan lell gawle, dore, dore, dore. Kepar dell vgy an profett ow prononcia, pan dra ony indede, kyn fene ken henwyn a honor ha dignite omma in bys ny nynsone mas dore, ha in delma y ma an profet Jheremy worth agan lell gylwall, dore. neb a wore kyffrys pandra one ny, ha pandra goth thyn bos gylwys dre compuster, ha in delma yma du ow tesquethas pan dra ony dre y profet Jheremy hag in weth ow cowse dre y apostylls S Pawle thyn romans an iii-a chapter. Pub denoll keffrys Jew ha Jentyll ew pehadoryon. nynses onyn gwyrryan, no not onyn, nynses onyn a ra vndyrstondia, nynses onyn ow sewya ha folya Du, ythyns oll gyllys mes a forth, ythyns heb profett, nynses onyn a ra da, nages vn onyn. aga beransen ew sepulcer, gans aga tevosow I a vsse crafft ha deceyt, an poyson a serpons yma indan aga tavosow gwessyow, aga ganowow ew lene a wherewder ha paris the cussia ha ty, aga threis ew paris rag skollia goos, yma destruccion hag anken in aga furthow, han furrow a cres y ny aswannas, ha ny gevs owne a thu the rag aga colonow. hag in iii-a chapter then galathians yma S Powle ow leverell. Du a wrappyas pub nacion in discregyans may halla eff kafus mercy war oll. yma an scriptur ow concludia oll indan pegh rag may halla an promys dre an feth a Jhesu crist bos res the oll an rena a lell greys, yma S paul worth agan payntia ny in mes in colors in leas tellars in scriptur, orth agan gylwall ny an flehes a thesplesians hag a angras du. rag ny wothyn predery vn preder da ahanan agan honyn, na bith moy cows da na gul da

thyn agan honyn. Yma Salamon ow leverall in y proverbis, An den gwyrryan a goth vii trovath in Jeth. CADET IUSTUS SEPTIES IN DIE, Job, an moyha den a ve tryys ha prevys, a thowtyas y oberow. S. Johan baptist, a ve benegas in breis y vam ha gormelas kyns y bos genys, eff a ve gylwys ell gans ran gyllwis mer therag an face a Du. colynwys dryn spuris sans thea genesegath, gylwys an preparar an forthow a crist ha inweth moy ha brassa h ys profet han brassa bet(h)queth a sevys intre gore ha gwreg. whath sent Johan a rowntyas plenely fatell esa othom thotheff the vos golhes a thewleff du, eff a rug exaltia y mester crist hag a leverys fatell o eff vnworthy rag bocla y skyggyow, hag eff a ros oll an honor han glory a wothya eff the du. In della y ma S Pawle ow confessia y honyn pan dra o eff anotha y honyn pub vr ry prayse hag onor thy mester crist kepar dell gottha the feithfull servant gull. In della yma S Johan evangelist in y hanow y honyn. hag in hanow pub den benegas arell ken fowns y vith mar Just in kyth maner ma. Mar ten ny ha leverell na gony pehadoryan, y thesan ow desyvya agan honyn han gweroneth ny sugy genyn, mar ten ha menegas agan pehosow du ew lene a vercy, Just ha fethfull the gava thyn agan pehosow ha thegan glanhe a bup filth, ha mar tene leverall na russyn peha, ny a ra eff gowak hay er nyn sugy innan ny. Raghenna yma Salamon ow declaria openly in Ecclesiasticus nages vn den gwyrryan war an nore vugy ow cull da haw pewe heb pehosow.

Myterne Davith o methek rag y pehosow, so nynso ef methek the confessia y pehosow, pan lowar turne a rug eff ernestly ha lamentably desyrya an mercy a thu rag y offencys hay pehosow, hag eff a thesyrryas na rella du entra the Jugment ganso eff. Inweth fatell rug an den benegas ma confessia y pehosow fattellens mar ver in number ha mar teball the vnderstondya in maner the wothfas the vttra ha thega numbra. Rag henna y thesa thotheff consideracion ay pehosow eff a rug supplicacion the du the gava thotha y pehosow in generall. Eff a considras y pehosow compys theworth an wreythan, oll an buddes an barrow, oll an effect, ow tastya, ow gwellas, ow predery, gans oll an circumstans anetha fatell ruga pell contynewa ynna. Rag henna eff a leverys. Mark inta me a ve conceviis in pehosow. ny rug eff leverall in pegh, mas in plurel number, in pehosow, hen ew the venya in mes a onyn y te mere, kepar dell ra lyas govar resak thea vn kenogan. Yma agan savyour ow leverall in ix mathew, nynses nagonyn da mas du, ha ny yllyn ny gull travith a vo da mas dretho eff, inweth ny yll denvith dos then tas a neff mas dre Jhesu crist. Crist a rug preferrya an publican penitent the oll an rena a vo claff, not then re ew yage, rag an re ew claffe angevas othom ay elyow. yma eff worth agan dysky ny in agan golahes the meneges agan honyn pehadorryan ha the whelas gyvyans ha delyuerans the worth oll drogkoleth a thewleff agan tas a neff,

yma eff ow declarya fatell ra agan pehosow agan defollya, yma eff ow dysky fatell ra drog gerryow ha drog prederow deservya condemnacion ow rekordya in weth fatell ren ny gull accompt ha rekyn a bup ger cowses in sovereth, yma ow leverall inweth fatell rug eff dos rag sawya an devas o kyllys ha gillis the stray. Rag henna ny ve mas nebas an dus prowd, an dus fure, an dus dyskys, an dus perfect han pharyses, a ve sawys dre crist, dre reson y the Justyfia aga honyn dro aga contyrfett benegitter therag an presens an bobill. Raghenna, ow flehys, gesow ny the vos war a re an parna ha gwryn avoydya hypocrisy, vaynglory, ha na ren iustyfia agan honyn. Gesow ny the veras war agan treis, ha gwren leverall, then dore, lost peacok (vel payon) prowt, then dore, colonow prowt, then dore brytyll prye ha dore, eya, lesew ha vyell matyre, ny ew gwyth crabbys, ma thora frut da vith, ahanan agan honyn ny thryn in rag mas dreys, sperne lynas ha spethas. Agan frutys ny ew declaris in v chapter a S pawle then galathians. Nyn ses thyn naneyll feith, (govenek, charite, paciens, chastite, na tra vith arell ew da, mas theworth du oll ymons ow toys ha rekenna an virtues ma ew gylwys in scriptur an frutys an spuris sans ha not an frutys a vabden. Raghenna gesow ny the venegas agan honyn the thu kepar dell ony in dede miserably wrytches, pehadoryan, ha gesow ny the repentya ha mekya

ha humblya agan honyn hartely ha crya mercy war thu, gesow ny oll the confessia gans ganow ha gans colan fatell ony len a imperfeccion, gesow ny the aswon agan oberow agan honyn fatell engy vnperfect ha nena ny aseffect in agan consceyt agan honyn. Rag surely vnperfect one ny in agan oberow agan honyn. Rag nyn gesan ny ow cara Du mar ver dell one ny kylmys the cara, gans oll agan colonow, agan mynde ha power, ny gesan ny ow dowtya du mar ver dell gottha thyn, ny gesan ny ow pesy the thu mar perfect dell vea res thyn, ny gesan ny ow ry, ow gava, ow cresy, ow cara, ow trystya mar perfect doll vea res thyn , ny gesan ny ow cowse, ow predery, ow kull mar perfect dell vea res thyn, ny gesan ow omloth warbyn agan iii yskar, an bys, an kyge, han teball ell, mar perfect dell vea res thyn, na esow ny the vos methek the confessia an stat agan vnperfectnes. Ha na esow ny the vos methek the confessia na gony mar perfect dell vea res thyn in oll agen oberow, na esow ny the vos methek the confessia agan foly ha leverell kepar dell rug pedyr (me ew pehadure). Gesow ny the leverell kepar dell rug an profet david. Ny a rug peha kepar hagan hendasow, ny a rug an pith na go da na mytt ragan the wull, ny a pehas in drockoleth, Gesow ny oll the wull agan confession kepar dell rug an flogh prodigall leverall thy das pan o spendys oll y substans ( me a behas warbyn gwlas neff ha warthebyn ge, ow thas), ha rag henna me nynsoff worthy the vos gylwys theth vab. Gesow ny oll the leverall kepar del rug an profet baruch. A arluth agan Du ny, thynny y thew

worthy the vos accomptys shame ha confucion, ha theso ge arluth gwryoneth. Ny a rug peha, ny arug an pith na go ragan leafull, ny a ledyas agan bewnans in pehosow, contrary the reason ha gwryoneth. Gesow ny oll the leverall kepar dell rug an profet Danyell. Arluth theso ge yma ow pertaynya gwryoneth, ha thynny, arluth, yma ow pertaynya confusyon, ny a rug peha, ny a rug an pith nago vas, ny a rug theth offendia ge, arluth, ny a rug theth naha ge, arluth, ny a rug mos warthellar, arluth, theworth oll the preceptys hath commondementys hath iugementys. In delma ny a yll disky in scriptur the vos vvell ha myke warlerth an examplys a dus tha, ha the exaltia, glorifia, presia, ha honora Du vth pub tra. In delma why a clowas pandra ony a hanan agan honyn. ny ges daddar innan na in agan oberow ny ges gweras na salvacion. mas in contrary part, pehosow, dampnacion, ha mynnans heb deweth, ha henna mar teneny consyddra hag vnderstondia inta, ny a ra the well vnderstondia an mercy a thu, ha fatell vgy agan salvacion ow tos dre crist only, rag innan agan honyn, na drethan agan honyn ny geffyn travith vas, dretha may hallan bos delyuerys theworth an miserabill stat ha captiuite a veny ynna towlys dre agan mortall yskar an teball ell, dre transgression ha tyrry an commondementys a thu in agan kyn hyndas adam, dretha oll may theny defoylys. so ny oll drethan agan honyn ny gone abyll the glanhe agan honyn, rag ny ew dre nature

an flehas a thespleasure han wroth a thu. Rag ny ne gon abyll ahanan agan honyn the wull agan honyn an erryan a wlas neff. ny ew an devas vs ow mos in stray rag ny yllyn ny heb an grace han gweras a thew, dos arta then folde, mar vere ew agan drogkolleth. Innan agan honyn, ny yllyn ny lowenhe, rag a hanan agan honyn ny gon mas peghadorryan, rag an oberow esan ny ow kyll ew vnperfect ha vnpure, na yllans anetha aga honyn sevall therag an trone a thu kepar dell vgy an profet David ow leverel Arluth, na ra intra in Jugement gans the servant rag nyn sus den bew a vith keffys iust in the sight ge, arluth. The thu rag henna ny a res mos hay gemeras rag agan socure, pokene benytha ny nygefyn cresse, cosoleth ha powesva a consciens in agan colonow. Rag eff ew an tas a vercy ha du a cosoleth ha confort, eff ewe an arluth angefas plenty a redempcion. Eff ew an du a rug agan sawya ny dre y vercy. eff a thesqethas cherite ha kerensa bras thyn ny, pan ruga mar kerengyek agan sawya pan enny kyllys. ynweth eff a provyas ragan ny gwlas heb deweth oll an royow ma ew res thynny dre y vercy eff frely ha rag kerensa agan saviour Jhesus crist, neb o an pure one a thu heb defullya, eff ew an mabna kerengeak, rag y gerensa eff Du en tas ew lene pacifies, satisfies ha greis contentys gans mab den, eff ew an one a thew neb a gemeras the ves

an pehosow an bys anotheff y thyll bos cowgys gwyre fatell rug eff gull pub tra oll in ta, hag in y ganow eff ny ve bythqueth kyffys deceypt vith na gyll. Inweth eff a yll leverall, an prince an bys a theth, hag inno ve ny gafas travith. Inweth eff a yll leverall, pew vs a hanow why a yll ow reprovia (vel rebukia) ve rag pegh. Eff ew an vhell prownter han prounter heb deweth a rug offra y honyn the thu, pan ruga institutya an sacrament an aulter, hag vnwith rag oll in sacrament ay wosse suffrys (vel scollis) war an growspren, gans an oblacion na eff a rug perfect rag neffra neb o sanctyfyes. Eff ew an mean vs intra du ha den, neb a bes agan raunson the thu an tas gans y woose y honyn, ha gans an goos na eff agan golhas ny theworth pegh. Eff ew an phisicion han metheg a rug sawya oll agan deseyses. Eff ew an savyour a rug sawya an bobyll the worth aga pehosow, eff ew an fentan vs ow resak gans mercy ha grace, an pith eson ny oll ow receva hag in eff yma oll an treasure a skyans han gothfas a thu covys, hag in eff, ha dre tho eff, y thesan ny ow kafas oll pub dadder the worth du an tas vs ow pertaynya kyffrys then corffe ha then ena. Rag henna pesuell one ny kylmys the thu an tas rag y vercy hay grace thynny mar plenty dysquethys ha declarys in Crist Jhesu agan arluth ha redemer, pan grace a yllyn ny sufficiently ry thotheff. gesow ny oll gans vn accorde the ry thotheff agan voyses gans ioy pub vr presya ha magnifya

an kyth arluth ma a vercy, rag y kyndens thynny desquethis in y vnvab eff kerengeak Jhesu crist agan arluth ny. Gesow ny lymmyn the aswan agan honyn ha the thysky aswon agan gwannygeth heb bostya gan oberow da agan honyn hagan deserving. Gesow ny inweth the aswon an exceding mercy a thu thenny desquethis, ha gesow ny the vnderstondia ahanan agan honyn ny the mas drockolleth, ha dampnacion. In kepar maner the worth du yma tos thynny oll daddar ha salvacyon, kepar dell vgy du y honyn ow cowsse dre ganow y profet Ose: Why pobyll a israell yma an destruccion ahanowhy ow tos a hanow agys honyn. Sow innove only yma gweras confort ha succure. mar ten ny in delma submyttya agan honyn in sight a thu ny a yll bos sure, fatell ra eff in tyrmyn ay vicitacyon agan humbrag ny in ban then wlas vgy y vab Jhesus crist inhy tregys, neb ew agan arluth ny, thotheff, then tas, ha then
spuris sans re bo res oll honor ha
glory rag neffra. Amen.

Quod Johannes Tregear, clericus.
Johannes Harpesfi(l)de, sacre theologis professor, arch. Lond.

I fe deswethys thewgh, tus vas, kyns lymma in kynsa homely fetell ve agan hendasow ny, adam hag eve, dre an singular daddar han speciall favoure a thu golosek, creatis nobyll ha worthy creaturs hag in stat a perfect innocencye y fe inweth dysquethis thewgh, fatell russens dysobaya aga gwrear, aga creator henno an tas a neff, ha rag henna y a thros aga honyn hag oll lynyath mabden then stat a thampnacion. Henew the vnderstondia agan redempcion ny. Rag an vnderstonding a henna why a ra perfectly done in agys remembrans fatell ve an holl nature a then kyffrys in corffe hag in ena Defolys ha kyllys dre originall pegh. Rag an ena, an pith ew an chyff part a vabden, a gollas dretha an especiall royow a race, ha gans an royowna ena mabden o enduwyes in dalleth in y creacion inweth pelha agys henna ytho colynwis in royow a nature, henno remembrans, vnderstonding, blonogeth, gans moy royow erall an parna, han corffe an pith ew an gwanha part a ve dres then stat a mortalite dre an meanys a originall pehosow, dre henna maytho res thotha prys merwell, ha henna o dre pehosow agan hendasow ny. an corfe a ve gwrys gwan, ha drys dhe vos gustith the lyas kynda a cleves ha gwannegreth. Rag henna ny wothya du dre gwryoneth ha iustus, receva ,mabden arta thy favowre, ha then stat an bewnans heb deweth, pan ova in della defoylys kyffrys in corrfe hag in ena dre y fowt y honyn, mas eff a vo kynsoll gwrys pure ha glane, inweth nyn go mabden

abyll the weras y honyn in hemma, nago, na ell vith vse in neff. Rag henna du galosek, neb ew y vercy vgh oll y oberow, a gemeras pyteth an anken essa mabden ynna. eff appoyntias thean dalleth an bys y vn vab eff, an second person in dryngys, the vos savyowre an bys, ha the restoria mabden arta then stat a ras, the vos glane kyffrys in corffe hag in ena, ha henna dre an forth a Justyce, ha the wull lene amyndys, ha pe sufficiant raunsyn rag pehosow an very mab du an second person in dryngys according the blonogath y das, a gemeras warnotha an nature a then, henna eff a gemeras a dravith kepar han Jonyas then dugys hebdewathfa, ha then holl perfect nature a then, henna eff a gemeras a dravith kepar dell ruga gull neff ha nore a dravith. sow ny rug y wull a pry kepar dell ruga gull an corf a Adam, mas eff a gemeras an nature a then an very substans an wyrhes ker maria y vam, kepar dell rug Adam hag eva dry aga honyn hag oll myns a theth anethy dre pegh in stat a eternall dampnacion, In della crist a gemeras warnotha an kythsame nature na a rig speringia ha dos thea Adam hag eva they wyrhes ker maria, hag anethe hy kemeras dynsys ha Joynyas y honyn then dusys in vnite a person. Ha dre virnans gonso eff suffrys in y gorffe, eff a rug oll an rena keverennak ganso eff in lowendar, myns a vynna inioya an meritys ay pascion. Rag henna y thewa poynt bras a error, the supposya na rug crist kemeras y gyge mes a gyge an wyrhes maria y vam. fatell ra y vernans provaylya ha gul da thymmo ve ha the oll an cristonyon ha na vo eff an kythsame nature na ony anotha.

ha rekenna yma Sent powle in second Chapter thyn hebrues ow leverell. QUI SANCTIFICAT, ET QUI SANCTIFICANTUR, EX VNO OMNES, hemma ew the styrrya, neb a rug benega, han rena neb ew benegys, y thens oll onyn. Yma Sent powl ow cowse pelha, DEBUIT PER OMNIA FRATRIBUS ASSIMULARE, VT MISERICORS FIERET, ET FIDELIS PONTIFEX, AD DEUM VT REPROPICIARET DELICTA POPULI. Henna ew, crist a res in pub poynt oll bos havall thy bredereth, may halla eff bos lene a vercy the procuria mercy rag pehosow an bobyll, mar ny rug crist kemeras kygg an wyrhes maria fatell ew an promes ny colynwys, a rug du promysya wosa an towle agan hyndasow adam hag lynnyath eva pan rug an tas aga dryvya in mes a paradice. An tyrmyn na eff a leverys thyn serpent kepar dell ew scriffis in tryssa chapter a genses. My a vyn settya envy intre te ha haes an venyn hag eff a putt then dore theth pen in dan y dros. mere ha lene a vercy ew du the vabden. Eff a promysyas fatell vetha onyn genys mes an stok han has a Eva, a re overcommya agan agan eskar ny an teball ell. lymmyn eff an gylwis an stok han has an venyn. Rag henna playnly yma eff ow dysquethas plenly fatell res thotheff cafus an kyth same nature na essa then venyn. Arta yma du ow kull an second promys gans an venyn an kythsame hasse na the thos thean stok a Abraham an patriark. Eff a leuerys the Abraham kepar dellew recordys in xxii a geneses. In the haes thege oll an nacions an bys a veth benegys ha lowr cans

Ea, lowar c. blethan a wosa henna Eff a promysyas the viterne Dauid fatell re haes inweth dos anotheff, oll an promysyow ma a thu nynso the vos ny vea colynwys in crist, nessa eff the gemeras dynsys han substans aye gyge in wyrhes maria y vam. Saw an dra ma ew strayng the ran an bobyll, dre reson du the wortas mar bell heb colynwel an promyses. eff a ve an space a iiii myll blethan bo moy. The henna me a re thewgh gurryb. An here gurtas a crist the rag eff the thos the gemeras carnacion an wyrhes maria nynso a wos lak blonogath da a thu the vab den, mas y thova lake ha fowt disposicion da ynnan ny the receva. Rag mar teffa crist ha dos in dallath an bys whare whosa mabden the beha ha the vos kyllys, tus a russa supposia mar teffa du aga suffra aga naturall the vsya aga naturall powers y a vynsa optaynya salvacion in ta lovr heb gweras vith arell in party du. So y thew pleyn the vos attendys fatell esa ethom the vabden the gafus specially succure ha gweras the worth du, rag optaynya eternall salvacion han bewnans heb deweth. Raghenna the gemeras oll excuses an parna the ves, ha may teffan pleynly vnderstondia a wosa ny vnwith the skynnya in pegh. An golow a nature ynnan ny, na an gothvas han vnderstonding a vlonogath du der speciall dyswythyans innan ny, nyn so abyll thegan gweras ny, du a suffras mabden the trafla, An kynsa dre an golow a nature, Secondly dre an lawes a moyses, ha whath mabden y thesa ow mois pelha ha pelha in dampnacion dre henna

yma ow apperya, kynthew an gothvas an gwryoneth necessary the attaynya an bewnans heb deweth, whatth gothfas ha vnderstonding an parna, kenfova vith mar vras gothfas, mar peth in den bo benyn corruptys gans pehosow y thew re wan rag y purgya the worth pegh. Rag purgacion theworth pegh a thee dre neb menes eral pella ys an gothfas an gwyre, ha rag henna yma S pawle in kynsa chapter thyn romans, ow affirmya playn fatell wothya an bobyl mer an gwrythyans a thu. So whath awos oll aga gothfas ha vnderstonding, y a gotha in abomynabill ydolatri. An gyrryow a S poull ew in delma, maga ver dell yll bos gothvethis gans du, ew openly gothvethis ha gwelys ynans y, henew the leverall in rena a vewas in law a nature, heno thea Adam bys in tyrmyn moyses. Rag y fe gwelys gans an bobyll in tyrmyn na tacklennow invisibly, han eternall power a thu, ha vnderstondys dre an oberow an creacion an bys, rag henna y thesans y heb excusse, dre reson pan wothyans aswon du, ny rens y honora, na y gorthya kepar ha du, na ny rens grasse thotha rag y royow hay thaddar, mas lene ens y a vanyte in aga ymaginacions, kepar han golow, ea han gothfas esa then bobyll dre an la a nature nynso in power thega gwetha mes a pegh indella an la a moyses desquethis the worth du y honyn dre speciall revelacion nynso sufficient

the ryddia mabden a begh kepar dell vgy S paul thyn romans ow kull mencion. Kemmar wyth te ew Jew hag y thesas ow crowetha in la, hag y thesas ow glorifia in du, ha te a wore y blonogath hay plesure, hag y thos dyskys in la, hag y thesos ow allowa an pith ew da, ha y thesas ow tristya fatell ota gydyar then re ew dall ha golow then re vs in tewolgow, ha dyskar then re nagew fure, ha meister then Sempill ha ignorant, ha te a wore dre an la an forme a sciens ha gwryoneth, So whath te neb vgy ow dysky re erall ny gesas ow dysky the honyn, te neb vgy ow progath warbyn avovter y thos advovtrar the honyn, te neb vgy ow defya ydols y thesas ow robbya sans egglos, te neb vgy ow reiosya in la, dre transgression an la y thesas ow dyhonora du rag an hanow a thu dretho why ew mockys gonsa in myske an Jentyls. Hemma ew evident dre an gyrryow a sent powle, no naneyll dre an commine la a nature, na dre special gothfas an la a moyses, nynso mabden abyll the avoydya eternal damnacion, mas a rese thotha kafus ken gweras, henna ew amendys the vos gwrys rag y pehosow, ha dre henna the vos kemerys arta thyn favor a thu ha the gafus abundans a gras res thotha, dre an grace na eff a gotha thetha bos the well establysses in gothfas a wryoneth ha the wandra in gwryoneth rag an

amyndes ma the vos gwrys, an second person in dryngys du o ymmortall, effa ve den mortall, hag y tho gwrys in pub part kepar hag onyn ahanan ny, sow pegh only theworth eff exceptys, hag eff a rug kylmy the thugys an corfe han ena a then, in vnite a person in strang forth ha maner an parna, kepar hag innan ny an corfe a vn nature, han ena a nature arell, y mowns whath ow kvll vn person only, in della in crist an nature a thu, han holl perfect nature a then, whath ny gesans ow kull mas vn person. An kyth vnion ma an dusys incomprehensibily han densys in crist yma S Johan ow cowse in kynsa chapter. VERBUM CARO FACTUM EST, ET HABITAUIT IN NOBIS, An gere, henew an mab a thu, a ve gwrys kyge, henno den, ha eff a drygas in agan mysk ny. eff a drygas omma in nore, kepar dell vgy scriptur ow kull mencion adro then tyrmyn han oys a xxxiii-ans a vlethynnyow. ha pan ruga colynwell pub tra according then scriptu han prophetes, an pith a resa bos colynwys anotheff the rag y pascion, nena eff a suffras myrnans colonnek, henno myrnans in crowsse, dre paynys an parna gans cammensyth procurijs warbyn dre an teball ell rag raunsona mabden hay thelver thea ponow ha thea captiuite gwythys gans an teball ell dre Justys

ha rag may halla an raunson ma bois perfect, eff a suffras lyas kynde ha sorte a kammynsoth ha paynys intollerabill ha turmontys yn y pur ha innocent corffe, eff a ve cuffeys gans dornow, kylmys gans lovonow, scurgys, ha plattys war y ben curyn a sperne, eff a ve kyntrewys thyn crowsse gans kyntrow, spykys bras a horne dre an treys ha dewleff, gwenys dre an assow then golon gans spera, hay woys precyous a ve scollys. an pascion ma agan savyour Jhesu crist ew myrryr ha gwedyr ragan ny the veras warnotha, dretha my may hillyn gwelas ha percevya fatell esa the crist mer a garensa worthan ny pan ruga suffra kymmys paynys ragan ny. Ha suffra mernans. Hemma ew sufficiant cawse ha occacion thenny the hatya ha casa an teball ell, ea, ha pehosow inweth magata. Rag theworth an daynger an teball ell ha pegh ny wothya mabden bos ryddys ha delyuerys mas dre an cruell ha paynfull mernans a vab du, hen ew Jhesu Crist, an second person in dringys. pan a dra a ren ny gwettyas theworth du a lymma rag mar teny ha peha hay ankevy eff, forsoth, travith mas sore, anger, han vingians a thu, dre reson eff thegan dyluer ny vnwyth the worth pegh dre y vercy hay thaddar thynny desquethis in y virnans. rag crist a suffras y virnans ragan ny colonnek rag agan pegh ny, rag eff y honyn ny rug dyrfyn an myrnans nan payne na, a ruga suffra, rag eff bythqueth ny pehas.

So whath y pascion kyn thewa anotha y honyn sufficiant raunson, rag pehosow oll an bys, whath ny gugy ow kemeras tyller ha place in pub den oll, na sufficient anotha y honyn, mas rag defout in rena a vea res thetha receva an meritys a pascion crist worthely ha condignely. Rag why a res gothfas hemma, fatell rug du requiria innan ny certan taclennow the vos colynwys keffrys dre lell blonogeth ha conscent ha heb an rena ny ne yllyn bos sawys, byth voye a vell na rella crist suffra ragan, pan dra ew an keth taclennow na, eff a vith awosa hemma desquethis thewgh dre weras a thu. Rag henna gwregh drehevall in ban agas colonow, hag egerogh y a leis, the receva abervath inna kerensa bras the thu, neb a rug mar notably agan creatya ny, ha pan russyn ny dre agan defout agan honyn cothe in stat a anken heb deweth hag in stat a miseri, eff a rug agan redemya dre y an pascion han myrnans ay vnvab eff Jhesu crist agan savyour ny. Remymbrow fatell rug pegh agan dry ny in kynsa thea an favour a thu, ha rag kemeras pegh the ves the worthan mab du a ve incarnatys, hag eff a suffras an moyha ankyn, myrnans war an growsse, a yll bos prederis. Rag henna, tus vas, gwregh awosa hemma avoydya pub kynd a pehosow, ha gwregh incessantly omlath warbyn agys yskar an teball ell, neb ew overcummys dre Jhesu crist, nyn sew eff lymmyn abyll thegan ouercommya ny, mar mynnyn ny sevall erybyn valiantly in feith a crist. henn regrantya thynny an power an tas, an mab, han Spuris sans, thethans y re bo oll honor ha glory bys vyckan, an della re bo. Amen.
Qd. Johannes Tregear clericus
Johannes Harpesfilde. Archi. Lond.

Kynthew an mernans han pascion agan saviour Jhesu crist in valew sufficient raunson rag an pehosow a oll an bys, whath in effect nynsugy ow kemeras place (vel effect) in oll an bys. Rag ny yll an turkys, an Jewys, an Infideles, neb nan Jevas perfect crygyans, cafus dadder na benefit in myrnans na in pascion a crist. yma an an scriptur ow affirmya in xvi chapter a mark, fatell vith an rena lell cryge dampnys. Inweth teball vewnans a thora dampnacion thyn rena vgy ow teball vewa. Ken fe aga crygyans mar tha. Ima S paul ow recordia in v chapter then galathians, Walkyow ha gwandrow warlyrth an spuris, So na rewgh colynwall lustys an kyge, Rag an kyge a ra whanse contrary then spuris han spuris contrary thyn kyge. An rema ew contrary an neyll thy gela, in della na rellow gull an pith a vynnow. So mar sowhy ledys dre an spuris, nenna nyn segow why in dan an la, an oberow an kyge ew manifest an rema ens y avowtry, fornicacion, mustethas, wantones, Idolatri, wichecrafte, hatrid, variance, contencion, Sorre, stryf sedicion, sectes, envy, murdyr, methewnep, glotny ha re an parma, anetha me a leverys thewgh therag dorne in tyrmyn passys, kepar dell ruga lymyn, oll an rena a rella commyttya tra an parma, ny rowng enioya gwlas neff. In dell ma why a yll lymmyn percevya, rag enioya an myrnans han pascion a crist, an kythsam ii poynt ma ew the vos requyrys in agan part ny, an neyll ew the lell cregy,

han gela the vewa compys ha in lyndury, han kythsam ii poynt ma nynses den vith abill the wothfas mas dre speciall revelacion theworth du bo dre an catholik feyth only a sans eglos, han catholik eglos agan Savyour crist a rug y apoyntya rag bos an scool only the bup den the thos he the the [sic] reperya thethy ha the thysky gwryoneth, skyans ha reason, an parna a vo myt rag mabden the wothfas rag may hallans dretha attaynya an bewnans heb deweth ha eternall salvacion. Han kythsam catholyk eglos ma an gevas an lell vnderstonding an scriptur only, ha not company vith arell mas an catholyk eglos, an Jevas an gothfas a pub tra oll necessary rag salvacion, ha then kythsam eglos ma crist a rug promys in xvi chapter a Johan, pan deffa an spuris na a wryoneth, eff a thiske theugh oll gwryoneth. Thyn kythsam eglos ma eff a rug an promys arall, scriffis in xxviii chapter a mathew, lo ethesoff ve genowgh why bys vickan, an kythsam catholyk eglos ma, in delma governys dre an spuris sans, ha gweresys pub vr gans crist y honyn, bythqueth whath ny fyllys thea tyrmyn an appostelath bys in dith hethew, na ny ra fyllell, bys vickan dell thurrya an bys, na ny yll bos decevys in maner vith a forth dre gwryoneth necessary kepar dell rug crist promysya in xvi chapter a mathew. ny ra an yettys a yffarne prevayllya warbyn an egglos,

dre an yeattys a effarne, yma eff ow menya error avell pan lavarra eff, an egglos catholyk neffra ny vith ouercommys gans error. Rag an kythsame cawse ma yma S paul in iii chapter the Tymothe ow kylwall an egglos catholyk (an pyllar han grownd a wryoneth). An kythsame catholyk egglos ma a res bos guthvethis in pub ois oll a vabden. Hag in myske company an parna may halla an gwyr bos pregowthis ha gothvethis openly, bo ken crist ny vensa leverell, kepar dell ew scriffys in v. chapter a mathew. Cyte a ve settys bo byldys war meneth, ny yll bois coveys, na ny yll kantyll bos annowys ha gorys in dan busshell, mas war coltrebyn bo chandeler, ha nena hy a ra gull golow the kymmys a vo in chy. Rag henna yma oll an rena vgy ow leverall y bos an catholyk egglos, egglos vnwothfos, ymowns ow kull inivri ha cam the crist. Dre reson y bos an egglos An cyta vgy agan savyour ena ow menya, han gantyll ow ena cowsys anethy, mar lyas del ra devydya aga honyn theworth an kysam egglos ma openly gothvethis the vas an egglos a crist, ha refusya an dyscans an kythsam egglos ma, kyn fowns y vith mar diligens ow redya an scrypture, awos oll a henna, whath ny rowns y inta vnderstondia an scripture lell, mas pub vr resak pelha ha pelha in error hag in ignorans, kepar ha den a vo gyllys mes ay forth in sowthan the belha ha the weusa a vova ow mois in rag, the voy yma ow kylly y lavure, rag henna yma pedyr in Kynsa chapter in second pistyll ow ry thyn ny certayn ha sure rulle, ha mar ten ny y folya ha sewya, ny ren fyllall the vnderstondia an scriptur

am scripture lell, han rulle ew holma, y myth pedyr yma thyn an lell gyrryow an prophesy, ha the rena mar ten ha kemeras with inta, kepar ha the wolow a rella shynya in tyllar tewlle, why a ra da bys may teffa an Jeth hag egery, han vurluan agery in agys colonow. In della may wothow hemma, nynsus prophesy vith in scriptur an gevas interpretacion prevath. Rag an scriptur ny theth bethqueth dre an blonogeth a then, mas tus benegas a gowses kepar dell ens y moviis dre an spuris sans. Omma whya well fatel rug pedyr exortya pub den oll, kynsa the wothfes fatell res thyn scripture bos vnderstondyys warlerth an generall menyng a egglos crist, So not warlerth an priveth interpretacion a then vith severall, na company, hag in iii-a chapter in kythsam pistyll ma, yma pedyr ow leverall pelha fatell vs in pystlys a S paule lyas tra calys the vos vnderstondiis, han re ew vnstabyll. Ha neb nan Jevas dyscans a ra trelya an dra, kepar dell rongy the oll scripturs erall, thega destruccion aga honyn. Rag henna ow cothmans, dre reson y bosow gwarnys theragdorne, bethow ware rag dowt why gans tus erall the vos tynnys dre error gans an wyckyd han drog pobyllha nena cotha theworth agys stedfastnes agys honyn, henew theworth agas cregyans. merow lymmyn omma yma an apostyll pedyr ow leverall omma an very cawsse praga vgy tus ow camvnderstondia scripture. Henna ew rag lak ha fowt gothvas hag vnderstonding, ha lak a constancye,

pan rella tus swarvia theworth an catholyk feith ha folya interpretacion prevath, dre ignorans hag inconstancie, yma tus an parna ow trelya an scriptures thega destruccion aga honyn, yma ynweth S paull ow scriffa the timothe hay exortya eff ernyssly in study an scriptur haw ry thotheff gans oll an rema an rulle the rag leverys, ow leverall, war an diweth in y pistill. O thimothye, gwyth sure an dra vs commyttys thith custodi hath gwith, ha gwra avoydya talys nowith ha fanglys termys, ha bostow a sciens fals, han sciens na, del vo ran ow professia, y a ra errya the worth an feith. An pith a rug S paul omma cowse a ve commyttys thyn gwyth a Tymotheus, heno an gwryoneth an catholyk feith a rug eff cowse anotha, ran a gothas the worta, dre reason a termes ha talys nowith faynes, ha dre reason inweth y the gemeras warnetha an gothfos, an pith o in ded igorant, ha in y tressa chapter the Thimothe in second pistill yma eff ow cowsse in delma, Gwra ge contynewa in pith a rusta dysky, han pyth a ve commyttis this. S Ireneus martyr benegas in weth, very ogas eff a ve then tyrmyn an abosteleth, den a dyscans bras, hag a virtu, inweth y tho eff den an parna may thesa thotha an perfect gothfas ha vnderstonding an scripture, in iii-a lyffer warbyn Valentyne an arche Eretyke, hag in iii-a chapter an kythsam lyuer na yma eff ow cowsse haw tochia thyn catholyk egglos in kythsam maner ma. Ny dall thynny whelas an gwreoneth in myske re erell,

in cas may hyllyn ny eyssely y gemeras theworth re erell an egglos, in marvere dell rug an appostlis y gasa a thellar kepar ha dell vova tresure riche a oll gwryoneth rag neb a vynna, a yll eva ha kemeras an dewas a vewnans the worth an egglos, rag hemma ew an entring thyn bewnans heb deweth, oll an re erell ew robbers ha laddron, raghenna an rena ny a res avoydya, han discans vgy an egglos ow dysky ny a res thyn y gara, hay folya ha gans diligens gwetha an discans a sans egglos. fattla mar teffa ha contradicion ha varians chansya the vos drehevys war questyon bean (?) ny gotha then nena in case an parna kafus recoursse then moyha auncient egglos, neb a ve an abosteleth a crist conuersaunt, hag ena dysky an gwryoneth in controuersi an parna (?) Whath pella, fatell vea ha na rella an appostles gasa scryffa vith a thillar thethe (?) ny a vea res thyn nena sewya an order in tradicions, delyuerys drethens y then re a rellan y commyttya an ordyr an egglos thetha, then tradicions na lyas barbarus nacion, ow crege in crist, a ra ry chr crygyans heb screffa vith arell na scriptur mas an pith vs scriffis in aga colonow. oll an gyrryow ma y ma Ireneus ow scriffa, Hag inweth yma eff ow leverell. Mar teffa den vith ha pregoth thyn kythsame barbarus nacions ma in aga eyth y aga honyn, an vencions ma a heritickys in by an by y a vynsa stoppya aga scovurnow, hay avoydya

maga pell dell allans, ha not vnwith golsowas y blasphemus talkys. In delma yma S Yreneus ow leverall lymmyn mar men an cristonnyan in kythsam present termyn ma folya ha sewya an kythsam trade ma vgy an martir benegas ma ow cowsse anotha omma, nena ny russa den vith resak in heresy, mas pub den a russa glena, sengy ha sewya an catholyk egglos, hag ab(h)orrya ha naha penagull dra a vo pregowthis thetha in contray [sic] the hemma, Rag penagull a rella pregoth discans vith a vo conrary the thiskans an abostoleth han catholik egglos generall recevis in sans egglos, y thew havall the henna vsy agan Savyour ow leverall thyn bos ware anotha in vii chapter a mathew. Bethow ware a fals prophettys, rag ya a thethewgh in dillas devas, So y thyns y in golan ramping blythes, settys rag devorya. yma agan Savyoure worth aga gylwall y blythes, rag y ara devourya enevow an rena kymmys inna a crissa. yma agan Savyoure ow cowse pella anethy, fatell rons y dos in crehyn devas, dre reson y bosans y ow pretendya an gyrryow a thu ha gans henna ow dalhe lagasow an bobyll neb ew sempill. hag y ara thetha cresy fatell ew kepar dell vsans y ow cowse, ha penagull a ve diskys then bobyll contrari the henna y bosa fals, han pith vsy oll cristoneth

openly ow disky, hag a rug dysky a dyrmyn the dyrmyn, ha na ylla possibly bos gwyre, mas ny a lauarra na gew crist lell y honyn. Rag crist a promysyas fatell vynna eff bos gans y egglos rag neffra, ha fatell ra an spuris sans rag neffra geverna an egglos catholyk. Lymmyn, tus vas, why a well na ges nahene scooll omma in in bys thyn bobyll the thisky aga duty the thu ha then bys, mas an catholyk egglos a crist, na dyscans vith arell ara avaylya then bewnans eternall, mas an pith vsy an catholyk egglos ow disky. Rag henna pub cristian ew requryis the wull Solem ro in aga begoth the cresy yn y vam egglos catholyk. Han rena a rella in della y mowns in sure in forth a salvacion, mar teva ha folya henna in y conuersacion. So in contrary part, neb na grise hemma Ima certainly in stat a dampnacion perpetually. Rag henna may hallogh why gothvas in pub poynt oll pan dra vsy an catholyk egglos ow menya haw cresy, Eff a vith particularly disquethis ha settys in mes theugh wosa hemma, an severall maters the vos cryses ha practisis gans pub cristyan da oll, nan geffo den vith wosa hemma Just cawse rag pretendia igorans, mas pub den a vo sufficient instructys ha diskys a yll, dre folya an dyscans na, dos thin bewnans heb deweth. henna re thenvonna thynny oll an dringys tas benegas,
an map, han spurissans,
thetha rebo
in gwlas neff heb deweth
amen. Quod J.T.
Johannes Harpesfilde
Arch. London.

In marvere dell vgy an pith han Sum a pub tra oll, myns ew contentys in la a thu han prophetys ow concistia haw sevall in carenga the thu, ha in carenga thith kyscristian, kepar dell vgy agan savyoure pleynly ow testifia in xxii a S Mathe ow leverell in delma. Onyn an pharasys o docture an law a n temptias crist, hag a leverys in delma. Maister, panadra ew an brassa commondment in la (?) Jhesus angorrybys hag a leverys thotha, in delma. Te ara cara the arluth Du, gans oll the golan, gans oll the ena, gans oll the holle mynde. Hemew, y myth crist, an brassa han kynsa commondement, han second ew havall the hemma. Te ara cara theth kyscristyan kepar ha te the honyn. Hag in nese an ii commondment ma yma oll an la han prophetys ow hangya. In marvere inweth dell na yllyn ny cara du inta, mas ny a carra agan kyscristyan, na in dew order cara agan kyscristian inta mas ny a garra du. In kythsam dew order ma, an pith a goth thyn gull. yma S Johan an evangelest in della ow testifia, ha ow declaria in iii-a ha in iiii-a chapters ay kynsa canonycall epistill. Ha finally, neb na garra y gyscristian warlyrth an kyth sort ma ew Judgys the vos in myrnans dre an wytnys ma a S Johan in kythsam chapter na. Rag y thewa very expedient ha necessary the gafus pup vr oll an kythsam kerensa ma, An pith ew meno,

ea lymmyn ha pub vr, in agan eyth ny, hag im agan comyn talke, gylwys charite, ha dre gwryoneth, mar mynnyn ny Judgia compis, hag inta, ny a gottha thyn leverall a vgh pub tra oll ew da the vos dyskys thyn cristonnyon nynses tra vith moy necessary the vos gylwys warnotha ha kowsys anotha dayly moy ys charite, rag pub ober a wryoneth ew contaynys in charite, hag inweth an decay a cherite ew an destruction an bys, han banyshement a virtu. han cawse a oll vicis, in marver ogasty may thusy pub den ow framya thotha y honyn charite, Warlerth y vyndhay appetyd y honyn, kyn fo y vewnans vith mar detestabyll the thu ha the then, whath eff a ra supposia innay honyn y bos gonsa charite. Rag henna me ara desquethis thewgh lell ha pleyn descripcion a charite, not an ymaginacion a then, mas an very gyrryow ha exampill agan Savioure Jhesu crist. In kythsam descripcion na, pub den kepar ha in gwedyr a yll consydra ha gwelas y honyn planly, heb errar vith, mar suga in lell charite bo ny gusy. Charite ew the gara du gans oll agan colan, gans oll agan bewnans, gans oll agan gallus, ha gans oll agan nerth. Gans oll agan colan, henew the leverell may fe agan colonow, mynde, ha study settys the cresy ger du the tristia in eff, ha thy gara eff vgh pub tra vith arell a rellan ny cara in neff bo in nore, Gans oll agan bewnans henew the

leverell, may fo agan chiff ioye, ha delite settys in du, hag in y honor, hagan hooll bewnans res thy servia eff a vght pub tra, gansa eff the vewa, ha gansa eff the verwall, Ea, ha the forsakya pub tra oll in bys rag kere-ensa du. Rag y ma crist y honyn ow leverell in awayll. Neb a garra y das po y vam, y vab po y virth, chy, trevyn po tyrryow, moy agesa ve, y myth crist, nynsew worthy the vos dissipill na seruant thym. Gans agan gallus ha power, henew the venya gans agan dewleff ha treys, gans agan lagasow ha scovornow, gans agan ganowow ha tavosow, ha gans an partys erell kyffrys abarth corfe hag ena, ny a gottha thyn omry agan honyn the wetha ha the colynwall y commondment eff. Hemma ew an kynsa ha princypall part a charite. So nynsew an holl, Rag charite ew inweth the gara pub den oll dha ha bad, cothman hag yskar. Ha penagull a cause an geffa den in contrary, whath bette thewetha the thon blonogath da ha colonnek the pub den, ha the vsya agan oberow erell warves. Rag in della crist y honyn a theskas, hag eff an perfumyas in della in ded, Han kythsam kerensa na a gottha thyn ny kafus in agan myske agan honyn peb oll the gela, yma crist war agan disky ny in delma. mathe v. why an clowes dyskys an tyrmyn reseth, te ara cara the cothman ha casa

theth hyskar, So me a levar theugh gwregh cara agys yskerens, cowsow da an rena neb ara agys defamia hagys bacbytya ha cowse drog a hanowgh why, gwregh da thyn rena vgy worth agys casa, pesough rag an rena esy worth agys vexia hagys persecutia, may hallow why bos flehes agys tas vsy in neff. Rag eff a ra then howle drehevell ha shynya kyffrys war an da han drog, haga thynvyn glaw war an Just ha war an vniust. Rag mar tewgh why ha cara an re vsy worth agys cara why, pana rewarde a vethow why (?) Nensugy an publicans ow kyll in della (?) mar tewgh why ha cowse da only an rena neb ew agys brederath ha cothmans, pan a vattar bras ew henna (?) ny gesy an Jewys ow kull in della inweth (?) An rema ew an very gyrryow agan savyoure ow tochia an kerensa agan kyscristian, hag in marver dell rug an phariseys gans aga pestilens tradicions, fals tradicions ha interpretacions ha gloses y a rug y a rug (sic) corruptia hag ogasty a stoppyas in ban an pure blonogath, an lyvely fyntan a vewnans, ow tysky fatell ra an kerensa han cherite ma ow pertaynya the cothman den, ha fatell ova sufficient rag den the cara y gothman, han re a rella y gara eff, ha the casa y yskar. Rag henna crist a rug agery an fentan ma arta has purgias has scurryas, ow ry cler interpretacion thy la eff a cherite, henna ew hemma, fatell gotha thynny pub den cara y gilla cothman ha yskar,

ow addia the henna pan a commodite a vethyn ny dretha, ha pan a displesure rag gull contrary, pan a dra a wothyn ny vny mar tha ragan, ys an tas a neff thegan reputya hagan kemeras ny rag y flehes (?) ha henna ny a vith sure anotha, y myth crist, mar ten ny ha cara pub den heb exception. So mar ten ha gull ken, y myth crist, ny gesan ow kull bithwell agys an pharises, publicans, han hethens, ha ny an Jevith agan reward gansans y, hennew the vos excludys ha debertis the worth an number an elect, pobill dewysys, ha deberthis the worth an wlascur a neff heb dewethfa. In delma an lell charite crist an discas may teffa pub den ha benyn cara du drys pub tra, ha cara peb y gyla, kyffris cothman hag yskar. Hag in delma eff a vsyas y honyn, ow exortya y yskerens, ha ow rebukya aga fautes, ha pan na wothia eff aga amyndya, whath eff a pegis the das a neff ragtha. In kynsoll eff a gara du y das vgh pub tra, in marver na rug eff whelas y glory y honyn na y blonogath, mas an glory han blonogath ay das a neff. John .v. Ny whelaff ve, y myth crist, ow blonogath ow honyn, mas an blonogeth a henna neb a rug ow denvon, na ny rug eff refusia the verwell rag colenwall blonogath y das. mathe .xxvi. Mar kylla bos possibly, gas an haneth ma a virnans the vos the wortha ve, ha mar na yl bos nahene, the blonogath ge re bo gwris, ha not ow both ve. Ny rug crist cara y cothmans only, mas inweth y yskerens, neb a rug inded done in

aga colonow mer a envy bras ha hatred erybyn eff, hag in aga thavosow a gowsis mer a throg anotho eff, hag in aga actys ha dedys y a rug y pursuya gans oll aga nerth haga power then myrnans. Whath a woos oll hemma ny rug eff omdenna y favore the wortans y, mas pub vr eff as cara y, eff a pregowtha thetha y, dre kerensa eff a rug rebukya aga theball bewnans, eff a rug oll an da a ylly thethans y ha ragthans y, effa rug acceptya paciently pub tra a ve kosys kowsys thotha eff, haga russens gull er y byn eff, pan rens y ry thotheff teball gyrryow, eff ny ve aga theball gortheby, ha pan russens y gwyskell, eff ny rug aga gwyskall y arta. Ha pan ruga suffra myrnans, ny rug eff aga latha y, naga theball henwall, mas eff a pesys ragthans, haga rug referrya oll pub tra the blonogath y das a neff, ha kepar ha lone davas ledys the vos lethis, ha kepar hag one ledys then folde the vos knevys y knew the veis, ny re sone vith, na resistens. In della eff a eth thy virnans heb gull travith eragafyn, na egery y ganow ganow the cows ger vith a throckoleth. In delma me a rug dysquethas thewgh pan dra ew charite, maga ta dre an discans a crist vell dre an examples a crist y honyn, May thill pub den heb error aswon y honyn, pan a stat ha condicion vsa ynna ow sevall, ha mar suga in charite, ha mar sewa flogh the das vs in neff, omma eff a yll percevia, whath kynthusy pub den ow contya y honyn y bosa in charite na rens

whath na rens ef examnya den vith arell, mas y golan y honyn, y vewnans, y conversacion, ha ny vith eff deceyvys, mas eff a ra lell iugia ha descernya mar suga in perfect charite, rag oll an rena na rella sewya aga blonogath aga honyn, mas omry aga honyn the ernystly the thu, the wull oll y blonogath hay commondementys, eff a yll bos sure, fatell vsa ow cara du drys pub tra, po ken sure ny susy eff ow cara du, penagull tra a rella eff pretendia, kepar dell vsy crist ow leverell. Mar sesow worth ow cara ve, gwethogh ow commondementys. Rag neb a wore ow commodmentys, haga rella aga gwetha, henna ew, y myth crist, neb vgy worth ow cara ve. hag arta, y myth crist, neb vsy ow cara ve, a vyn gwetha ow gyrryow, haw thas a neff a ra y cara eff, haw thas ha me kyffris a ra dos ha tryga gonsa, ha henna neb nam carr a ve ny vyn gwetha ow gyrryow. In kepar maner neb a rella don colan tha ha mynde, hag vsya inta y tavas, hay oberow the bub den, cothman hag yskar, eff a yll gothfas dre henna, fatell vs thotha cherite, ha nena eff ew sure inweth, fatell ra du y gemeras rag y flogh kepar dell vsy Sent Johan ow leverell, in y trissa chapter in kynsa pistill. Dre helma y thew aswonys an flehis a thu, theworth flehis an teball ell. Rag penagull ew henna na garra y brother, nynsew henna flogh du mas ef a garra y yskar magata. So an perverse nature a then, corruptys gans pegh ha destitud a gere Du ha grace, ow supposia fatell ewa warbyn reason, bos res the vabden cara y yskar, warbyn oll an kithsam reasons

ma ny a res thyn kemeras wyth, magata thyn dyscans a crist han bewnans, neb agan cara ny pan enny y yskerans, y ma eff worth agan dysky ny the cara agan yskerans, eff a suffras ragan ny lyas rebuk, keffrys cronkys han moyha cruell myrnans ylly bos prederis. Rag henna nyn gone ny mymbers with anotho eff, mar ny renny y folya eff, kepar dell vgy pedyr ow leverall, Crist a suffras ragan ny, ha eff a assas ensampill thynny, may teffen hay folya eff pella ny a res thin consyddra, cara agan cothmans nyn sew mas kepar dell ra an laddron, advltrers, denlath, hag oll an drog pobill erell, inweth Jewys, turkys bo pobill discrysik ha bestas gwyls, ara cara an re ew aga cothmans ha dretha may thusans ow pewa. So the cara agan yskerens ew an proper condicion an rena neb ew an flehis a thu, an disciples han folowers a crist. So lyas tyrmyn an froward nature a then a ra lyas tyrmyn predery an offencys han displesure gwrys thotha dre y yskerans. eff ara supposia y bosa saw re bos ragtha the garta y yskerens. So an sawe a vea esey lowre mar pe consydres in pub party pan a displesure a rug eff receva the worth y yskare, ha mar na gefyn ny equall recompens vith, naneyll ow receva plesurs dhe worth agan yskar, na ow ryndra thotha displesurs arta, whath gesow ny the remembra pan a displesure a russyn ny gull warbyn du, pesqueth a russyn ny y offendya. Rag henna mar menyn ny cafus the worth du gyvyans, nynses ha hene remedy mas gava

an offencys gwrys thenny, An pith ew tra vean the vos gwrys in comparison agan offencys gwrys warbyn du. Ha mar ten ny ha consyddra henna neb a rug agan offendia ny ny gusy ow deservya the gafus gyvyans the worthan, Gesow ny the consydra fatell essan ew ny ow deservia le gyvyans theworth du. whath kyn na rella agan yskar deservya the gafus gyvyans rag y gerensa y honyn, ny a gothyn gava thotha rag kerensa du. Ha gwren ny consyddra pan a royow a russyn receva rag theworth du, heb ny thega dyrfyn, rag crist a rug deservya theworthan ny may teffan ha gava the bub den an trespas gwrys er aga pyn, rag y gerensa eff. Omma me a vyn govyn vn questyon the vos assoyles, mar te cherite requyria the predyry, the cowsse da, ha the wull da the bub den, da ha bad, fatell yll an rewlysy an wlas executia Justis war drog pobill gans charite (?) fatell ronns y tewlell drog pobill in prison, kemeras in kerth aga pith, ha treweythow aga bewnans, according then la an wlas, mar na rella charite sevall gansa, haga suffra in della the wull (?) The hemma yma gorrub pleyn the vos res. Nyn sew plagys ha punyshmentys, teball anetha aga honyn, mar pethans kemerys in forth tha gans Innocentys, ha the throg pobill y thyns kyffrys da ha necessary, hag y a yll bos executys according the charite, ha gans charite y a gotha bos executys. Rag an declaracion a hemma, why ara vnderstondia fatell vs the charite ii office, han neill ew contrary thy gela, han thew ew necessary the vos gwris ha the vos vssyys, war an re ew contrary in aga disposision an neill office

a charite ew the wull mere chesya an dus tha han dus innocent, ha na vons y oppressys gans fals accusacion, ma the ga ry thetha corag the wull da ha the contynewa in dadder, haga defendya dre gletha theworth aga yskerens. Han office a epscobow han re an Jeffa cure a enevow ew the ry laude ha preise the oll an dus da rag aga oberow da, may hallans contynewa in dadder, Ea ha the rebukya ha correctia dre an gere a thu an offences ha fawtys an drog pobill. An office arell ew the rebukya, correctya ha punsya vicys, heb exception a then vith, ha hemma ew tho vos vsiis warbyn an drog pobill only. Rag ythew an office a charite magata the rebukya, punsya ha correctia drog pobyll, magata dell ewa the chesya, rewardia ha defendia an rena ew da ha innocent. Yma S poule in delma ow declaria thyn romans. An vhall powers ew ordeynys gans du, not the vos dowtys gans an re ew da, mas the punsya an drog pobill gans an gletha, ha the gemeras vingians an drog pobill. Inweth S paule the Tymothe ow rebukya pegh constantly ha vehemently dre an gere a thu. In delma an ii office a vynsa bos diligently executys, rag avoydya gwlaskur an teball. ell, an pregowther gans an gere, han gouernor gans an cletha, ken nynsugens y ow regardya du nan re vsy in dan aga governans, mar towns y ha suffra du the vos offendys rag lak a correccion, han re vsy in aga gouernans the vos perisshys kepar del ra pub naturall tas ha correctia y naturall flogh pan deffa ha gull amys, ken nyn sugy worth y gara.

In delma oll gouernans gwlasow, an pow, an Trevow marras, han trevow trygva, y a vea res thetha iently correctia oll an re ew offenders in dan aga gouernans, ha chesya an re vsy ow pewa innocently ha compys, mar pethans y respect vith the thu ha thega office, bo kerensa thyn re vsy in aga gouernans, han offendars a res bos rebukys ha correctys in dew tyrmyn, rag mar pethans gerys the vois, martesyn y eff a yll skynnya in myschew an parna may teffans ha tenna re erell dre aga teball examplis ha gwrythyans, kepar hag vn ladyr eff a yll robbya lyas den, ha cawsya lyas onyn the vos laddron inweth. Vn teball person a yll tenna lyas onyn arell the lewdnes, ha anya holl tre, bo holl plew, Ea, holl pow. oll offenders an parna warbyn du, ha war byn an welth an pow yma charite ow requyrya eff the vos deberthis theworth an common welth, rag dowt y the corruptia tus tha ha tus honest erell, kepar ha methag da, eff a dregh theves esall a vo corruptys in corfe mabden rag na rella corruptia esylly glan erell a vo ow ionya nessa thotho. In delma y thew declariis thewhy pan a dra ew lell charite ha kerensa mar plen ny res the then vith bos deseviis, Han kythsam kerensa ma, neb a rella y wetha keffris the thu neb ewa kylmys vgh pubtra, ha the gentrevek, magata y cothman avell y Iskar, hay iskar a vell y cothman,

eff a ra sure y wetha theworth oll an offencys a thu, han iust offence a then. raghenna degow in kerth in agis colonow an lesson cut ma, fatell res the thu bos kerys ha honoris dre lell cherite a vght pub tra, ha pub den a res bos kerys, kerens ha cothmans hag yskerenns, ha the oll an re a rella in della, ny agoth gull da thetha. an re ew da ny a res thyn aga cheria rag aga dadder, han re na gew da dre kerensa ny a res then aga correctia, haga cawsia y the vos correctis dre dew ponisment, may fo du han commonwelth the lee hurtys dretha, hag offendys. ny a res pub vr casa aga oberow haga offencys, so, pub vr cara an persons, kepar han creatur a a thu, ionys thynny dre genesegeth. Ha mar ten ny in delma dyrectya agan bewnans dre kerensa ha lell charite, nena yna crist ow promysya ha ow assurya thyn, fatell vsy eff worth agan cara ny ha fatell one ny flehis agan tas vs in neff, ha reconcilis thy favoure, han very mymbers a crist, ha wosa an tyrmyn cut avethyn ny omma in present ha mortall bewnans ma, ny an gevith ganso eff eternall bewnans, henna ew an bewnans heb deweth in y gwlas eff in neff, rag henna thyn tas, then mab ha thyn spurissans
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Quod Johannes Tregear clericus

Agan Saviour ne Jhesu y honyn in v-as chapter a mathew a woras in mes discans thyn ny rag neffra, henna ew discans vsy ow pertayna ales ha indifferent the oll an cristonnyan, hag ynna y ma crist ow declaria pan a perfeccion a vewnans a gotha thotha bos in pub onyn ahanan ny, han rema ew an very gyrryow a crist. NISI ABUNDAUERIT IUSTICIA VESTRA PLVSQUAM SCRIBARUM ET PHARISEORUM, NON INTRABIS IN REGNUM CELORUM. henna ew the stirria, Mas agys lelldury a vo vght lelldury an scribis han pharysys, ny íllowgh intra in gwlas neff. Rag an lell vnderstonding an gyrryow ma, y thew the vos notys, fatell ma gwryoneth ha Justice in kysam text ma ow sígnifia pub kynde oll a virtu ha daddar. Ha dre an scribis han pharises yma crist omma ow menya certan company a bobill esa in myske an Jewys, hag y thesans ow pewa warlerth an letterall sens a la moyses mar compis in face an bys may thens accomptys dretha rag tus lell, ha tus ow pewa compis. Oecumenius, den auncìent in egglos an grekys, yma ow declaria an kythsam gyrryow ma therag declaris in v. mathew. Rag henna pan vsy agan Savyowre ow requyrya the worthan ny may teffan ny ha passia an scribes han pharises in gwryoneth ha iustice, yma eff ow menya na rellan ny cristonnyan desquethes agan honyn da ha virtus, warves in sight an bys only, kepar dell rug an scribis han pharises, mas ny a res thyn desquethas agan dader wargy in golan, ny a res thyn bois da ha virtuus in sight a thu, ha henna o pith na gons y, an scribis han pharases ha dre reson

na ges fawt vith mar vras dell ew then cotha in mes gans agan kyscristyan ha tyrry kerensa ha cherite, Rag henna y ma crist worth agan dysky ny a vgh pub tra in agan duty ow pertaynya the cherite in v-as a mathew. DICTUM EST ANTIQUIS, NON OCCIDES, QUI AUTEM OCCIDERIT, RENS ERIT IUDII. EGO AUTEM DICO VOBIS, QUIA OMNIS QUI IRASCITUR FRATRI SUO RENS ERIT IUDICIO. Henna ew the leverell. I fe leveris a tyrmyn coth, ny dall this latha, penagull a rella latha, a vith in danger a Judgment. So me a levar thewgh why, penagoll a vo angry gans y brothar, eff a vith in danger a Judgnent. Kemerogh wyth lymmyn, tus mas, fatell vsy crist ow requyria theworthan ny perfect cherite, rag y ma crist ow requiria theworthan ny maga the wetha charite ha na rellan tyrry agan charite, kepar dell rug an scribis han pharases in tyrmyn coth. An chiff poynt a ra den tyrry charite ew murdyr, han punisment a henna yn myske an Jewys o Judgment. an lya tra a ra den tyrry charite ew bos angry, han punysment a henna appoyntys thynny gans crist ew Judgment. Pysell defferans a bewnans vs lymmyn intrethan ny, cristonnyan ow pewa in dan an la han testament nowyth, han re esa ow pewa in tyrmyn coth in dan an la han testament coith, heno an la moyses. Pan o promysys thetha an payne rag tyrry an vhella degry a charity, ha y thew thynny promysys an punisment na rag tyrry an lyha degre a cherite.
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tus hethew in jeth ow flattra gans christyan charite. merkyow gyrryow crist in xi. mathew. JUGUM MEUM SUAVE EST, ET ONUS MEUM LENE. Ow yowke ve ew wheg, ha ow sawe ew scaff the thone. nynses mar stroyt bewnans na mar calys travill wheles theworthan ny, dell esa the worth an Jewys, Rag ny gone ny kylmys the vos circumcisis, na the offra in ban the thew ley eghan thu, ley, oghan, devas, ha gyffras,. na the vos iii gweith in blethan the Jherusalem, na the refraynya theworth kyge porrell, na the wetha taclenow wo vsyys in la moyses, Saw an deg gormynadow, hag oll an morall preceptys contewnys in testament coth, ny cristonnyan ew kylmys the wetha an rena, Ha pub tra arell ow longia then stat an testament nowith. Ha in della kylmis one ny the performya ha the colenwall an rena moy stroytia dell o an Jewis kylmys the wetha lais moyses, nyn sew an yoke a crist gilwys wheg, ha y sawe scaff, awois eays vith na remission a yllyn ny kemeras in agan condiccion, mas rag ii consideracion arell. An neyll ew an abundance a grace lymyn rys in tyrmyn an testament nowith, pell ow excedia an measure a grace res then Jewis, ow folya an la moyses, han gela ew an braster a rewarde, promysys thynny vght an Jewys, kepar dell vsy Oecumenius inweth ow recordia in myske lyas auncient auctors erell a dus coith. Yma oecumenius ow screffa war an pempas chapter a mathew in kethsam maner ma. QUONIAM INFANCIA IN VIRILEM IAM TRANSIERIT ETATEM ET COPIOSA HOMINIBUS DATA SIT GRACIA ET MAXIMA PROPOSITA SUNT PREMIA (NEQUE ENIM IAM POSSESSIO TERRE TERRENORUM

(?) QUANTAS BONORUM AUT PROLIS FOECUNDITAS, AUT LONGA VITA, SEU VICTORIA CONTRA HOSTES PROMITTITUR, SED REGNUM CELORUM, ADOPCIO ET VICTORIA CONTRA DEMONES) MERITO MAGNA EXIGUNTUR CERTAMINA. Hemma ew the styrrya. In mar ver dell ew lymmyn infancy passys in oys den, ha grace ew plenty res the vabden, han brasa royow promysys, rag lymmyn nanelle possessyon an bys, na pith an bys, na bewnans here, na gweras a flehes, na victory warbyn agan gostly eskerens, ew promysys, mas an wlascore a neff, dre an gweras a thu, ha victory warbyn an dywolow, raghenna yma dre reson, batallyow bras the worthan ny requyrys. In delma y ma oecumenius ow concludia fatell res thyn ny cristonnyan, gans mer a payne ha nerth omleth warbyn agen ysker an teball ell, gans moy payne dell rug an Jewys, dre reson ny the receva moy grace dell rug an Jewys, ha ny an Jeva promes a brassa royow dell vouns y. Rag an kythsame ii cawse ma ny cristonyan a res thyn supposia an yocke a crist the vois wheg, hay sawe the vos scaffe hag eysy, kynfo an pith vs requyris the worthen vith mar calis the vos gwris, kepar dell ew helma onyn ny dall thyn tyrry charite, yn mar ver dell yll bos in lyha degre ha yn esella degre, ha henna ew in gere, han kythsame gere na in pempas a mathew, yma ow signifia, an:violacion han torva a cherite, nynsew ottrys na settys in mes dre signn vith, mas only conceviis secretly in golan, hag ena covys theworth an gothfas a thyn vith, so ythev opyn ha manifest therag lagas du neb a well oll an prederow a preveth vab den. an keth same torva

ma a cherite, ken thewa the hevelep lyas onyn, mas tra vean ha fawt bean, whath yma crist warth y declarya the vos Fowt bras ha grevos war y wull equall ha kepar ha murder, commyttys ha gwrys a dyrmyn coith gans an Jewys, lymmyn mar te cristonyan ha concevya anger in aga colonow, ha na rellans by an by suppressia an kythsam angerna, mas procedia pella inna, ha tyrry charite, henna ew the vttra aga anger dre sygne ha tokyn, nena an kythsame fawt ma ew brassa ys y gela, han punysment dew ragtha a vith brassa inweth according the gyrryow crist in v-as chapter a S mathew ow leverell in delma. QUI AUTEM DIXERIT RACHA, RENS ERIT IUDICIO CONCILIO. henew the leverell. Neb a lavarra thy brothar Racha, Eff a vith in daunger a cusyll. dre racha ny a yll vnderstondia an signe warves, vttrys in mes dre anger, dre henna may thew charite tyrrys. Ha dre gusyll ny a res thyn vnderstondia brassa punysment dell o Judgment. ha woosa hemma agan savyoure a rug procedya then tryssa degre a vncharitablynesse, Henew in gere the gylwall agan kyscristyan dre teball hanow vith, foole, addla, bo knava, an knava, an kythsam tryssa degre me crist a leveris. QUI DIXERIT FRATRI SUO FATUE, RENS ERIT GEHENNE IGNIS. Henew the leverall, neb a alwa y kyscristyan foole, ef a vith in danger a tane effarne. Rag henna, ow flehes, merow war.agys bewnans in kythsame lesson bean cutma, kepar ha in gweder why a yll gwelas ha percevia gas bewnans ha gothfas in pan a danger esow why inna, pew vs in agan mysk ny mas eff a gylwe y gentrevak hay kyscristian foole vncharitably bo nampith a throg ha gwan hanow arell (?) Ea, pew vs in agan misk

ny in maner na ra pell passya an kythsam degre ma a vncharitablines (?) Ha whath nyn sugy agan. savyowre ow hynwall na moye degreys, partly dre reson y bos an payne an kythsame tressa degre ma tane effarne, ny ylly brassa payne bos hynwys rag an re a rella passya an kythsame degre me, partly y tho rag may halla an cristian bos mar war ha mar circumspect the wetha kerensa gans y kyscristian hay kentrevak. So whath kyn rella eff dre chaunce ankevy y honyn marver the gylwall y kentrevak fooell vncharitably, whath pella agys henna, ny dall vea thotheff marver predery a throg thy kentrevak. y thewa scriffys a onyn Solon, y thova infidelle, so whath y thova wonders den polytyk ha fure. Pan rug eff gull lawes rag gouerna an famos cyte a Athens ny rug eff in oll y lawys apporcion punysment vith rag parricide, henna ew rag onyn an parna a rella latha y das ha y vam ha pan ve govynnys worto praga na ruga provia rag tra an parna, Eff a worrebys fatel essa eff ow supposya na gesa in oll. Athens onyn drys in ban in dan y lawis eff, a vynna purposia na predery the wull mar heynys deda na mar vras pegh. In kepar maner ny a yll leverall ha predery agan savyowre, na rug eff kowsse na moye mas an iii degre a vncharitablines. Rag henna nynsew lyckly the cristonyan, a vo ow sewya an trad a crist in perfect religion, the vynnas tyrmyn vith presumya the tyrry charite,

na the violatia charite, pella agys henna, So pella agys henna, omma y thyll bos movyes questyon, mar crug agan Savyoure agan forbydya ny the vos angry, the leverall, Racha, bo te foolle, onyn a hanan ny the gella, an pith na goth thyn gull na leverell onyn thy gela a hanan, rag dre gyrryow an parna den a goth in daunger a Judgment, in daunger a cusyll, bo in daunger a tane yffarne. Rag gurryp thyn kythsam questyon ma, y thewa the vos notyys fatell rug agan savyoure Jhesu Crist in kythsame tyllar ma in scriptur agan forbyddya ny a bup kynde a vncharitablynes, ha travith ken. Rag in mar ver dell rug S Johan baptist gyllwall an scribis han pharases in iii-a chapter a mathew, An broud a neddras, ha S pawle a gylwys an galathians, fooles ha tus heb vnderstonding, in second chaptur in epistill scriffis thyn Galathians, Ea, crist y honyn in xxiiii-ans a S Luk, eff a gilwis y appostles, fooles ha slow in aga crygyans, han pith a russans y gull, ny yll bos Judgys vcharitable, dre hemma ny a yll gwelas ha persevya fatell ew kynde an .parna an rebukys an re an jevas auctorite may thillans rebukya an drog pobyll han trespasces han offendars a lays du. y thew gwris da aga rebukya, may hallans bos methek ha kemeras sham aga fawtys ha dre rebukys amendia aga lewde bewnans han kithsame kende me a rebukys ew da ha lawfull gans cherite

ha not forbyddya na menys a na menys anotha in girryow a crist then contrari, mas an pith ew meynys in girryow a crist ew, na rellan tyrry charite. so yma cherite ow commondia thyn rebukya malefactors ha drog tus, soo tyrry charite ew pan rella den ha menya drog thy kyscristian, mas rag colynwall an lust ay vncharitabill colan, vny drog thy kiscristian in y golan, bo ow huttra y vncharitably mynd secret, ow tyas y kyscristian, bo ow kull tusch ragtha, bo ow kull cows gyrryow vnkunda thotha expressly, worth y gilwall idiot, bo hanow vith arell a vo vnkunda ha opprobrius. Rag henna lymmyn the concludia. Why a glowas pan a kerensa pan a perfect charite vsy agan saviour ow requiria the vos ynnan ny. Gesowgh oll rancor, anger ha malice a lemma rag the vos vtterly banysshys the worthan ny ha may hallan ny bewa ha trega in charite, ha nena ny a dryg in du ha gans du, ha du a dryg innan ny ha genan ny ha in walascore heb deweth in neff gans crist ny a vith agan trigva rag neffra,
henna re wrantya thynny an dringis tas benegas a neff
An mab han spuris sans then
rena rebo oll honore
ha glora in
heb deweth. Amen

Quod J.T.
John Harpesfelde sacre theologie professor
Archidiaconus Londoniensis


Tus vas, neb a vynna gylwall thy remembrans an dader a thu golosak in y mercy a vgh pub tra thyn ny desquethis heb y thyrfyne, neb astevas spot vith a gras, eff a ill bos methek ay vnkyndenys ha disobediens warbyn du, ha nena eff a vith compellys the gotha thyn dore in corfe hag in ena therag du, Ha the whelas ha gylwall warlyrth gyvyans ha pardon rag y pehosow ha rag y transgression. An dadder han mercy a thu why an Jeva sufficient declaracion anotha, kyns lymmyn in kythsame godly homyles ma, settys in rag ha declaryys thewgh kyns lymmyn, Kyffrys an creasion a vabden, ha fatell veva redemys. Whath rag pella instruccion ha declaracion, ynweth rag confort in kythsame partma, me a rug supposya fatell ova da ha mytt rag may hallowgh vnderstondia vn tra arell a thadder ha benefitt, dre agan savyowre Jhesu crist, neb a rug agan redemya, may hallon ny neb an Jevas an vnderstonding ha perfect gothfas a thu pub vr thy honora ha thy worthya, kepar dell ony kylmys, ha dell ewa agan duty. In kythsam vhell benefitt ma, agan mam egglos catholyk, a rug agan kerengyak savyowre Jhesu crist, keffris therag y virnans ha in y pascion hay virnans, a rug appoyntia hag ordenya thenny the vos kerengyak mam thegan gwetha ha preservia rag confort hag eghas the enevow, ha the vos pyllar an gwryoneth in oll agen dawnger. In marver dell ve agan mam sans egglos a thewethas assaultys dre lyas sort ha sect a eryses, ha mar ver shackys ha tossys may rug lyas onyn seperatya aga honyn the worty hay naha (henna o the voy pety), lyas onyn a rug resak ha ponya, in stray hena ew thea

forth in sowthan, carys ha ledys gans pub wave ha cowas wyns. henna gans dyscans noweth. Rag y thoff purposyys dre weras a thu, the egery ha the thisquethas pen a dra ew an kythsame egglos ma, pan a vaner a egglos ew hy, ha pan a commodite we have there vs thynny drethy. An kynsa, an egglos ew convocation, henew contulva an bobill drys oll an bys, ow professia vn feith a crist, ha vn vsse a oll an sacramentys benegas, han kyhsame egglos ma, dre reson y bossy sanctifies ha benegys inweth purchasiis dre mernans agan savyoure Jhesus crist, y thew hy the vos kerys gans du an tas a neff, ha y thew hy gylwys in scriptur dre excellent hynwyn a vhelder. CORPUS CHRISTI, SPONSA CHRISTI, REGNUM CELORUM, ETC. Hen ew the leverall, an corffe a crist misticall, an spowse a crist, an wlascore a neff, rag y ma S poulle ow kowse a crist, fatell rug eff appoyntya lyas officer, rag mentanya benegitter, in ober a ministracion, rag edifia corfe crist. In weth mytern Salamon, a ve diskys dre an spuris sans, eff a rug ouerwelas an dignite, han beautye, a sans egglos, hag eff a leverys un delma, UNA EST COLUMBA MEA, PERFECTA MEA, hen ew the leverell, onyn ew ow colomman (vel colam) ha ow onyn perfect, gans lyas gere arell an parna a gerensa, ow hore, ow spowse, etc. In weth S poull a commodias an gwer the cara aga gwregath kepar dell ra crist cara y egglos. In kepar maner in aweyll y ma agan savyour crist ow hevely y egglos the lyas tra, indan an hanow a regnum celorum, henew gwlascore neff, kepar ha the viterne a rug gull ha provya mariag rag y vab, ha trewethow the dege virgin, ha dre lyas maner forth an parna. dre oll an kithsame hynwyn ny a yll gwelas ha disky y bos an egglos tra excellent

tra vhell ha excellent/, ha the vos kerys gans du golosek, neb a rug ry y vn vab eff the suffra myrnans rag kerensa y egglos, ha rag y egglos eff a ordaynas an wlas a neff heb dewethfa. Inweth ny a rede in scriptur a egglos arell, an pith ew gylwis, ECCLESIA MALIGNANTIUM. An egglos an bobill malignant ha drog pobill, hag inweth a thewethas numbyr bras an scismaticals. an rena o drog pobill, ha ythew in very dede an members han esyly an malignant egglos. Y a rug vrsurpia ha kemeras thetha y an henow an lell egglos. Rag henna why as tevith sufficient instruccion the thesernya ha the aswon an lell egglos a crist theworth oll an heret company han congregacion an heretickys han scismatickys. Kynsa, an kith same lell egglos ma benegas a crist ew henwys in agan CREDO, kepar dell ewhy in dede, an catholyk egglos, henew the leverell an vnyuersall egglos, dre reson na gussy ow lurkya in cornettow, na in vn pow moy is in arell, mas y thew in pub pow despersys. rag nynsew an catholik egglos ma covys the worthan ny, na invisibly, na vnwothfas, mas ny a yll eysy lowre discernya hag aswon an cathalik egglos, rag y ma crist worth y gylwall, CIUITATEM SUPRA MONTEM, Cyta war an meneth, Ha in aweyll S mathew inweth, ow disky an order a bredereth in congregacion, in delma, Mar te the brother ha gull trespas war the byn, Ke in kerth ha lavar thotha y fowt intre te hag eff only. So mar ny vyn golsowas this, whath kemer genas onyn bo dew, ha mar na vyn nena clowas, lavar then egglos. fatell yll eff leverall thyn egglos, mar na vith gothvethis, kepar dell vsy an drog pobill ow strivia

(?) In kepar maner S Poull a cowsys then brontyryan ha then eleders in Ephesus y ma eff worth aga gwarnya the gemeras with thetha aga honyn, ha the oll an flocke, neb a rug an spuris sans in agys myske gull officers the rulya an egglos a crist. In delma y ma an scriptur playnly ow declaria fatell ew an egglos catholik the vos aswonys ha fatell goth theth hy bos aswonys. Whath rag dowt mar te ran a hanow why dowtya an vnderstonding an scripturs ma, Omma why a glew fatell ma S Austyn ow scriffa anotha. SICUT PER VERBA DEI NOUIMUS VBI SCIT PLANTATUS PARADISUS: SIC PER VERBA CHRISTI VBI SIT ECCLESIA DIDICIMUS. Kepar ha dre an gyrryow a thu ny a wore py le a ve paradise plyngys. In della dre an gyrryow a thu, ny a rug disky pe ma an egglos. markyow pan dresy S austin in kythsam tellar ma ow scriffa, warbyn vn hereticke, onyn an sectys an donatists neb a rug denaha an catholick egglos, hag a ascribia an feith a crist, hag oll saluacion thethy aga honyn only, ha ny sens y mas parcell bean a aphrica, kepar dell rug an scismaticall company gull omma a thewethas, ran in Germany a levery, omma yma crist, omma yma an egglos, ran in Bohem a lleuery, omma yma crist, oma yma an egglos, may thesa pub onyn ow dessentya theworth y gela in maters bras ha in weyghty maters, y ma S agustin ow leverall na rug an spuris a thu, henew an spuris a wrioneth han spiris a vnite promysys dre crist then egglos catholyk, na ruga ledia na

gouerna sectes an parna, na ny gotha thetha settya in rag na mentenya fals discans thyn bobill, in dan henow an egglos. Whath yma S Agustyn in kythsame tellar na ow promysya an punysment a thu, ow leverell in delma. AB ISTO VNIUERSO, AD PARTEM, QUAMLIBET QUISQUIS SEPERAT HOMINEM ILLE DIABOLI FILIUS, ET HOMICIDA CONUINCITUR, Neb a rella seperatya vn den, the worth an holl, the part vith, eff ow provys the vos flogh an teball ell, ha very denleythyas. Alas, pan a cas vsy an rena inna neb a rug seperatya aga honyn ha naha an catholyk egglos, ny rug vn den only, mas lyas myll (?) surely y mowns in gwan cas, mas y a rella gans speda ha in du tyrmyn repentya ha gull penans. Whath pella rag gothfas hag aswon plenna an kithsame catholyk egglos ma a crist, ny a goth then consydra pandra vsy S paule ow cowse an fownndacion han dallathfas an egglos. Rag oll an congregacion an scismatyk kyn rellens y groundya aga honyn apparantly war an scriptur benegas, whath yma thethy aga profession kemerys severally theworth neb drog then ha noghty person, kepar del leuer S Agustin, Gylwys ens y pub onyn in y proper hanow, an pith na vethans denaha. So an catholicall egglos, kyn rug an heretickys y henwall papisticall egglos, henna ew egllos an pab, whath a wos oll a henna ny rug bethqueth receva ken hanow agys catholyk egglos, ha egglos an cristonyan. So keneuer a wothfa redya ha vnderstondia a yll gwellas fatell ra ran y vsya gloriusly, han hanow a nythy. Marchion, Ebion, Arrianus, Manicheus, pelagius, Donatus, ha in agan termyn ny,

in kepar maner, an henow a Luther, Zwynglyus, Carolstadyus, gans myllyow moy an parana, ha aga hereticall fascion. Yma S paule ow rebukya in y epistill thyn Corinthians, neb a ve in kythsam case na, ha y a re bostya hag a leuery, EGO PAULI, EGO APOLLO, y thesave ow syngy a paule, y thesa ve ow singy a Apollo. So an apostyll benegas S paul as rebukyas in vanerma, Maga pell dell vo in agys myske why envy ha stryff, bo sectes vith nyn sowgh why carnall (?) In della pub cristian ha cristones a yll gwelas playnly dre an scripture oll an rema esa thetha sectes ha lyas devise an parma in aga mysk y aga honyn, y thyns accomptes gans S paull oll warbarth carnall ha pell vnworthy the vsya an hanow a egglos, an pith ew only an chast spowse a crist. So an catholyk egglos y ma S pawle ow cowse an gyrryow ma, lymmyn rag henna nynsowgh why strangers ha gwandresy, mas y thowhy citesens gans ans an syns, ha ran an chi a thu, ha buldyys owgh war an fondacion an abosteleth, han prophettys. Jhesus crist y honyn ew an pen mene ant cornet ha eplla is hemma dre reson y bos S paule lynwys an Spuris-sans, Eff a attendias fatell vynna oll an heretikys gylwall thetha an auctorite an aposteleth, han prophettys, ha fatell vynsans y wrestia aga screffa, heno aga oberow warlerth aga mynd aga honyn heb auctorite na gothfas, rag henna yma an appostill

S paule in kythsame pistill ma, ow leverall thynny an ordyr a rug Du appoyntya the vos gwethis in y egglos, rag eff a leverys fatell rug crist assendia thyn neff. eff a ros royow the dus, hag eff a rug ran appostlys, ran prophetes, rari aweilers, ran sheppardys, hen ew bugula devas, ha discabels. dre henna yma ow declarya fatell vs in catholyk egglos orders, ha officers, ran vhell ran Esell, ha then rena an remenant a res thetha kyffrys golsowes diligentlty, ha obeya humbly, kepar dell rug an kithsame S paule na. therag y virnans, eff a appoyntyas inweth Thimothe thyn office a Epscop, inweth tytus eff an gasas in Creta, may teffa eff inna hag ordenya prontiran in pub cita, Han Prontyryan han Epscobow ny vethans dysdaynys, na nebas regardys, kepar dell vethans lymmyn in tyrmyn ma gans lyas onyn, mas y a vetha in tyrmyn na, rag gull aga duty, dobyll honor ha feithfully gouerna an egglos, kepar dell levar S powle, ow scriffa the Tyte, Eff a commondias Tite the exortya ha rebukya gans oll ferventnes a commondia, dre an kythsam tellyrryow ma an scriptur, whay a yll gwelas eysy ha vnderstondia, fatell vs in catholyk egglos, ha fatell goth thetha bos ena, degreys hag orders, ha penagull a rella tyrry an rena, aga despisia, po deneya aga deneya, eff a ra deneya ha forsakya an very truth gwryoneth, an ordynans a crist hay aposteleth. lymmyn pella ny a res thyn consydra kepar dell rug S paule ordeynya Tymothe ha Tyte, Ea, ha moy epscobow ha prontyrryan in y tyrmyn, in della y, dre an commondment

a S powle, a rug ordeynya re erall, in aga thyrmyn y, a thelyueras thetha inweth an discans a russens y the receva theworth S paule, ha dre contynewall discorse discourse a tyrmyn, pub onyn a rug delyuera an feith a russons y receva the worth an abosteleth, ha in della the worth crist bys an present dith ma, vn feith a rug pub vr sevall stedfast. Whath kynfeva lyas tyrmyn assays ha teball pynchis, whath an feith a rug prevaylya woteweth, hag eff an Jeva an thorne vhella han victuri, then promysyow a crist. rag henna ny a goth thyn cresy then Catholyk egglos, dre reson crist y honyn thy hevely the roois towlis in more, an ros a gymmar inny kyffrys an puscas da han bad warbarth, so in deweth an da a vith gwethis han drog a vith towlys theves. in kepar maner yma lyas sort a bobill ow pewa in dan an catholik egglos, ran da, ran bad. pa nyn sesa xii dewesys gans crist rag bos in y hyrwith so onyn an rena eff an gylwyll dyowle nynsugy crist ow leverall inweth, fatell ra Scribes ha pharises setha in chare moyses, bette thewetha. eff a vyn an bobill the folya aga lessons (?) Indella kyn rella ran an esyly an Egglos catholik leverel contrary thega vocacion ha gawle, whath ny goth the then vith settya bytte le, na the le regardya an discans han feith an kithsam egglos ma. An kyth sam poyntys ma, tus vas, kyn thynsy sufficient the declaria, sans egglos, pandra ewhy ha fatell bos aswonys,

whath me a vyn agys desyrya why the vynnas dylygently merkya, notya, ha done in kerth genowgh, vn rulle, ha honna ny ra agys desevia, na ny re neffra fyllell, na decaya, na agys decevya, han rulle ew holma, kemerys in mes an gwrythyans a awncyent den dyskys in discans an egglos crist. y myth Vincencius, Yma try meynes rag trya an egglos a crist, po an dyscans, han kynsa ew antiquite, henew cotheneb, An second ew vniversalite, hazi tryssa ew vnytie. dre an kynsa ny ew diskys fatell res then lell dyscans bos gothvethis, ha dre henna ny a well na gew an egglos tevys ha springis in ban a thewethas, mas devethis the worth crist hay aposteleth, ha eff a contynewans pub vr in y egglos. dre an second ny a yll vnderstondya fatell ew lell feith ha discans an egglos an pith ew only vniversall in pub gwlas dyskys ha cresys. dre an tryssa ny a goth thyn dysky fatell ew an lell diskans han feith a crist hay egglos onyn, ha fatell vsans pub vr ow hagrya. lymmyn an dry tra ma notys ha merkys inta, ew lowre rag dysky ha instructia krystyan vith the aswon an catholyk egglos, honna a rug pub vr desquethas y bossy an very spowse a crist, pub vr oll thea tyrmyn an appostlys, hag in pub pow ha gwlas in vn consent in pubt tra oll ow consernya an feith a crist, henew agan feith ny oll an lell cristonnyan. In contrary forth, fals dyskans, rag heresy, pub vr a rug hag a ra raynya, ha bys worfan an bys, kepar dell rug a thewethas tevy ha raynya, ha inweth lurkya in cornettyow priveth, So neffra agry gonsa y honyn, han kythsam trana, ma a alsa eysy y prevy ha largy

lowre y thysquethas thewhy dre pleyn ha manyfest demonstracyon. So in nessa Sermon ha homylye I thoff ve dre weras a thu purposys the gowse an auctorite an egglos hag inweth an commodite an egglos. Omma me a vyn gull deweth rag an drevath ma, So my a vyn agys desyrrya why, tus tha oll, the settia agys corfow hagys enevow hooll the thu galosek in. sacryfice, I pesy eff pubyr may hallan ny bos an esely a crist agan savyowre ha agan mam Sans egglos catholik omma in nore, Ha wosa agan bewnans omma in bys, the vos kevrennek an Joyes vs in neff, dre an kythsame arluth na Jhesus crist, thotheff, gans an tas han spurissans, rebo oll honor ha glory ame
In gwals neff heb deweth.
Quod Johannes Tregere clericus
H. pendilton sacre theologie profesioris

Tus vas, in dewetha Sermon ha Homelye I fe declarriis thewgh why pan dra ew an egglos ha fatell ylly bos aswonys ha lymmyn why a ra dysky an auctorite an kithsam egglos ma Catholik, han profet han commodite vs ow tos thynny oll, neb ew an esylly an kythsam egglos ma. In kynsa pan rug agan Savyoure Jhesus crist dynwym y abosteleth a leis rag pregoth, neb o, ha neb ew, an chyff ha principall pillers an kithsam catholik egglos ma, Eff a ros thy abosteleth power bras, ha auctorite bras, kepar dell vsy S Mathew ow recordya. Jhesus a ylwys an xii-eg appostyll warbarth, hag eff a ros thethy power war d teball spurugian, may teffens y haga thowllell in mes, ha sawya pub maner cleves ha deseyses, ha lyas tyrmyn ny a red in Aweyll fatell rug agan saviour Jhesus crist cowse the abosteleth warlyrth an vaner ma. QUI VOS AUDIT, ME AUDIT, ET QUI VOS SPERNIT, ME SPERNIT. Henew the leverell, neb a rella golsowes worthow why, y ma ow golsowas wartha ve, ha neb a rella agys despisia why, yma worth ow despisia ve, ow menya dre henna fatell vynna eff worth oll an bys gothvas, ha confessia, an auctorite an catholyk egglos, a rug crist y honyn byldya in y abosteleth ha war y abosteleth. ha then kythsam purpos ma, eff a leveris thetha y an girriow ma. JAM NON DICAM VOS SERUOS, SED AMICOS, ETC., hen ew the leuerell Lymmyn ny vanna ve na moy agys gylwell why servantes, mas cothmans, Rag pub tra a rug ve clowes ow thas, me a rug y theclaria thewhy. Arta eff a leverys in delma in weth, kepar dell rug ow thas ow dynvyn ve, in della me as dynvyn why. dre an gyrryow ma ha mer moy agys rema, in lyas tellar arel

in scripture ny a yll gwelas fatell rug agan savyour ry auctorite bras the abosteleth. So lymmyn y thew expedient ha etham the theclaria, in pan a poyntys speciall vsy an auctorite ma ow conscistia hag ow sevall. ny ve an auctorite na reis then apostlis a crist only, mas inweth thega successors neb a theth war aga lyrth in catholik egglos the duria rag neffra. An kythsam auctorite kenthewa bras ha manyfold, whath an rema ew an chiffe partys a netha vs omma ow folya. In kynsa, du a .ros power hag auctorite then catholik egglos the gafas an lell Sens han vnderstonding an scriptur. Ea, inweth the prevy ha the thisprevy pup tra scriffis, ewa scriptur, po na gew. An drama, tus vas, why a yll inta vnderstondia y bosa lell, mar tewgh why gylwall thegys remembrans, pew ew an guyde han gouernar an egglos henew the vnderstondya an spurissans, kepar dell rug crist promesya in vaner ma. EGO ROGABO PATREM ET ALIUM PARACLITUM DABIT VOBIS, UT MANEAT VOBISCUM IN ETERNUM. henna ew, Me a vyn govyn worth ow thas, hag eff a re thewhy conforter arell, may halla eff gortas genowhy rag neffra. Ha wosa agan sovyour Jhesu crist the sevall mes a virnans the vewnans Eff a rug anella war y abosteleth hag a leveris, ACCIPITE SPRITUM SANCTUM, Kemerogh an spurissans. Inweth a wosa y assencion thyn neff, according thy promes, Eff a thanvonas then dore an spurissans warben y abosteleth, kepar dell ra S luk scriffa. ny ve an spurissans res then appostlis only, mas inweth thyn catholik egglos bys gorfan an bys. y thew openly gothvethis in marver dell rug crist promysya an conforter, VT MANEAT VOBISCUM IN ETERNUM, may teffa ha gurtas genowgh rag neffra.

Lymmyn Sure one ny fatell rug an abosteleth a crist suffra myrnans rag kerensa crist, ha rag an feith a crist, ha henna. o agy the nebes blethynnyow awosa y the receva an spurissans. Crist inweth a thonvonas y abosteleth the pregoth, ha the besythia. eff a leveris thetha in delma. ECCE EGO VOBISCUM SUM OMNIBUS DIEBUS VSQUE AD CONSUMMATIONEM SECULI. Lo merogh attave genogh pub vroll bys gorfen an bys. Rag henna ny a yll playnly gwelas fatell ve an spurissans promvsiis then appostlys, the drega rag neffra ha bys in gorfen an bys. eff a ve promysiis thethans y ha thega successors neb a ve, neb ew, ha neb.a vith in egglos, neb y ma an spurissans, hag a vith triges rag neffra. lymmyn in marver dell ew an spurissans ruler ha gouerner an Catholik egglos, rag henna ny a vea res thyn only sarchia ha whelas an lell vnderstonding han dessernyng an scriptur in egglos, not in telythyow erell, ha rag an cawse ma an auncyent dasow a ve kyns lymmyn, kynfonsy vith mar tha diskys, ny vensans y presumya war aga Judgement aga honyn, mas pub vr referrya aga honyn thyn vndyrstonding, han terpretacion, an catholik egglos. Rag henna an den Auncient Ireneus, ow scriffa warbyn an scismaticall heretickys in vaner ma QUID ENIM SIGNI DE ALIQUA MODICA QUESTIONE DISCEPTATIO ESSET, NONNE OPORTERET, IN ANTIQUISSIMAS REUERTERE ECCLESIAS (?), ETC. hen ew. fatla mar pith ha contencyon ow consernya ran an questonow menys, ny vea eff necessary the trelya ha sewia an auncyent egglosyow (?) Inweth yma Ireneus ow leuerell. QUID AUTEM SI NEQUE APPOSTOLI QUIDEM SCRIPTURAS RELIQUISSENT NOBIS, NONNE OPORTEBAT ORDINEM SEQUI TRADICIONIS, QUAM TRADIDERUNT HIIS, QUIBUS COMMITTEBAT ECCLESIAS (?) Pan dra lever an den auncient

ma, ha na rella an abosteleth ha gasa thyn ny scriptur vith (?) Dar ny vea necessary thyn folya an ordyr an kythsame tradicion a russans dyluer then rena neb a russens kymmyn an egglos (?) Alak, tus vas, ha pell ew mer an bobill resys hethow in Jeth theworth an kithsam rulle ma (!) An kythsam martyr benegas ma s Ireneus Ima omma ow exortia ha ow commondya, mar pith mater vith a discorde, kynfe in mater a nebas valew, na rellan ny warlyrth agan fantasy agan honyn iudgia an dra, whath kynnavon ny scriptur vith rag henna, whath, y myth Ireneus, ny a res thyn sewya, observia, ha gwetha an tradicions an auncient egglos. Rag lymmyn a thewethas pub den sempill heb understonding na skyans a re supposia fatell yllens y bos iudges in maters a contrauercite, ha na gen ny kylmys the wetha tradicion vith, na cerimonye, mas an pith vs kyfys in Scriptur. An rema A re an parna y ma Ireneus ow kull mencion anetha in vaner ma. OMNES AUTEM HII DECIDUNT A VERITATE, ET HERETICI QUIDEM ALIENUM IGNEM OFFERENTES AD ALTARE DEI, ID EST, ALIENAS DOCTRINAS, A CELESTI IGNE COMBURENTUR, ETC. y myth Ireneus, Ima oll an rena ow cotha the worth an gwryoneth, han heretyckys, y mowns ow try tane strayng then alter a thu, henew the venya, straynge discans, a vith lyskys gans an tane a neff. Gans mere moy stroytya promysyow yma eff ow kull mencion then re a rella disobeya an auctorite an egglos. In kepar maner y ma S Agustyn ow cowse an beseth an flehis, ha fatell yll an sacrament na provaylya, lyas onyn ara decessia kyns y the wothfas an effect anotha ow affirmya tha the effect feith anfeith fatell ra

an feith an rena a throlla an flehis the vos besitthis ha cristonys preveylya thyn flogh a vo drys the receva y cristoneth. Rag an prove a henna yma Sent augustyn ow try an text ma in rag. HOC COMMENDAT ECCLESIE SALUBERRIMA AUCTORITAS. An pyth vsy an egglos ow commondya gans auctorite, y thewa tra holsom the vos gwethys. In della gans kepar reuerens yma S Augustyn lyas tyrmyn ow submyttya oll y Judgment hay oberow then Catholik egglos a crist, ha rag declaria y Judgment eff ow consernya an auctorite an Catholik egglos yma ow leverell in delma. EGO VERO EVANGELIUM NON CREDEREM, NISI ME CATHOLICE ECCLESIE COMMONERET AUCTORITAS, Henew the leverell, Surely, ny vynsan cresy an aweyll, nave an Catholyk egglos the ry thym experiens, ha ow movya thotha. ha ny a gotha thyn omma consyddra, na gesa aweyll aweyll vith scryffys rag sertan space a wosa an assencyon a crist, mas pub tra oll a rella pertaynya tha concernya an feithfull cristonnyan a vetha rulyys ha gouernys dre an abosteleth a crist, neb o nena an pen war an egglos. Awosa henna ny a redd fatell rug lyas onyn an disciplis a crist a scryffas aweylys, S Bartholomew, Nicodemus, ha vn awelle arell a ve gylwis Evangelium Nazareorum, so an auctorite an egglos a rug amyttya an peswar aweylar only, luk, mark, mathew, ha Jowan, ha lymmyn yma an holl egglos worth aga retaynya, han kythsam trana a alsa bos marthuggian, pan esa kyffrys bartholomew ha nychodemus present, hag y a welas

an oberow a crist ha inweth a glowas y dyscans. Rag S luk a thyscas y aweylys a ruga scryffa the worta S paule ha re Erell, Ha in kepar maner a rug S mark, so dre henna yma pleynly ow apperya. fatell vsy then Catholyk egglos an kythsam auctorite na only, rag discernya scripturs, han scripturs allowys dre an egglos, ny dalvea thetha bos refusyys gans particular person vith, Rag lymmyn why a yll gwelas, fatell rug an Catholyk egglos dyluer thynny an scripturs, ha in pub oys ha tyrmyn eff a ve kemerys ha recevys gans tus da disposis ha tus diskys rag lell Judge a henna me a vyn agys desyrrya why oll an lell crsitonyyan, why the vynnas resortya thegys mam egglos catholik, in pub dowt oll, in pub opynyon ha contravercyte, hag ena dysky pan dra rug an Catholik egglos ma crysy ha dysky, a dyrmyn the dyrmyn, ow concernya dowtes po contravercytys. ha mar menow in della gull gans colonow vvell, myk ha Jentyll, Surly an spurissans a vyn agys dysky why, Eff a ra agys confortya, Eff a ra agys ledya in oll gwryoneth.
So mar tewhy ha chauncya the naha agys mam egglos catholik ha govyn cusullyow worthow agys honyn, po the worth an rena vsy ow swarvya theworth an Catholyk egglos, nena in marver na gew an spurissans agys gyde, why a ra cotha mes a ignarans the error, ha thea dowtys ha desputing the playn heresy, in della thea onyn

the gela rag vtterly confusion kyffrys thyn corfe ha then ena. whath pella ys an auctorite bras ma an egglos a russogh the glowes, yma auctorite arell res gans du, henew power the relessia ha the pardona an penytent pehadur, ha the punyssya, ha correctya, an obstynat, han froward, pehadure[.] An power han auctorite na, kepar dell veva fuguris in la goyth thyn ordyr a prontereth, the Judgia lypers ha the punyssya oll an rena na vynna obeya an prontirion, In della y thew reis dre agan Savyowre Jhesu crist in very ded in aweyll, thy aposteleth res, ha the oll aga successors, rena ew oll an ordyr a prontereth thea tyrmyn an appostlis. Rag wosa agan Savyowre the sevall a virnans, eff a theth in mysk y abosteleth hag a rug enella warnetha, ha leveris, ACCIPE SPIRITUM SANCTUM, QUORUM DIMISERITIS PECCATA DIMITTUNTUR EIS ET QUORUM RETINUERITIS, RETENTA SUNT, Hena ew, Kemerogh why an spurissans, pan a behosow a rellogh gava, y a vith gevys thetha, han pehosogh a relogh retaynya, y a vith retaynys. An kythsam auctorite ma ew pleyn, dre an gyrryow ma a crist, Kyn rug, na kyn thusy, ran an bobill worth aga despisia, ha gora the drevith. y ma S Cyrill ow commondya thetha sessia heb gull marthussyan. crist the ry power an parna. CERTE OBSURDUM NON EST, PECCATA REMITTERE POSSE AB ILLIS, QUI SPIRITUM SANCTUM IN SEIPSIS HABEANT, y myth cirill, Nynsew obsurd na aneth, pehosogh the vos relessys dre an rena a stevas an spurissans innans. Lymmyn mar menogh merkya,

nynsew an prontyr a ra gull an ober a remiscion only, mas inweth an spurissans yma ow conys ow remittia ha ow gava pehosow. lymmyn, me a trist why a well haga glow rag henna me a trist why a vyn grauntya, an kythsam auctorite ma an Catholik egglos a crist, ha henna y ma pub lell cristian ow confessia pub dith in y credo, ow leverall, me a crys in Catholyk eglos[.] henna ew the leverell, in sans egglos len a feith, in communyon an hollsens, ha ow kylmy then rema Gevyans an pehosogh the vos in kythsam egglos ma catholik. Dar, ny ren ny redya fatell rug S paule vsya an kythsam auctorite ma, pan rug omskemenegy Hymmenyus, ha Alexander (?) dar, ny rug an epscob benegas S Ambros vsya auctorite ma in pub poynt, war an Emporowre Theodosius (?) An epscob .benegas ma, a rug percevya fatell rug an Emperour the offendya grevously, ny rug eff sparya the omskumenesa, kyn ruga offra y honyn the vos recevys obediently, whath ny ve recevys er na ruga suffra penans hyre kyns eff the gafus y stat ha bos absoluys. An kithsam epscob ma a vsyas an auctorite res thotha gans du, han kythsam Emperoure ma y th cristian, hag eff a wothya an auctorite an egglos, ha rag henna eff a rug obeya gans vvelder. Mar teffa an epscobow han brontyryan in tyrmyn passis, in weth an dus leg, dysky ha practysya aga duty haga vocacyons, dre an exampill ma Surly ny russa an egglos a crist dos then dishonor han disordyr a wylsyn ny, na ny vea vices ha drokoleth mar fre vsyys, So dre reson an

reson y bos/ an mater ma settys in mes largely in Sacrament a penans, me a vyn cowse ha desquethas thewgh pan a commodite ha profet vs thynny cristonnyan dre an Catholik egglos ma a crist. Yma agan meister, redymer ha Sovyour Jhesu crist, in aweyll a S Jowan, ow comparya ha ow hevely y honyn the wethan grappys, ha ny oll thyn barrow, ow leverell in delma. MANETE IN ME ET EGO IN VOBIS. Gurteugh why inna ve, henew in feith an egglos, ha me a ra gurtes innow why. A arluth len a vercy, pan a confort ha commodite ew hemma ragan ny an cristonnyan, the gafus crist tregys innan ny (!) ha pella eff a leverys. Mar teugh why ha gurtas inno ve, ha ow gyrryow ve inno why, govynnogh an pith a vennogh hag eff a vith res thewhy. Dre hemma ny ew sure, mar ten ny ha gurtas in Catholik egglos, ha Imbrasya ha strotha an feith han discans an egglos, nena crist y honyn dre grace ara trega trega innan ny ha inweth agan pesadow a vith clowys. Rag heb dowt nynses thyn trygva in crist, mas ny a dryg in vnyta ay Catholik egglos, kepar dell levar S Ciprian. NON POTEST HABERE DEUM PATREM QUI NON NOUIT ECCLESIAM MATREM. Ny yll henna gafus du thy das, mas eff a aswonna an egglos the vos y vam, So flogh du a aswan an egglos the vos y vam, hag eff a groweth in ascra y y vam egglos, hag eff a vith sure na ra crist, an very spowse a sans egglos neffra y ankevy, na ankevy an pith a rella desyrya theworta lafull, ha in tyrmyn Noy ny ve nagonyn sawys bew, mas an re esa in lester noy, Indella ny vith nagonyn sawys theworth dampnacion, mas an re vsy in vnite an egglos a crist, ha rag hena

the ry thynny warnyng. Ima an doctur S agustyn ow cawse in dellma, QUISQUIS ERGO AB HOC CATHOLICA ECCLESIA FUERIT SUPERATUS, QUANTUMLIBET LAUDABILITER SE VIUERE EXISTIMET, HOC SOLO SCELERE QUOD A CHRISTI VNITATE DISIUNCTUS EST NON HABEBIT VITAM, SED IRA DEI MANET SUPER EUM. Hemma ew in agan eyth ny, Penagoll a vo deberthys the worth an Catholicall egglos. kyn rella eff supposya y honyn the vewa neffra mar ware na mar worthy, whath an egglos a crist vnite an egglos a crist nynsevith eff bewnas, mas an sorre a crist a dryg vghta. So pan ethom ew alegya S Augustyn, na den auncient vith in drama, pan rug du dre y profet Esay settya in mes thynny pycture ay egglos in dan an hanow a vyne yarde, han chy a ysraell (?) Ena ny a yll gwelas an pith a ren ny the aswone dre experiens, Rag Du a rug declarya, in kythsam parabill ma dre y profet, pandra ruga gull rag an chy a Israell fugur an egglos a crist, in pith a rug eff aga plansa in pow frutfull, ha eff a ros thethe gouernars da hag orders, dretha may alsans bewa ha plesya du. So in marver dell russens wilfully tyrry lays Du, hay ordynans, eff as braggyas in vaner ma. AUFERAM SEPEM EIUS, ET ERIT IN DIREOTIONEM, ETC. y myth eff, me a vyn kemeras theveis an ke aw vyne yard, may halla peryssya. In della agan Savyour Jhesus crist a thelyas genan ny, an bobyll ay egglos, Rag neb a rugeff purchesya thenny dre y virnans hay bascion, ha eff an gafas ny in gwyth an catholik egglos, kepar dell ew therag leverys, eff a asas thynny lays rag synsy, ba sacramentys dretha may fenny preserviis. Ha ny drog pobyll
a rug y

A rug/ despisia oll y decreys, ha y ordynans eff ay Justys, ha according thy promys, in agan tyrmyn ny agan punyssya, hag eff a suffras an drog pobyll the denna thyn dore an paell han kee ay vyne yarde. Dre henna yth esa ow meynya pub ordyr da keffrys yn egglos ha yn common welth, Ha henna rag lyas blethan tremenys ha passyys. Lymmyn omma, tus vas, kyn na gesogh why ow consyddra an plag a behosow a thewethas in kith scisme a ve in agan myskny, a rug purchesya lyas ena mabden, whath na rewgh dyssymbla, na ankevy an mysery a russyn ny oll the suffra thea an termyn may fenny debyrthys the worth an egglos a crist. Alas, pan woys cristonyan a ve scoyllys agy thyn wlas ma, dre agan kentravoggyan agan honyn (!) Pan a lyas gwethfas a ve .gesys heb confort (?) pan lyas flogh omthevas a ve gesys heb confort na succur (?) pan lyas testament ha blonogath an marow a ve tyrrys ha gesys heb coIynwall gans intentys ha ordynans anethe (?) pan a abbys a ve twolys thyn dore, pan a colyges, pan a chauntreys,a ve towlys then dore (?) Pan egglossyow a ve robbys, Ea, han pore creaturs a crist gesys the famya rag fowt bos, dewas, hag ethom dyllas, ow crya out, so nynso tyrmyn nena may fons clowys. Oll an rema sure, gans mere moy, a theth warnan ny dre reson y bosen gyllys in mes thean chy a thu. Rag henna in hanow crist gesogh ny the lamentya oll warbarth ha bos eddryggys rag agan mos war straye. gesow ny the gotha thyn dore flatt therag du agan tas, ha gwren confess

gwren confessia/ agan transgressyon ha humbly desyre may hallan bos recevys gans crist in y chy, henna ew, an egglos. kenfene ny oll an dythyow agan dewnans kepar ha servans gober. QUIA MELIOR EST DIES VNUS IN ATRIIS TUIS SUPER MILIA, vn dith, arluth, ew gwell spendyys in the chy ge, agys myll dith spyndyys in ken forth. fynally mar ten ny ha contynewa fleghys obedyent, in ascra agan mam Sans egglos, ny a vith megys gans an bos a lell feith ha bewek, ha mes an kyth fyntan na y ra spryngya thynny ha innan ny mer a benegyttar a bewnans, ha quyat in consciens, ha mar happyn thyn cotha dre gwannegreth, yma thyn gweras rag agan drehevall in ban arta, han gweras na ew an sacramentys benegas, dre an confort ha gweras a rena ny a vith gwrys cryffe ha pub dith moye ha moy appla the procedia in pub kynde a virtu, in delma ow cafus omma war an.bys agan mam Sans egglos, an pith ew an verye spowse agan Savyour Jhesus crist, an lell mab du, ny a yll bos bolde the gylwall war thu agan tas, ha bos sure assuryys fatell vyn eff agan clowas ny, kepar hay flehis kernsyak, ha ry then ny an herytans in gwlas neff, An pith ew preparyys ragan ny, dre agan Savyowre Jhesu Crist,
Thotheff, gans an. tas, han Spurissans
rebo honor, preysse ha
glory heb deweth.
Amen Quod J.T.
H. Pendilton sacre theologie professoris.

Kepar ha in pub naturall core polytyk, in della in egglos militant (an pith ew mystical corfe), in vhelder ha in eselder a res kafus gouernors in myske an mymbers anethy, kyn ny yll endurya pell. ha rag henna agan Savyoure a rug specially, pan esa eff omma war an bys, appoyntya y aposteleth hay disciplis, han re a theffa war aga lyrth y, the kafus an cure ha the ouerwelas ha gouerna y egglos bys gorfen an bys. Ha rag na rella den vith despisya an auctorite ay appostlis, yma crist ow leverell in xiii-as chapter a Jowan. AMEN, AMEN, DICO VOBIS, QUI ACCIPIT SI QUEM MISERO, ME ACCIPIT, QUI AUTEM, ME ACCIPIT, ACCIPIT ENIM QUI MISIT. hemmew the leverell, Veryly, Verily, me a levar thewhy, neb a rella receva henna a rellan ve danvon, y ma worth ow receva ve, ha neb. a rella ow receva ve, eff a vith ow receva neb a rug ow dynvon ve, ha in x-ves chapter a luk y ma ow leverell in delma, QUI VOS AUDIT, ME AUDIT, ET QUI VOS SPERNIT, ME SPERNIT, QUI AUTEM ME SPERNIT, SPERNIT EUM QUI ME MISIT. henew the leverell. Neb a rella agys clowes why, eff am clow ve, ha neb a rella agys despisia why, y ma worth ow despisia ve, ha neb a rella ow despicia ve, y ma ow despicia henna a rug ow dynwyn ve, hen o, Ow thas a neff. y ma S paull ow cowse, An aposteleth a crist, ha oll an rena a ve in ministers in egglos a crist thea nyna bye in dith hethow, han charg anetha ow rewlya an flok a crist in iiii-a chapter thyn Ephesians. IPSE DEDIT QUOSDAM QUIDEM APOSTOLOS, QUOSDAM AUTEM PROPHETAS, ALIAS VERO EVANGELISTAS, ALIOS AUTEM PASTORES, ET DOCTORES, AD CONSUMMATIONEM SANCTORUM IN OPUS MINISTERII, IN EDIFICATIONEM CORPORIS CHRISTI, DONEC OCCURAMUS OMNES IN VNITATEM FIDEI

ET AGNITIONIS FILII DEI IN VIRUM PERFECTUM, IN MENSURAM ETATIS PLENITUDINIS CHRISTI. VT IAM NON SIMUS PARUULI FLUCTUANTES, NEQUE CIRCUM FERAMUR OMNI VENTO DOCTRINE, IN NEQUITIA HOMINUM, IN ASTUTIA AD CIRCUMUENTIONEM ERRORIS. Hemma ew the leverell, Crist a rug ry power ha appoyntya ran the vos appostles, ran profettys, ran aweylers, ran beguleth devas, ha the dysky the perfettha the collynwell in benegytter the wull an pbereth a mynystra rag edyfya an corfe a crist, bys may teffan ny oll ha dos warbarth in vn vnyte a crisgians ha feith, han gothfas a vab du, then stat a den perfect, warlyrth an measure an lene oys a crist, ha na venny a lemma rag kepar ha flehes ow shackya gans pub waffe, na bos ledys gans pub blast a thyscans, in.drogkoleth dre wyllnes a throg pobyll ow quandra a leys rag agan deseyvya ny. An kyth sam text ma a S paulle pleynly syttys the rag agan lagasow an auctorite han gevernans a rug agan savyour appoyntia the contynewa bys gorfen an bys in y egglos, ha fatell ve an appostres, aweilers, prophettys, dyscans, ha progothorryan y ffe rys gans crist thy bobyll rag aga gouerna, ha gans henna yma S paulle in kythsam tyllar ma ow dysquethas rag pan a purpos ew gouernement an parna, hag auctorite instytutys. Rag edyfya spiritually an holl corfee, in feith, ha rag lell defence then holl corffe, theworth an poyson a heresy. In dede nynses tra vith moy a yll supressy heresy ys an gouernans an egglos, mar petha estemys accordyng the henna, hag obeyys kepar dell vsy S Ciprian ow recordya, an martyr benegas, in y kynsa lyver han tryssa chapter, kepar dell vsa omma ow folya. NE ALIUNDE

NEQUE ALIUNDE/ HERESES OBORTE SUNT, AUT NATA SUNT SCISM.ATA, QUAM INDE QUOD SACERDOTI DEI NON OBTEMPERATUR. NEC VNUS IN ECCLESIA AD TEMPUS SACERDOS, ET AD TEMPUS IUDEX, VICE CHRISTI COGITATUR, CUISI SECUNDUM MAGISTERIA DIUINA, OBTEMPERARET FRATERNITAS VNIUERSA, NEMO ADUERSUS SACERDOTUM COLLEGIA QUICQUAM MOUERET, hemmew the styrrya, Na in tyller arell, na dre menes arell, ew heresy springys in man, ha scismes drehevys, mas rag na gus obedyens res thyn minister neb ew an pronter a thu, na onyn ew consyddrys na supposys the vos in egglos, Rag an tyrmyn an prontyr, ha rag an tyrmyn an Judge, in stede a crist, ha the onyn, mar teffa an holl brodereth obeya according then commondmentys a thu, ny vynsa den vith styrrya na gwaya warbyn an colleges po company a prontyrryan. Dre hemma why a yll percevya fatell o an conclusyan a S Cyprian, po Judgment, an gouernement an egglos the amyttys the onyn, ha henna the vos reputyes kepar ha vicar crist, the lettya ha suppressya hereses, han gouernar na the vos obeyys gans oll an cristonnyan, han kyth tra na a yll bos prevys very pleyn dre an scripture, Rag yma an scriptur ow prevy fatell rug agan savyour appoyntya Pedyr thyn kyth vhell rome ma, ha thotheff a ve res ha delyuerys an charge war oll an flok a. crist, ha the nagonyn vith erell oll an aposteleth. In xxi-ans a S Johan, y thew scriffys fatell rug agan Savyour, wosa y resurreccion, apperia in mor in tyllar gylwys Tiberias the certan ay abosteleth, ha yn aga mysk y thesa Pedyr,.ha ena eff a gemeras kynsa bara ha puscas. haga ros ran the appostlis

Aposteleth/, ha pan russans ena refressya agan honyn, crist a leuerys the Pedyr. SIMON JOHANNIS DILIGIS ME PLUS HIIS (?) DICIT EI, ETIAM, DOMINE TU SCIS, QUIA AMO TE. DICIT EI, PASCE AGNOS MEOS. DICIT EI ITERUM. SIMON JOHANNIS DILIGIS ME (?) TUM AIT ILLO ETIAM, TRISTIS, DOMINE QUIA AMO TE. DICIT EI, PASCE AGNOS MEOS. DICIT EI TERTIO, SIMON JOHANNIS AMAS ME (?) CONTRISTATUS EST PETRUS, QUIA DIXIT EI TERCIO, AMAS ME (?) ET DIXIT EI, DOMINE TU OMNIA NOSTI, TRISTIS, QUIA AMO TE, DICIT EI, PASCE OUES MEAS. hemew the leverell, Symon mab Joannes, esta ge worth ow cara ve moy ys an rema (?) eff an gorthebys, Ea, arluth, te a wore henna, fatell caraff ve ge. Eff a leverys, gwra maga ow eyne ve. nena eff a gowses thotha arata haga leuerys. Symon mab Joaness esta worth ow cara vy (?) pedyr a worthebys, Ea, arluth, te a wore fatell ra ve the cara ge. crist a leverys, mage ow eyne ve. nena eff a gowsys thotha an tryssa trevath, Symon mab Joannes, esta worth ow cara ve (?) pedyr a gemeras dewan, rag crist the leverell thotheff try torne, esta ge worth ow cara ve (?) pedyr whath an gorthebys haga leverys, Arluth, te a wore pub tra, ha te a wore fatell ra ve the cara. Eff a leverys the pedyr, gwra maga ow devis. An kyth processe ma an scripture an gefas lyas cyrcumstans the vos notyys. An kynsa ew, y thesa apostles erall ena present, ha in aga myske y theas henna esa crist pub vr ow kull mer anotha, henno S Johan, whath agan Savyour a rug dyrectya y cowse, hag eff a cowsys the pedyr only, ow signifìa an mater esa ef ow cowse anotha the pertaynya the pedyr chyfly ha principally, so not the onyn vith an re erell an apostlys. Arell ew, han second circumstance the vos omma consyddrys, ew fatell rug agan sovyour govyn

worth pedyr very ernysch, mar sega eff. worth y gara gara eff moy ys onyn arell an aposteleth. Han tryssa cyrcumstans ew hemma, fatell rug crist commyttya ha ry an charg, kyffrys ay eyen ha y devas, the pedyr. An cyrcumstans ma ha moy havall then rema mar pethens consyddrys inta, y mowns ow prevy clere, fatell ve an vhell charge a egglos cristmilitant omma in bys commyttys ha res the pedyr. Ha thyn kythsam purpose ma yma ow agan savyour ow cowse arta the pedyr in tyller arell screffes in xvi-as chapter a S Mathew in vaner ma. VENIT AUTEM JHESUS IN PARTES PHILIPPI ET CESARIE, ET INTERROGABAT DISCIPULOS SUOS, DICENS. QUEM DICUNT HOMINES ESSE FILIUM HOMINIS (?) AT ILLI. DIXERUNT, ALII JOHANNEM BAPTISTAM, ALII AUTEM HELIAM, ALII VERO IHEREMIAM, AUT VNUM EX PROPHETIS, DIXIT ILLIS JHESUS, VOS AUTEM QUEM ME ESSE DICTITIS (?) RESPONDENS, SIMON PETRUS DIXIT, TU ES CHRISTUS, FILIUS DEI UIUI. RESPONDENS AUTEM JHESUS DIXIT EI, BEATUS ES SIMON BARIONA, QUIA CARO ET SANGUIS NON REUELAUIT TIBI, SED PATER MEUS QUI IN CELIS EST, ET EGO DICO TIBI QUIA TU ES PETRUS, ET SUPER HANC PETRAM EDIFICABO ECCLESIAM MEAM, ET PORTE INFER(N) NON PREUALEBUNT SUPER ADVERSUS EAM, ET TIBI DABO CLAUES REGNI CELORUM ET QUODCUMQUE LIGAUERIS SUPER TERRAM, ERIT LIGATUM IN CELIS, ET QUODCUMQUE SOLUERIS SUPER TERRAM, ERIT SOLUTUM ET IN CELIS, Hennew the leverell. Jhesus a theth then costes a cesarye philippi, hag eff a wovynnys worth y apostlis ha y disciplis, Pew vsy ow cows the vos an mab a then (?) Ha y a leveris, Ran, Jowan baptist, ran helyas, ran Jheremyas, po onyn an prophetes. Jhesus a leverys thethans y, So pew a leverough why y bosama

why ow bos ve (?) nena Symon pedyr a rug gurryby, haga leverys. Te ew mab an du a vewnans. ha Jhesus an gurthebys, hag a leverys, benegas ostage, Symon mab bariona Joanna, Rag ny ruge kyge na goose desquethes henna theso ge, mas ow thas ve vs in neff, ha me a lever theso ge, Te ew pedyr, po an garrack, ha war an garrak ma me a vyn byldya ow egglos, han yeattys a yffarne ny ra prevaylya war y byn, ha me a vyn ry thoso ge an alwetho a wlascor neff, ha penagull a rylly kylmy in bys omma, eff a vith kylmys inweth in neff, penagull a rylly degylmy omma in bys, eff a vith in weth degylmys in neff. An gyrryow ma a crist a ve cowsys pell therag an tyrmyn a rug crist ry an commondementys arell the pedyr, henno the maga y flok, han pith ow commondys performys in telythow erell ew omma commondys in gyrryow ma a crist. In teller arell yma crist ow gora pedyr in auctorite, ow leverell in delma. Gwra maga ow eyn ha maga ow deves. In gyrryow ma ny gusy eff mas ow promysya an auctorite ma thotheff ow leverall theso ge me a vyn ry an alwetho a wlascore neff, ha penagull rylly lowsya po kylmy in bys, eff a vith lowsys ha kylmys in neff. Tra vith na gere vith havall thyn gyrryow ma ny rug crist cowsse the onyn vith arell ay abosteleth severally, mas generally the pedyr ha the oll aga hynsa warbarth, mas Thomas y thesa theworta. Crist a cowsys an gyrryow vs scriffes in xx-as chapter a Jowan, henew the leverell, Recevogh why an spuris sans, an pehosow a reugh why remyttya, y a vith gevys, han pegh a rellogh retaynya y a vith retaynys.

Ha in xviii-as chaptu a mathew crist a leveris thyn xii, pan a dra a rellow why kylmy war an nore, eff a vith in weth kylmys in neff, ha pan a dra a rellogh lowsya in nore, eff a vith lowsys in neff. ha na ve agan savyowre crist intendys the ry the pedyr specyall auctorite, a vgh aga hensa, pan a othom vea cowse hemma Severally the pedyr, hag eff the cowse in generally thethans y oll therag dorne. Ha pan dra esa eff ow menya the pedyr mas specyall privileg pan ruga promysya the ry thetho an alwetho a wlas neff in presons a oll an xii-ak (?) y tho privileg ha prerogatyff the pedyr. Agan Savyour dre I thevyne skeans a rug pers percevya fatell ova necessary the onyn bos vgh an holl multytude an pith o, hag ew, numbyr a lyas change nacion, kepar dell ew an catholyk egglos. rag henna eff a poyntyas pedyr thyn office na, ha pedyr pan ruga receva office an parna the worth crist, eff a rug contynewally y exercysa, ha oll an appostlys a rug y suffra eff. Rag henna y thewa scriffys in kynsa chapter in actus appostolus, fatell rug pedyr in contynent a wosa an ascencion a crist Sevall in ban in cres an elect pobyll han feithfull, thega movya y the thewys onyn rag bos in rome esa Judas ynna. An kyth office ma ny vynsa pedyr kemeras na ve crist the ry thotha an auctorite kepar dell ew therag declarys in ii-de an actus appostlis. I thew scryffys fatell rug pedyr kemeras warnotha in presens a oll an appostlys the gowse in aga hanow y oll then bobyll war du fencost myttyn, strygh(t) whare wosa y the the receva an spurissans in heveleb a tavosow a dane, kepar dell ew scriffys in iii-a in actus appostols, ha fatell rug pedyr sawya den effreg ha y tho effreg thea ban ve genis

a dore y vam. ha pan rug an bobyll gull mur (“mar” in MS.) aneth an myrakyll na, Pedyr a rug ena thetha narracion, kepar dell ew mencion gwrys in iiii-a, in v-es, ha in vi-as an actus appostolis, ha in lyas tellar arell in kythsam lyfer na. Oll an tellythyow na in scriptur a gotha persuadya colonow an bobill neb ew da ha feithfull the supposya fatell rug agan Savyour ry an auctorite na the Pedyr vgh oll aga hensa, war an hooll egglos, the the wetha vnyte hag ordyr da the vos gwethis in egglos. Whath rag agys satysfya pella in mater ma why a ra clowas omma pan dra vsy an auncyent aucthor ow cowse. Origine o mablyan bras, ha eff a ve agy the cc blethan wosa crist. in y Exposicion war an vi-as chapter an pistlis a S paull then Romains, scriffes in vaner ma. PETRO CUM SUMMA RERUM DE PASCENDIS OUIBUS TRADERETUR, ET SUPER IPSUM TANQUAM SUPER TERRAM FUNDARETUR ECCLESIA, NULLIUS CONFESSIO VIRTUTIS ALTERIUS, NISI CHARITATIS EXIGITUR. Hemew the leverell. Pan ve an vhella aucthorite the pedyr reys rag maga an devas a crist, ne ve whelys theworth eff an profession a virtu vith, mas oly a charite. An my martyr benegas S Ciprian, in lyas tyller yma ow affirmya hemma ha in mysk oll re erell in y pistill scriffys AD JUBAIANUM. MANIFESTUM EST, VBI ET PER QUOS, REMISSIO PECCATORUM DARI POSSIT. NAM DOMINUS, PRIMUM PETRO SUPER QUEM EDIFICAUIT ECCLESIAM SUAM, ET VNDE VNITATIS ORIGINEM INSTITUIT, ET OSTENDIT, POTESTATEM ISTAM DEDIT, HEMEW THE LEVERELL, I thew mani manifest

pe le, ha dre pewha, a vith remyscion a behosow reys. Rag agan Savyour Jhesu crist a ros an kynsa power ha auctorite the pedyr, ha war an power ma eff a rug buldya y egglos, ha the worth henna eff a rug ordeynya ha disquethas an dalathvas an vnite the procedya, ha yn kythsam chapter na epistyll na eff a leverys. ECCLESIAM QUE VNA EST, FUNDAUIT SUPER VNUM. hennew, Eff a fowndyas y egglos, ha nansew na moy mas onyn, war onyn. yma S Basyll ow scryffa in y lyver the Tauonius. PER HANC VOCEM INTELLIGIMUS JONE FILIUM, QUI FUIT EX BETHSAIDE, ANDREE FRATREM, QUI EX PISCATORE, IN APOSTOLATUS MINISTERIUM VOCATUS EST, QUI QUONIAM FIDE PRESTABAT, ECCLESIE IN SE EDIFICACIONEM SUSCEPIT. henew dre an voyce ma, ny a ra vnderstondia mab Jonas, neb o thea Bethsaida, brothar Androw (henna o Pedyr), ef a ve gylwys the worth puscador then mynystery an ab a onyn an abosteleth, ha dre reson y vosa mar sure in feith, an egglos a ve buldys warnotha. yma S Ambrose in y peswora sermon ow leverell in delma, PETRUS DENIQUE PRO SOLIDITATE DEUOTIONIS ECCLESIARUM PETRA DICITUR, SICUT AIT DOMINUS, TU ES PETRUS ET SUPER HANC PETRAM EDIFICABO ECCLESIAM MEAM, PETRE ENIM DICITUR, QUOD PRIMUS IN NACIONIBUS FIDEI FUNDAMENTA POSUERIT, ET TANQUAM SAXUM IMMOBILE, TOCIUS OPERIS CHRISTIANI COMPAGEM MOLEMQUE CONTINEAT. hennew, fynally pedyr, rag an sowndnys han substans ay devocyon, ew gylwys an garrak a sans egglos, kepar dell leverys agan savyour. te ew Pedyr, ha war an garrak ma me a vyn buldya ow egglos. Inded Pedyr ew gylwys carrak dre reson eff the vos an kynsa a rug laya an fowndacion, henew an feith, in mysk an gentyls, ha kepar ha men po carrak na yll bos gwayys, eff a rug contynewa ha gwetha an fram han weight an holl egglos

a crist. S Augustyn in kepar maner in xxvi-ans ay sermons, DE SANCTIS, ha in xvii-as sermon, DE TEMPORE, so in mogha notabyll in . 124 . sermon, DE TEMPORE, ena y ma eff ow kull largy processe a pedyr, ha in myske re erell ow cows a pedyr deniall y vester in vaner ma. TOCIUS CORPORIS MORBUM IN IPSO CAPITE CURAT ECCLESIE ET IN IPSO VERTICE COMPONIT MEMBRORUM OMNIUM SANITATEM. henew, eff a rug omma menya crist, yma ow sawya in ver very pen an egglos, ow menya pedyr, an decease a oll an corfe, ha in guryn po an top an pen, eff a ra framya yehas the oll an mymbyrs erell. Omma ow ommyttya aucthors erall heb deweth, a dus coyth auncient ow tochya an primacie, bo an vhell ordyr a sans egglos, the vos res the pedyr gans agan Savyour crist y honyn, Me a vyn agys exortya why the remembra an wytnys ma a sans egglos. Ran ew tynnys in mes an very scripture, ran in mes an famous ha auncyent doctours a sans egglos, ha partly ha moyha especyall then consyderacion han consent an catholyk egglos, travith the dowtya in mater ma, mas an apostyll benegas pedyr o an vicar a Crist omma in bys, ha eff an Jeva vhella ha moy aucthorite generall agys onyn vith erell an abosteleth, han speciall purposse o, crist the vynnas gafus aucthorite an parna in vn den, ew rag preservya. an vnytye in y egglos han egglos na nynsew mas onyn. ny vanna g agys vnya na fella rag an tyrmyn ma, So in nessa homelie why
a clowith moy dre weras a thu an
tas, an mab, han spurissans
then rena rebo
Amen. Quod J.T.
Jo. Harpesfyld, sacre theologie
professoris et arcidiaconi London.

I thew scryffys in viii-as chapter in actys an appostolis fatell rug Symon magus offra the ry mona the pedyr mar mynna pedyr ry power thotheff, penagull person a rella eff ha gora y thewleff warnotha may teffans ha receva an spurissans. So rag an wyckyd han drog requestys ma eff a ve grevously rebukys ha reprovys. nena eff a gemeras owne a drega na fella in costna, henno in Samarya, ryb an appostlys. eff a fyas a lena the Rome, hag ena Symon magus a rug desevya an bobyll dre y enchontementys ha falsenes, kepar dell vsy Justinus an martyr ha den auncient ow recordia in y seconde Apologie, directys ha denvenys then Emperour .Antonyus, yma pleny ow testifya. Ireneus in weth in y kynsa lever, CONTRA HERESES, ow recordya henna, ha Symon magus a rug decevya ha dalla an bobyll in maner an parna may rug eff an bobyll y gemeras eff rag du, hag y a woras y ymag eff yn ban in Cyta, gans an superscripcion ma scryfys vghta, SIMONI DEO SANCTO, heno the leverall, The Symon an du benegas. So ny ve pell wosa an prankys ma the vos gwaryys dre Symon magus han bobyll in delma ledyys ha dalheis gonsa Na rug Du dynvyn y chyff apostill pedyr the the rome, neb a rug confondya Symon magus ha y ouercommya. In weth eff a drellyas mer an bobyll then feith a crist, kepar dell ew gwrys mencion in xiiii chapter in seconde lever a Eusebius, ECCLESIASTICALL HISTORYE. Now, pan o an kythsam appostil ma pedyr, dre voth du ha dre an providens a thu, drys the rome, ena eff a rug contynewa Epscop in.kythsame rome na xxv-ans a blethynnyow hag ena ef a rug

suffra y glorius martyrdum in dewtha blethan a reign an cruell Emperour Nero, ha hemma yma S Jherom ow recordya in dalleth ay story, DE ECCLESIASTICIS SCRIPTORIBUS, in vaner ma. Symon pedyr, mab Joannes, thean province a Galile, ha thean dre a Bethsaida, brother the Androw an appostill, A wosa y Epscobath in Antyoche, ha wosa y pregoth in pontus Galacie, cappadocia, asia, ha bithinia, thyn Jewys neb ow dispersys a leys in lyas pow, Eff. a theth the Rome the ouercommya Symon magus, hag ena eff a wethas y stall pemp blethan warnegans bys in dewetha bletha(n), honna o an xiiii-as a reign Nero, ha dre henna, y virnans, eff a recevas an curyn a martyrdom. y ben a ve treylys thyn dore in crowse, ha y dreys in ban, Rag eff the accontya y honyn na gova worthy the vos crowsyys in kepar maner ha forme dell ve y mester, crist. Yma S Ambros ow kull mencion a virnans, han martirdom, a pedyr ha poulle in Rome, ow leverall in delma in lxx sermon. I thesaff ow supposya na veva heb cowse bras an ii the suffra in vn dith, in vn tyller, ha in dan vn persecutor. In vn dith, rag may hallans mos the crist warbarth. In vn tyller, rag na vo an naneil a nethy destitute a Rome. ha In dan vn persecutor, rag may halla kepar cruelt[possible omission in Bice 1994] aga latha y kyffrys. An Jeth o rag aga merite, an tyller rag aga glory, an persecutor rag aga virtu. Ha in pan a deller a russens y suffra martirdom (?) poran in Rome, neb ew an pen ha chife cyte an bys, rag an tent

An entent/, neb a ve an pen han dalleth a supersticion, may teffa ena growetha ha powas an pen han dalleth a benegytter, ha neb a rug ve an prince an heynes, hen ew, Prince an Jewys, tregys, Ena an princes a Sans egglos a res thetha growetha. In delma y ma S Ambros ow leverall, ha the henna yma Egesippus ow recordya, an den auncient, in ytryssa lever, an Destruccion a Jherusalem, ha in kepar maner Dionisius, an epscop a Corinthe, ha Caius inweth neb a rug bewa in tyrmyn sepherinus, an epscob a rome, kepar dell vsy ow apperya moy largia in xxx-ans chapter an lever a Eusebius, ECCLESIASTICALL HISTORY. Ef I fe desquethis in homelye therag hemma fatell rug agan savyoure appoyntya pedyr in brassa rome ys onyn vith an abosteleth erell, ha in kysam homelie ma y thew desquethis fatell rug pedyr dos the Rome, ha pan a peldar a ruga bewa ena, ha pan deweth ha martirdom a veva in Rome. lymmyn a wosa hemma eff a vith desquethis ha previs thewgh omma fatell ve, ha fatell ew, dre an cat catholik egglos oll an Epscobow a rome a ve thea tyrmyn Pedyr estymys, iudgys, ha kemeris rag an successors han folyars a Pedyr ín y especiall hag vhell office, ha the Pedyr, han re a ve thea nena, yma res thetha an rule han gouernement an holl flok a crist, dre blonogath Du, oma in bys, ha kynsa my a vyn dalleth gans an auncient auctor Ireneus. y ma ow leverell in tryssa chapter ay trissa lyver warbyn hereses fetell ew an egglos a rome an brassa, an cotha, egglos, han brassa assonys a oll egglosyow, ha fatell ve hy foundyes dre an auncient appostles

Pedyr ha powle, ha dre an succession an epscobow a rome thea tirmyn pedyr bys in dith hethow, an gwyr a ve derives a thorne the thorne, may halla ynna bos gothvethis eysy, ea, kefys ha gwethis in rome. Ha war hemma y ma Ireneus ow cowse pella an gyrryow ma. AD HANC ENIM ECCLESIAM PROPTER POTENTIOREM PRINCIPALITATEM NECESSE EST CONUENIRE OMNEM ECCLESIAM, HOC EST EOS QUI SUNT VBIQUE FIDELES. hennew the leverall, Rag thyn kythsam egglos ma, ow menya hag ow poyntya then sea bo stat a rome, rag an principall nerth anethy, oll an holl egglos a crist, henew the leverell, oll. an re ew feithfull (po lene a feth) pennagill a vons y, a res assembla po reperya thethy, ha y ma S Augustin ow hagrea the hemma in y 102 Epistill, ow leverell, fatell rug in egglos a Rome an primacye (hennew an chyff) an appostlis an sea (hennew stall an appostilis) a rug pub vr shynya ha florissya, han kythsam S Augustin ma, ow scriffa warbyn onyn, Petilianus, neb a rug despisia an sea han stall a rome (kepar dell vsy an heretikys lymmyn hethew in Jeth), ow screfa in vaner ma. Mar pe oll an epscobow an bys re an parna, kepar dell esta se falsly ow reportia y the vos, pandra rug an sea postall a rome theth hurtya ge, neb a rug pedyr setha, ha lymmyn yma Anastasius ena ow setha, ha pan dra rug an sea postall a hierusalem theth hurtya ge, neb a rug Jamys setha, ha lymmyn y ma Joannes ena ow setha(?) ganso eff ny ew kylmys in catholik vnite, ha the worta why a rug devydya agys honyn, ìn agys drog ha wickyd rag ha fury. praga reta gelwall an sea han stall an aposteleth an sea ha stall a pestilence, mar sesta worth y wull Rag kerensa an.dus, an pith esta ow supposia the

brogath an la. So, ny vynys colynwall an la, a rug agan savyour, a supposta, inivry ha cam an parna then stall po cheare an scribys han phariseis, An rena yma eff ow cowsse, y a cowsse gwell dell ronsy gull, etc. (?) Pella yma an martyr benegas S.Ciprian in tressa epistill yn y kynsa levyr ow cowse warbyn sertayn re a rug dyssabb dysobeya ha despisia Cornelius, an epscop a rome, in vaner ma. NEQUE ENIM ALIUNDE HERESES OBORTE SUNT, AUT NATA SUNT SCISMATA, QUAM INDE QUOD SACERDOTI DEI NON OBTEMPERATUR, NEC VNUS IN. ECCLESIA AD TEMPUS SACERDOS, ET, AD TEMPUS IUDEX, VICE CHRISTI IUDICATUR, CUI SI SECUNDUM MAGISTERIA DIUINA OBTEMPERARET FRATERNITAS VNIVERSA, NEMO ADVERSUS SACERDOTUM COLLEGIUM, QUICQUAM MOUERET. hemmew the leverell. Nensew nahene cowse y bos hereses drehevys ha scismes springes ha tevys, mas rag y bos an prounter a thu despisiis ha na gewa obeys (heno Cornelius, epscop in.Rome nena) ha rag na gus onyn kemerys in egglos the vos an vhell pronter, ha rag an tyrmyn the vos ivdge in stede a crist, bo vicar crist, ha the henna mar pe an holl fraternity han bredereth, according then commondement a thu, obedient, ny vynsa den vyth gwaya na styrrya warbyn an bredereth a crist, an rena ew an coleg po company a prontyryan. S Augustin in weth a screfas warbyn an epistill a Mach Maniche. an pistill ma ew gylwys. FUNDAMENTUM. ow ry then stall a rom marvelous prerogative. Ha y ma ow buldya y feith in myske re erell, war an succession an epscobow a rome, neb a rug dos ha folya pedyr in ordyr thea dyrmyn

Evyn thea y dyrmyn/ eff, An pith o 300 blethan wosa crist. yma eff ow screffa in vaner ma. MULTA SUNT, QUE ME IN ECCLESIE GREMIO IUSTISSIME TENENT. TENET ME CONSENTIO POPULORUM, ATQUE GENTIUM, TENET AUCTHORITAS MIRACULIS INCOATA, SPE NUTRITA, CHARITATE AUCTA, VETUSTATE FIRMATA, TENET AB IPSO SEDE PETRI APOSTOLI, CUI PASCENDOS OUES SUAS POST RESURRECTIONEM SUAM DOMINUS COMENDAUIT, VSQUE AD PRESENTEM EPISCOPATUM SUCCESSIO SACERDOTUM. hennew, y ma lyas tra, a ra dre reson da ow gwetha ve in lays an egglos catholik, an consent a mar lyas ha mar ver pobill, nacions, ha gwlasow a ra gwetha an .auctorite an egglos, ow talleth gans myraclis, norysshys gans govenek, encresshys gans charite, ha confyrmys gans antiquite, henew cotheneb, ow gwetha in weth an succession an epscobow a ve thea pedyr an apostell han tyrmyn a rug agan Savyour wosa y thethyrryans commyttya y thevas the vos megys, bys in Epscop ma vs lemma in present tyrmyn ma. ow menya rag the wetha an catholik egglos. S Hierom inweth in y epistill the Damasus yma ow settya in mes very notably an primasie, han supremite an epscop a Rome. y bosans an successors, hennew an sewysy, a pedyr, ha in myske an re erell y ma eff ow leverell in delma. SI QUIS CATHEDRE PETRI IUNGITUR MEUS EST, hennew, Mar pith den vith ioynys the chear pedyr, po sensy then stall a pedyr, y thew ow servont ve, ha me an pewe, ha me a ra y receva ha Joynea gonsa. S Ambros in weth in y trissa levyr an sacramentys, ha in kynsa chapter, ow leverell in delma. ECCLESIA ROMANA HANC CONSUETUDINEM NON HABET, CUIUS TIPUM IN OMNIBUS SEQUIMUR, hennew, An egglos a rome, an pith esan ny ow sewya y trad in pub poynt, nyn sevas custom vith an parna.

y ma lyas aucthors erell a dus auncyent Rag an primacy, han supremacye an Sea ha stall a Rome. y ma lyas aucthor kyffrys an scriptur ha a dus coth auncient. So pan ethom vs a mar lyas auctor(?) Rag y thew gwelys nannsew myll blethan ha moy, fatell rug oll an rena a rug disobeya an sea han stall a rome a rug cotha in abominably heresy, ha war an heresy na, cotha in devision ha in stryff agy thetha aga honyn. Ha wosa henna in destruccion, ha agy the proces a dyrmyn arta bos lowenek the trelya thega dew obediens. Ha mar sowhy desyrus the gafus exampill in matyr ma, na rewgh mas meras war an pow ha gwlasow, ha war an bobyll vs in captiuite gans an turk bras. In termyn passyes, pan esans ow hagrea gans an sea ha stall a rome, y thesans, hag y a rug, florysshya in religion a crist ha in rychis an bys. Merowgh inweth war germany, ha kemerogh examply anethy, fatell russans prosperya agy thetha aga honyn, aban russens declynya theworth an obediens an sea han stall a rome. I thew marthussyan the welas fatell rug fatell rug an rena esans y ow kemeras rag aga doctors bras, ha scoll meisters, y a rug aga abusia, seducia, ha ga mockya, evyn in kethsame mater ma an primace, Rag luther in especiall ha vth oll aga hensa o aga gyder ha pen Leder an besow in mater ma, whath pan esa eff in myske tus dyskys, rag talkya an mater ma in aga mysk y ha gansans y, Eff a ve dryvys warthyller, may ruga in y lyver gylwys, RESOLUTION LUTHERIANA SUPER PROPOSITIONE SUA .13. DE POTESTÀTE PAPE, confessya plenly kepar dell vsy omm ow folya,


han supreme/ rulle, ha blonogeth du, penagoll a mean a vova gothvethis ha aswones y thewa the vos recevys, ha kemerys gans reuerens. Ea rag henn nyn sew lawfull folysly the wull resystens then kythsam epscop na a rome in y epscobeth. Han reason na ew mar vras ha a force an parna ken na ve scripture vith na cowse vith arell, whath hemma a vea sufficient lowre the ouercummya an re a vynna gull resystens. Ha dre an reson ma y honyn an martyr S Ciprian yma ow reiossya in mer y Epistlis, warbyn y yskerens ha yskerens a onyn vith an epscobow, kepar dell ren ny redya in tryssa leuer an myterneth. Ken rug oll an x tryb a Israell departia a theworth Roboam mab Salamon, whath dre reson y bosa gwrys dre an blonogeth a thu, y tho cryff ha fyrme heb aucthorite vith arell. Rag in myske oll an devynes an dra vsans ow kylwall ew an ober a thu, ha y thew the vos dowtys maga vur avell signe vith arell a vlonogath Du, kepar ha commondementys ha taclenow forbyddys, et c., ha raghenna ny alla gwelas fatell ensy excusys the worth an offence po pegh a scisme, neb an gwrella warbyn blonogeth ma. y mons ow homdenna aga honyn theworth aucthorite an Epscop a rome. An gymmyn ma luther a leverys, ha neb a vynna meras in y oberow a yll gwelas pan vaner marchant ova, ow tesevya an bobyll kepar dell rug eff, haga dry the wondyrs calatter, may ra an tryssa han peswora aes ahanan ny y glowas, Ea, ha smyrtya ragtha, mar te an bys ha durya mar bell. lymmyn the drelya the gen pow ny a

ynglonde, hemma a yll bos lell cowsys , a oll an gwlasow in cristoneth nynses onyn an gevas mar ver cawse the favera an sea han stall a rom dell gevas englond. Rag thea an sea han stall a rome an feith a theth omma thyn kyth Ilond ma, in tyrmyn mytern lucius, a dro the c. (cans) a (ha) l (hanter) a blethynnyow wosa crist, ha vi c. blethan wosa crist an Saxons a ve spredys drys oll an wlas, ha y thens Infideles, ha y fe danvenys omma the Englond an moyba notabill ha auncyent tus dyskys rag progath, han rena a rug convertya ha trelya lyas myll a vyllyow then feith. lymmyn why a well pan benefittys ha dadder a russyn ny receva thea rome. ny oll ew kylmys the percevya ha vnderstondia innan agan honyn, ha ry mer a grace the thu ragtha, poken y ma an tebell war agan dalla. Arta in weth pan a anken ha miseries a rug cotha in agan mysk ny thea ban russyn dysobeya an sea han stall a rome, ha thea ban rug princes temporall kemeras warnetha an office na, an pith ew spiritual, ha not ow longya thyn regall power, henew power mytern, mas y thewa pell defferent ha dystant the worta. ny res desquethes theugh an plagys a russyn ny suffra a thea leff du ragtha. rag concludia in mater ma hemma ew thegys exortia why, ha in hanow du thegys requiria the regardia an primaci han supremite a rome avell aucthorite appoyntys gans crist, rag preservia cristoneth in vn catholik ha lell feith, ha rag defendya hereses, ha the vos quiet agan honyn the servia du in y egglos catholik, ha purchasia an favour a thu ha grace in bewnans ma, ha the obtaynia an bewnans heb deweth, gans an tas an
mab han spurissans. Amen.
Quod Johannes Tregear
Johannes Harpesfilde sacre theologie
professoris et archidiaconi Londoni

A wosa y bos mabden vnwith graffys in Crist ha gwrys kevrennak ay virnans ha pascion, in myske re erall agan dutys, onyn an chyff duty ew the preparya agan honyn the vos worthy rag receva an Sacrament an aulter. the henna y ma ii tra in agan part ny requyrys, kepar dell levar S Basell, ha yma reson da ow confirmya, an neyl hennew owne, hay gela ew feith. An owne a res the tus cafus, pan rellens preparia aga honyn the thos then Sacrament ma, a res bos groundys war an terribill sentens a S paule in xi chapter in kynsa pistill then Corinthians. y ma ow leverel, Penagull a rella receva anotha ha na vova worthy, y ma ow tybbry ha ow heva y damnation y honyn. An feith a res thyn ny kafus in agan colonow, pan deffan thyn vois a crist, Ew the vos buldys in kepar maner war an aucthors an scripture, an pith a ra declaria thynny pan a vois ew henna a ren ny ena dybbry. Rag an parfect vnderstonding a henna, Gesow ny the consyddra fatell rug agan savyor Crist omma in bys gull solem promys a vois ha henna eff y honyn a vynna ry thynny, ha wosa henna in dede eff a ros henna according the promysse. Ow kull an promys eff a leverys kepar dell ew scriffes in vi-as chapter in aweyll a S Johan, An bara, po an foode, a vanna ve ry rag Ehas bewnans thyn bys. ha in chapter na in weth eff a leverys, ow kyge ew verely bos, ha ow gois ew verely dewas. ha kepar dell rug eff nena promysya, in della wosa henna eff a rug y perfumya, Evyn an dewetha nois a rug eff bos in company

gans y aposteleth the rag y virnans, ha in tyrmyn na eff a gemeras bara in y thewla, hag a leueris grace, haga rug y dyrry han ros thy disciplis, haga leuerris Kemerogh, debbrogh, henew ow corffe ve, a vith rys ragow why. Mar teneny comparia an gyrryow cowsys gans crist pan rug eff gul an promes a vois, the vos dretha eff thynny res, gans an gyrryow ma erall, a rug eff vttra ow ry an dra na, ny res thynny dowtya an pith a rug eff ry. In promes eff a leverys fatell vynna eff ry thynny y gyge ha ow performya an promes eff a ros henna, ow leverell Kemmerogh, debbrogh hemma ew ow corfe ve. Arta ow kull an promes, eff a rug affyrmya fatell o an kyg a vynna eff ry thynny the vaga warnotha, fatell vetha an kithsam kyge na a vetha rys rag an bewnans a oll an bys, ha in performans ay promys eff a leueris fatell o an dra esa eff ow ry y gorfe eff y honyn a vetha res the suffra myrnans ragan ny. Lymmyn an circumstans consydrys da, a rug agan saviour vsia worth an institucion an kith Sacrament benegas ma, A ra creffe an collonow a vo lell settys in crygyans a hemma. An tirmyn o an nois therag eff the suffra myrnans, the signifia thynny fatell o an bois na defferis bys in dewetha deth a ve agan Sovyour conuersaunt gans y appostlis. Eff a res purris bos y very corfe eff hay gois in dede, ha bois an parna na gus nagonyn the vos hev hevelys thotha. In weth in nosna agan Savyour a thebbras an pascall one gans y apposteleth the rag eff the institutia an Sacrament ma. ythew pleynly declariis y bos an sacrament

ma marvelus worthy mystery, han dra a ve figurys in pascall oyen in la coith, ha rag henna pan ve an sacrament institutys, henna a ve gesys ha na moy vsyys. Na nyngew heb consyderacion bras, na vynnas crist then kythsam bankat benegas na cafus naneyll y vam an wyrhes maria present ena gonsa, na onyn vith ay disciplis mas an xii apostell only, neb a rug eff appoyntya the vos pen ministers war oll y misteris omma in bys, ha specially the vos mynisters an kythsame Sacrament benegas ma, ha instructours the oll re erell in mistery na. Lymmyn pan dra vsy hemma ow menya (?) na rug agan savyour offra thethy an sacrament only, mas ow offra henna eff a leueris inweth thethy, T Kemerogh ha debrogh, kemerogh hag evogh. A ra tus vsya offra bois ha dewas the re, rag purpos vith arall, mas may teffans eva dybry hag eva anotha(?) Ha rag y vosa y corff eff ha y wois, rag.henna eff as commondyas y kynsa thy gemeras, ha na vonsy ownek the dybbry hag eva anotha. Pella ys hemma y thewa the vos merkyys inta, fatell vsy an iii aweylar, mark, mathew ha luke ow hagrya in vn maner institution an Sacrament ma, rag y a screfas aga aweylys in dyfferrens tyrmynnyow, mathew a screfas y aweil viii blethan wosa an ascencion a crist, Mark x blethan, Luke xv blethan, ha neb esa dowt in gyrryow cowsys gans crist,

Ran an aweylors, onyn po arell, a rug y egery plenly an very menyng anotha. Whath, rag tochya thyn gyrryow ma, hemew ow corffe vy, onyn vith an Aweylers ny gues ow cull mencyon na declarasion war hemma, so y mowngy oll ow casa henna thynny kepar dell ewa cowsys, ha mowns ow sowndya ha kepar ha gyrryow pleyn, ny gusans ow kull exposicion vith na interpretacion anetha. An poynt ma a res bos consyddrys inta, ha rag henna merkyow pan dra rug crist cowse, I thew Impossybyll the then rych entra in gwlascur neff. An menyng an gyrryow ma ew kemerys in lyas forth. Rag henna yma S Mark in x-as chapter ow declaria an very menyng anetha in vaner ma. I thew calys rag an re rych vsy ow tristya in aga substans the vos sawyys. arta Crist trevath arell a leveris then Jewys, Gwregh why lowsya an tempill, ha in iii dith me a ra y wull arta. ha rag y bos an vnderstonding an gyrryow ma calys ha dowtfull, po lene a thowtys, S Johan ena a rug aga expondia haga leveris, fattell rug crist, dre y tempill, menya y corfe, an pith a vetha dre an Jewes gorys then mernans, ha dretha eff arta sevys a vernans the bewnans then trissa dith. In vii chapter a Johan agan Savyour a leverys, Neb a crisse ynna ve kepar dell levar an scribis, ryvars a thowre a ra resek in mes anetha y, ha rag y bos an gyrryow ma tewlle, S Johan rag y egery a leverys. eff a cowsys an girriowma, mes an spuris. an re a rella cresy in eff a re receva. In xii-as chapter a S Johan,

Agan Saviour a leueris in vener ma, Mar petha ve lyftys in ban theworth an nore, me a vyn tenna pub tra oll thymmo ve ow honyn. Ha S Johan byanby a ros thyn ny exposicion. eff a. luereis dre hemma, eff a rug signifya pan kynde a virnans a re eff suffra. lyas tyllar arell y ma in scriptur nowith havell, So rag vnderstondïa an girryow ma, Hemmew ow corffe ve, ha whath an girryow ma ny gus onyn vith an aweylers ow kull mencion vith, Rag y bos an gyrryow pleyn ha symply the vos kemerys kepar dell vonsy kowsys. Pella agys oll an rema, yma in xi chapter a S paul then Corinthians goodly ha largy processe ow tochia thin sacrament ma, ha in oll an processe ma ny gus matter vith rag agan discans ny, mas may teffan ha cresy anotha y bos ynna an very corfe ha gois agan Savyour Jhesu crist. Rag kynsa, eff a vttras an girriow agan saviour kepar dell vsy an Awaylers, ha kepar dell rug eff leverell, Hemmew ow corff ve, ny rug eff declaria travith warnotha, Secondly, mar sugy onyn vith an Aweylers ow cull mencion a payne the vos dew then re a rella y receva vnworthy y ma S. paul ow leverell fatell ra an vnworthy recevans an sacrament ma dry iudgement ha dampnacion. An tryssa, y ma ow leverell fatell rug Du plagia cities, trevow, ha pow, rag y receva vnworthy gans lyas kynde a plagys, gwannegreth, clevas, ha mernans in weth. An peswora yma eff ow ry thyn kusyll diligently

rag examyna ha trya agan honyn, kyns ny the thos then vois a thu. Mar na ve an very kyge ha gois, hennew corfe crist, in sacrament ma an alter, praga a russa agan savyour cowse kepar dell rug eff cowse in promys gwrys a henna(?). Rag a ruga, kepar dell rug in institucion anotha, Praga na rug onyn vyth an Aweylers in della declaria an girryow a crist(?) Praga a rug S apul prononcea mar terribill girriow mar then re a rella y receva vnworthy, ha mar ernisly agan gwarnya ny an dew reparacion anotha, ha the vos gwrys thotha ha ragtha(?) I thew the vos cresys gans oll cristonnyan heb dowt vith y bos in sacrament an aulter an very corfe ha gois a crist, worthy the gafus oll an honor han glory a alla bos gans colan prederys. ynna yma in kythsame substans na vsa in neff, han dra the vos in crist y thew eysy lowre. eff ew du galosek gwreer neff ha nore, ha thotheff the wull pub tra ew eysy. kepar dell rug eff ry an corff na the suffra myrnans ragan ny thegan redymya, In della eff a ylly y ry in kith banket benegas ma thynny the vaga warnotha may halla eff bos oll in oll corfe agan savyour crist the vos in very dede in neff, in visibill forme a then, ha in sacrament an alter, invisibli in dan an visibill forme a bara ha gwyne. nynsew possibil thy power, neb a rug pub tra a dravith, naneyl vnsimile rag y

Quod thomas stephyn clerc

gerensa thynny, desquethis, neb a rug agan cara in della(?) ragan ny ne rug eff refusia the suffra mirnans, henna o mirnans in growsse, na nynso warbyn y vrys, neb a rug promysya in della dry y only mercy, ha gans y gere galosek eff a rug institutia an kith sacrament benegas ma. na nynsew vnvitty rag y skyans pan ruga in della y ordeyna may teffa pub naturall mam ha maga y flehes gans an substans ay corfe y honyn. ha praga a ra cristonnyan refusia the cresy in kith sacrament ma(?) Praga na russyn ny kyns y ymbrasia, ha ry grace the thu ragtha, rag y bosa an moyha precius Jewall, han brassa, bythqueth a ve in myske pobill mortall(?) Anna praga na reny preparia agan honyn worthely the receva, kepar ha in pup pynt arell a cristian religion, in della in cregians anotha, the ry crygeans the feith, ha dry reson ha. agan skeans in subiection indan feith. So na ren suffra agan goostly ysker dre carnall reasons thegen dry ny mes agan lell crygyans the heresy, ha tenna in mes quyt ha glan agan lell feith in mes agan colonow(?) Gesowgh ny lymmyn, tus vas oll, a lemma rag the vos constant ha feithfull in gwryoneth, ha kepar dell vsy oll an catholik egglos ow cresy, ha kepar dell rug pub vr crysy, gesowgh ny the persuadya agan honyn y bos in sacrament an aulter in dan an form a bara ha gwyne, An kithsam corfe na agan Savyour Jhesu Crist in substans, a ve genys an wyrhes maria, haga suffras ragan ny myrnans war an growse. thotheff, gans an tas han
spurissans rebo oll honor ha glory
heb deweth. Amen.
Quod Johannes
Tregear clericus
Johannes Harpesfelde, sacre theologie
professoris et Archidiaconus Londoniensis

Yma in sacrament an aulter ii tra specyally the vos consydris. An neyll ew an corfe han gois agan Savioure Jhesu crist, Ena ryally conteynys. y gela ew an forme a bara ha gwyn, in dan rena an corfe han gois a crist ew conteynys, an kynsa part why a clowas in dewetha homelie. Tuchia. an seconde, ken na vo travith na hene mas an generall cregians an chatholik egglos, eff alsa, ha eff a gotha thotha, bos sufficient grounde rag pub den da oll the byldya the y consciens warnotha, han egglosma y ma ow cresy na gus substans .vith a materiall bara ha gwyne, han substans a corfe crist ha y wois ene in weth conteynys. Ha whath dre reson ran a thewethas a rug talkya vaynly ha curiously an kythsam seconde part ma, ha y a woras lyas fonde dowt ynne ha scruples in colonow mer an bobill ow consernia an dra na. Why a vith, me a trust, instructys ha diskys, me a trust, in dra na largy lowre, ha kynsoll hemma ew the vos notys, fatell rug du thea dalleth an bys, lyas tyrmyn apperya the vabden, pare tyrmyn in vn sort, ha pare tyrmyn in sort arell. I thew scriffes in xviii-as chapter a genesis y thew scriffes fatell rug du ha iii oll gansa apperia the Abraham in hevelep the dus, ha fatell rug abraham aga receva. Pan a vater a vea hemma thynny omma besy the resna warnotha, fatell ylly du po ell apperia in hevelep a den, ha mars ega thetha lell corfow po nagessa(?) Ha mar crussons dibbry in dede po na russens, ha fatell alsans apperia in corfow po na alsans, Ea, ha pethesa an substans aga corfow(?) In trissa lyuer a exodus

Levyr a Exodi/, ny a rede fatell rug du apperya the Moyses In hevelep a flam a dan ow tois mes a busche. In v-as a Josue y thew recordys fatell rug onyn sodenly apperya the Josue havall the den ha cletha noith in y dorne. pan dra ill den vith leverell, fatell rug Du apperia in flam a dan, ha pan a substans a cletha o honna essa in dorne henna a rug apperia the Josue(?) Dre hemma y thew tege lowre the vndirstondia Pan danger ewa the reylya in moyha spytfully a ylly bos, ha gans very vylle termes ow Jestia gansa, ha in moyha vylla a rug vsya an presyvs corfe ha gois agan savyour Jhesu crist in sacrament ma an aulter. In aga oberow an parma fatell yllans gwetias favowre a thewleff aga thas a neff, hag I mar spyttefull, ow despisia an corfe han gois agan saviour crist y vab eff(?) So lymmyn rag procedya in rag the declaria an seconde tra the vos consyddrys in sacrament benegas an aulter, why a res theugh gothfas an presens agan sauyour Jhesu crist in kith sacrament ma an aulter nyn gew thyn entent na, crist the vos coversant omma genan ny yn kith sacrament ma in maner an parna kepar dell esa eff pan esa omma in mysk y appostlis, pan esa ow -ewa omma in bis, henew

the leverell, in visibill shap a then ha forme a then. mas y presens in sacrament ew an attent the vos spirituall foode thynny, ha rag henna eff ew present in sacrament in dan an forme a bara ha gwyne, in della maythew sertifyes (vel crefeis) agan seyght ny warves, hagan perseverens, gans an formes han qualites sencible, han holl densys gonsa, ow receva an corfe han gois agan savyour Jhesu crist. Yma S Agustyn ow leverell in y levyr gilwys SENTENTIE PROSPERI, y ma cristonyan ow honora in dan an forme a bara ha gwyne, an pith vsans ow quelas gans aga lagasow kyge, An corfe han gois agan saviour Jhesu Crist, An pith na gusans ow quelas. In weth, Ewsebius emissenus, den auncient, a thean egglos an grickys, ow cowse an ii part ow conteynya in sacrament an Aulter in vaner ma. Hemmew an dra esan ny ow entendie dris pub tra, ha dre oll an meynes a yllyn thy prevy, fatell vsy an sacrament an alter ew An pith vsy an sacrifice an egglos ow consistia, ha y thew gwrys a ii part, henew an visible formes an elementys, ha an invisible corfe ha gois agan savyour Jhesus crist, S Ciprian in y treatise, DE CENA DOMINI, yma clerly ow leverell fatell o an bara a rug crist ry the abostoleth, fatell ova gwrys kyge dre an galus han power a thu, ha fatell ova changys in nature so not in forme. Yma ewsebius ow leverall in sermon gwris a corfe crist in vaner ma. Crist an prontyr invisibli a ra trelya creaturs visibili dre y ger dre y secret power then substans a corfe ha gois. lymmyn rag

signifia an trelva an bara han gwyn thyn substans a corfe crist ha y gois, An egglos catholyk ara vsya an ger ma Transsubstantiation. Hennew mar ver the leverell avell, Chang a vn substans the arell, na nyn sew the vos contys vnfitty the vos in sacrament an aulter an forme a bara, ha not an an substans a bara, ha du an gwrer han factor anotha, thotheff nyn gew travith impossible. ny a rede in xx chapter a Exodus, fatell ve clowys sownde a trompet pan rug du dos thyn dore thea neff in mownt Sinai, ha whath ena nyn sesa materiall trumpet vith. In iiii-a levar an myterneth, ha in vii chapter, Du a rug cawsia sownde a verth, charettys, ha Army bras, ha whath ena nyn sesa na marth, charet, na army. In iii chapter a Daniell, y thew recordys an iii flogh the vos in furnyas in flam, hag y ny russans clowas tomder vith. In dellma ena y thessa an substans a dane, be whath ny rug lysky, an dew tra the then ew impossibly, So the thu y thew mater eysy. In xvii a mathew, ny a rede fatell ve crist transfiguris, ha fatell rug y face shynya kepar han howle ha y thillas a ve gwris maga whyn avell an yrth. In xxiiii a luk, crist a rug apperya the ii y thissiplìs ow mos the Emavs, kepar a stranger. In oll an kith examples

ma ny a well maga strang tra dell ew Transsubstantiation, ha whath ny rug den vith dowtya. dre reson y bos du an gwrear anetha, ny rug den vith govyn pew a rug hemma na henna, mas cresy an dra, han della ny a res thyn, haga goth thyn, consernyng an chang an substans an bara han gwyne thyn Substans a corfe crist ha y gois, ha not govyn fatell ylla bois. yma Justinus an martyr benegas ow affirmya an question ma, fatla y thew tokyn a thiscrygyans, ha S Cirill Cirill, war an vi chaptur a S Johan, ow leverall, S Johan a blamyas an Capernaitys Rag y the wovyn fatell o crist abill the ry y gyk thethy the thibbry. An gyrriow a n S Cirill ew an rema Ny rowns y govyn heb piety bras fatell yll an den ma ry thyny y gyk, ha ny russans y remembra tam vith na go travith impossible gans du, So gesow ny, e myth Cirill, the gafus sure feith in mater ma, na ren ny in mar vhell mater predery (na gewa possyble thagyn) gwrear, na ren ny govyn fatla (alsa bos devethys) So gwren ny gasa an gothvas ay obar thotha eff. y thugy S Chrisostum in kepar maner war an vi a Johan ow leverell, pan deffa an questyon ma, fatell ve travith gwryis, thagan mynde ny, nena yma ow tos gonsa discrigians yn weth. Whath dre reson in scriptur, an dra esan ny ow reseva, pan deffan then sacrament, ew gylwys bara, rag henna lyas onyn an gevith fantasy an parna. fatell veth res bos ena an substans a material bara.

y mowns ow desyvya aga honyn, ow myskemeras an significacion an germa, bara. kyn rellyn ny signifia bara gwrys a eys in agan commyn eyth, whath in scriptur yma ow signifia pup kynde a foode, beva foode an corfe po food an Ena, ha in della yma oll an girryow latyn, PANIS. Ken, pen rellan desyrrya du in agan PATER NOSTER, the ry thynny agan dayly foode, ny a rusa vnperfect peticion, dretha may thesan ow covyn worth du pub tra ew necessary ragan in food. In vi a Johan, Manna ew gylwis bara, so whath nynsew gwrys a kynde vyth a eys, ha in chapter na crist ew gylwys bara, rag y bos eff food an Ena. ha in kepar maner an kyge a crist in sacrament ew gylwys bara, ha not ena only, mas in pistlis a S paule then Corinthians, rag henna ew an foode a ren ny maga warnotha pan rellon receva an sacrament. In weth e thew conmyn trade in scripture the ylwell tra ay hanow a vova gwrys anotha vnwith, kepar hag Adam, ew gylwys dore, dre reson y bosa gwrys a dore. in weth the leverell, an dall a welle han effreg a ra kerthes, han bothar a glew, han omlavar a cowse, ow menya dre an dall, effreg, bothar, ha omlavar, an a re a ve therag dorne in della, so nena y tho ken maner. An iii-a, rag y bos an forme a bara ow remaynya whath in henna yma respect in weth gylwys bara, Rag an cawses ma ny gus feithfull colonow vith greviis war y gylwell bara in scriptur, mas ow groundia aga honyn war an gyrryow agan Savyour Jhesu crist, pan rug leverell hemew

ow corfe ve, ha rag gothfas henna whath the vos kyffris bara ha y corfe eff inweth war vn with ew impossibli, y thesans y ow lell cresy fatell o an substans a bara treylys thyn substans a corfe crist, ha indella ny oll a goth thyn cresy, neb a vynna bos esyly an egglos catholyk, ha in kythsam crygyans na ny a res honora an corffe han gois agan sauyour Jhesu crist in sacrament an aulter, kepar dell rug lell cristonyan vsya pub vroll. (yma) S Agustyn, in y exposition gwris war an 99 psalme, ow leverell, Ny a ra honora in dan an forme a bara ha gwyn, an pith a welyn, an corfe han gois a crist, an pith na reny gwelas. Rag henna, tus vas, why a wore lymmyn pan dra ew an lell crygyans ow tochia thyn sacramen(t) an aulter, gwregh ymbracya ha sewya ha gwreugh glena agys honyn.then catholyk egglos, an spow(s) a crist may hallogh bos an lell essylly po mymbers a crist, thotheff, then tas (benegas),
ha thyn spurissans (re.bo)
(oll honor ha glory)
(in gwlas neff heb)
per Johan.Tregear clericum
per me Thomas Stephyn
Jo. Harpesfilde, sacre theologie
proffessoris et Archidiaconi

(Sacrament an Alter)
I ma S Austen ow leverall in y levar entitulis DE VNITATE ECCLESIAE, in y x chapter. QUID HOC EST, ROGO? CUM VERBA NOUISSI(MA) HOMINIS MORIENTIS AUDIUNTUR ITURI AD INFEROS NEMO EUM DICIT ESSE MENTITUM, ET ILLIUS NON INDICATUR HAERES QUI FORTE EO CONTEMPSERAT. QUOMODO ERGO EFFUGIEMUS IRAM DEI SI VEI NON CREDENTES, VEL, CONTEMNENTES EXPULERIMUS VERBA NOUISSIMA ET UNICI FILII DEI, ET DOMINI NOSTRI, SALUATORIS ET ITURI IN COELUM ET INDE PROSPECTANS SI QUIS EO NEGLIGAT, QUIS NON OBSERUET ET INDE VENTURI VT DE OMNIBUS IUDICET? henew the Ieverall, me agis pys panadra ew hemma? pan vo an dewetha gyrryow clowis a onen a vo in y gwely marnance: ha paris the verwall, den veith ny lavar a vos gow gansa ena. negew ef ow ki(ll) e heare nep ne theffa regardya an keth gyrryow ma. fatla wrene ny a voydeya anger a thew? rag ne geran cregy nanyle regardia gerryow Dew ha only mab dew, agyn arluth han saviour, ew ascendis then nef ha yn weth ow gwelas pew vge ow despisea ha gwetha y erriow benegas ef, ha ef a vyn dos the Judgia oll an bobell. Christ a ruge ry then en keith kigge na a ruge ef kemeras vrth an werthis marya rag e ma Chrisostome ow leverall: VENIAT TIBI MEMENTUM QUO SIS HONORE HONORAUIS, QUA MENSA FRUARIS, EA NAMQUE RE NOS ALIMUR, QUAM ANGELI ETC. henna ew the leverall, gas ve the remembra fatla or ve inta tha honora, ha pana tabell esta ow setha: rag e thony megys gans an kethsam tra vgy an elath ow gwelas ha ow trembla, rag negyns abell the welas heb mere a own rag an golowder vse ow tos tha worta: rag y thony gwres vn kig[g] gans agen arluth Christ. Pew a laver an gallus agen arluth Dew (the) declarya e honour ef? pana bugell a ruge bithquath maga e thevas gans e members e honyn? lowarth mamb wore e flehis the benenas erall the vaga (mas) agan arluth Christ na vennas gwell in della mes ef agan magas ny gans e gorf e honyn, han Jvnyas ny thotheffe e honyn. be ell a ra an mam maga e flogh gans e leath? Indella e may Christ vrth agyn maga ny gans e kiyg ha gos e gorf: gans agen ganow e gorfe ny a rys (ef) del vgy Chrisostom affirmya

ERUBESCIT FIERI MATRIX QUAE FACTAM EST MATER. CHRISTUS AUTEM NON ITA IPS[O] NUTRITOR EST NOSTER: IDEO PRO CIBO CARNE PROPRIA NOS PASCIT, ET PRO POTU SUUM SANGUINEM NOBIS PROPINABIT. ITEM ìN CAP. (26) MATHAEI, HOMEL. 83. NON ENIM SUFFICIT IPSI HOMINEM FIERI, FLAGELLIS INTERIM CAEDI: SED NOS SECUM IN VNAM VT ITA DICAM, MASSAM REDUCIT NEQUE ID RE IPSA NOS CORPUS SUUM EFFICIT? henna ew the leverall, An mam a gemar meth trewythyow rag boos mammeth, mas Christ, an mammeth nyy, ne gesa o gwell in della genan. Insted rag henn a boos, e ma ef agyn maga gans e kegg e honyn, ha e weth, in sted a thewas, e may vrth agan maga gans e woos, Indella e weth, in 26. chapter a mathew, an 83. homeli, o leverall, rag ne gew lowr rag Christ the vos mab dene, ha the voese whippys: mas thagyn dry ny tha voese onyn gans ef, ha gvle ny e gorf ef, not der faith only, mas e weth in very deed e ma Chrisostom o leverall gans ganow .2. Cor .l3. homili .29. rema ew e irrow: NON VULGAREM HONOREM CONSEQUUTUM EST, OS NOSTRUM, ACCIPIENS CORPUS DOMINICUM, ID EST, nyn gew nebas an honour ew reys thagen ganow, the recevy(a) corf agyn arluth. agen ganow e ma o mos in Corf agen arluth Christ rag dowt den veith the vostya an corf na a rugg entra in Corf agen arluth Christ. I ma lowarth onyn o bostia, fatla vgy faith an tasow coth a vam egglys in an sy: but decevis ens sy, rag Chrisostom e ma then keth poynt ma ow leverall, HOMIL .2., AD POPULUM ANTIOCHEUUM. TANQUAM MAXIMAM HEREDITATEM ELISAEUS MELOTEM SUSCEPIT. ET ENIM VERE MAXIMA SUIS HAEREDITAS OMNI AURO PRETIOSOR VT ERAT DUPLEX HELIAS ILLE: ET ERAT SURSUM HELIAS ET DEORSUM HELIAS. NOUI QUOD INTUM ILLUM BEATUM PUTATIS ET )EUS QUISQUE ESSE VT ILLE. QUID IGITUR, SI VOBIS DEMONSTRAVERO QUI )IUD QUOD ILLO MULTO MAIUS OMNES SACRIS MISTERII IMBUTI RECIPIMU(S) )DIA QUIDEM MELOTEM DISCIPULO RELIQUIT. FILIUS AUTEM DEI ASCENDENS S)UAM NOBIS CARNEM DEMISIT. SED HELIAS )IDEM EX...CHRISTUS AUTEM...

CHRISTUS AUTEM/ ET NOBIS CARNE RELIQUIT ET HABENS ASECNDIT. henna ew the leverall, Eliseus a rug recevia e mantall kepare e lell ha meer inheritance, rage e tho e gwreonath, ha moy presius agis owr veith, e thesa deow Helias: onyn awartha, ha Helias a wolas, me a wor inta, why the bredery tha vos maga benegas agis an dean gwyrryan Elias. pan drevynnough leverall mar tema disquethas theugh certyn tacclow arall mere moy agis helma, pan veny oll endewis gans an mysteris benegas ma? Helias asas e mantall in ded gans e scholar, mas Dew ascendias then neff, hef asas vmma e kig theny ha e weth ef a woras e kig gansa the gwlas neff, Chrisostom e ma o leverall in e lyver .3. han .3. chapter. DE DIGNITATE SACERDOTII: O MIRACULUM, O DEI BENEVOLENTIAM. QUI SURSUM SEDET, TEMPORE SACRIFICII, HOMINUM MANIBUM CONTINETUR, AC IPSE TRADITUR DENTIBUS, IPSUM ACCIPERE ET COMPLEATI. FIT AUTEM ID ILL NULLIS PRAESTIGI, SED APERTIS ET CIRCUMSPICIENTIBUS CIRCUMSTANTIUM OMNIUM OCULIS: henna ew the leverall, O mirkell, ha blonogath da a thew, disquethis theny, vgy setha in gwlas neff, vgy intyr dowla tvs an beis in tirmyn an sacrifice, the Canevar den gwyrrian a vo desyrius e gowis: Christ ew devethis, not dir subtelnath, bus openly the kenever a whelha ha vo o sevall rebta. Vmma why a glow Christ ew gwelys pup deth vmma ware an nore vys, eff ew touchis, eff ew squardis gans dens, agan tavas ew ruth gans e gos. e ma Chrisostom o leverall in e homele .34. QUOD SUMMUS HONORE DIGNUM EST. ID TIBI IN TERRA OSTENDO. NON QUEMADMODUM IN REGUS NON PARIETES, NON LECTUS AUREUS, SED REGUM CORPUS IN THRONO SEDENS OMNIUM PRAESTANTISSIUM EST: ITA QUOQUE IN COELIS REGIUM CORPUS, QUODNUNC IN TERRA PROPONITUR. NON ANGELOS, NON ARCHANGELOS, NON COELOS COELORUM, SED IPSUM HORUM OMNIUM DOMINUM TIBI OSTENDO. ANIMADUERTIS QUONAM PACTO QUOD OMNIUM MAXIMUM EST ATQUE PRAECIPIUM IN TERRA, NON CONSPICARIS TANTUM SED TANGIS, NEQUE SOLUM TANGIS, SED COMEDIS, ATQUE EO ACCEPTO DONUM, REDIS. ABSTERGITUR AB OMNI SORDE ANIMAM TUAM: henna ew the leverall, e)thesa ve o disquethas these, vmma waren nore, ew worthy(the) vose an moygha honoris, kepare ha mytearne, o setha in (d)an queth a stat, a pub tra ew an moigha (ex)cellent; indella ew corf agen arluth Dew in gwlas neff, ew sittis (?lemmyn) deragan in nors vese

Sacrament an alter
In della ew corf agen arluth Dew in gwlas neff, ew sittis lemmyn deragen in nore ves/, ne gesa ow desuethas theugh elath nanyle Arth elath, mas an very corf agen master ha pensevike oll. Tee a ill percevia pavaner a sort esta o qvelas agen saviour Christ, bus e dochya, not only (e) touchia, bus e thibbry, an moygha tra a pub tra oll vs war (a)n nore ew agen saviour Jesus Christ, ha pan vova recevis (g)enas, kee thath tre: ha gwra golhe theth enaff the worth (o)ll mvstethas a pehosow, kepar dell wruck S Thomas touchia corfe Christ, indella ny ara touchia Christ in sacrament, rag Christ ew the vos touchis, rag e vos eff keveris Dew ha deane. Rag e ma Tertullian, DE CARNIS RESURRECTIONE, o leverall: VIDEAMUS DE PROPRIA CHRISTIANI HOMINIS FORMA QUANTA HUIC SUBSTANTIAE FRIVOLA ET SORDIDAE APUD DEUM PRAEROGATIVA SIT. ET SI SUFFICERET ILLI QUOD NULLA OMNINO ANIMA SALUTEM POSSIT ADIPISCI, NISI DUM EST IN CARNE REDERIT: ADEO CARO SALUTIS ILLO EST, DE QUA CUM ANIMA DEO ALLIGATUR, IPSA EST QUAE EFFICIT ANIMA ALLIGARI POSSIT: SED ET CARO ABLUITUR: VT ANIMA MACULETUR: CARO MINGITUR, VT ANIMA CONSECRATUR: SIGNATUR, VT ANIMA MUNIATUR CARO MANUS IMPOSITIONE (A)DUMBRATUR, VT ANIMA SPIRITU ILLUMINETUR: CARO CORPORE (E)T SANGUINE CHRISTI VESTITUR, VT ANIMA DE DEO SAGINETUR. (h)enna ew tha leverall, pana haker ew agen substance ny derag Dew an nef, an ena mab den, neffra sawis mase dir criggyans da, dirr vo an enef in kigg mab deane. an kigg y ma causya an ena the vos Junys the dew an neff: pan vo an kigg gulhis, an nenaf a veth glanhis; an kigg ew anoyntis, may halla an nenaf bos consecratis; an kigg ew selis, may halla an nenaf bos defendis; an kigg ew touchis gans dowla, rag malla an nenaf (bo)s golowis gans an spirissans: an kigg e ma ow tibbry (c)orf ha eva gose agen arluth Jesus christ rag ma(y) halla an nenaf bos mekys worth Dew golosak ha (e) vab ras agen saviour Jesus Christ.
An Sac(rament)

An Sacrament an aulter
Corf Christ ew dibbris gans ganow mab dean. Phoceus e ma ow leverall whar an keth gyrreow ma, REUS ERI(T) QUOD AIT, REUS CORPORIS ET SANGUINIS, ISTUD DECLARAT QUO (?) SICUT JUDAS IPSUM QUIDEM TRADIDIT, JUDAEI CONTUMELIOSE IN IPSUM INFAMEBANT: SIC IPSUM INHONORANT QUI SANCTISSIMUM IPSIUS CORPUS CORPUS (Sic) IMPURIS MANIBUS SUSCIPIUNT, TANQUAM JUDAEI IPSI TEN(ENT) TENENT (Sic) ET EXECRABILE ERRE RECIPIUNT. QUOD CREBRO MENTI(?) EC FACIT CORPORIS ET SANGUINIS DOMINI, MANIFESTAT QUID NON SIT SIMPLEX SIMPLEX (Sic) HOMO QUI SACRIFICATUR, SED IPSE DOMINUS OMNIUM FACTOR. TANQUAM PER HAEC QUIDEM IPSOS PERTERREFACIENS. HENNA (ew) the leverall pan rug agen saviour Christ leverall: ef ew gilty an Corf han gos agen arluth Christ, in delma e ma ef o tisquethas kepar a rug Judas bctraya e arluth Dew, an nethewan a ve spitfull war byn agen arluth Christ: In della e mowns y (o) dishonora Christ pan vonsy y recevia ef ha e corf benegas ef gans dowla mustethas, ha pecar a ruk an nethewan e sensy, ha e recevia ef lymmyn, gans mustethas ganaw. maga pell dell vge a keth deane ma, Phoceus, lowarth gwyeth o gwyell mention a Corf han gos agen arluth Dew, e ma ef o tisquethas, nyn go ef only deane ew sacrificed mas agen arluth christ e honyn, an gwrerer a pub tra oll. :CORPUS VESCITUR VT ANIMA SAGINETUR: an corf e ma tibbry rag malla an enef bos megys. Phoceus .i. Cor.ca. ii. Phoceus e ma o leverall: neb vge o recivia corf Dew gans dowla mustethas, e thew ef gilty an gos agen arluth Dew, kepar a ve Judas. Tertullian e ma o leverall: NON POSSUNT ERGO SEPERARI IN MERCEDE, QUOS OPERA COMMINGIT, ID EST. Na illansy bos seperatis in age gober, pan vonsy o gwiell an ober warbarth. John.17,21,& 14,10,11. Christ a gemeras kigg ha ve genys worth an worthias maria, ha e weth, e thesan ny o recevia dan an lell mystery kigg ay Corf benegas, dir henna e thony onyn in ef: rag Christ a gowsys: ow kyg ew verel(y) bos, ha ow gois ew verely dewas. neb a theffa dib(bry) ow kig, ha eva ow dewas, e ma ef ow trega in neff ve, ha me in eff. concernya an gweranath an kig h(a) gois agen arluth Christ, nyn gus gesis tella(r) veth the doubtys: rag lymmen dir distuny agen arluth Christ ha e weth dir faith da ny, e thew verely kyg ha verely gois agen arluth Jesus Christ.

an Sacrament a corf ha gois agen saviour Jesus

Bara ha gwyn dir gerriow Dew. trelys the corf ha gois (Christ) e thew.
CONSECRATIO IGITUR QUIBUS VERBIS EST, ET CUJUS SERMONIBUS DOMINI JESU. NAM AD RELIQUA OMNIA QUAE DICUNTUR LAUS DEO (?) TUR, ORATIONE PETITUR PRO POPULO, PRO REGIBUS, PRO CO(?) VBI VENITUR VT CONFICIATUR VENERABILE SACRAMENTUM, NON SUIS SERMONIBUS SACERDOS VTITUR, SED SERMONIBUS CHRISTI. ERGO SERMO CHRISTI HOC CONFICIT SACRAMENTUM. QUIS SERMO INCIPE (?) O FACTA SUNT OMNIA, JUSSIT DOMINUS ET FACTUM EST COELUM: JUSSIT DOMINUS ET FACTA EST TERRA: JUSSIT DOMINUS ET FACTA SUNT MARIA, ETC. VIDES ERG QUAM OPERATIONEM OPERATORIUS SIT SERMO CHRISTI. SI ERGO TANTA VIS EST IN SERMONE DOMINI, VT INCIPERENT ESSE QUAE NON ERANT, QUANTO MAGIS OPERATORIUS EST, VT SINT QUAE ERANT ET IN ALIUD COMMUTENTUR. hemma ew, An keth bara ma ew bara, kyns an girreow an Sacramentys the vos cowsis, pan o an girreow an consecration devethis then bara, an bara ew gwres kig agen arluth Christ. Rag henna gesen confirmia hemma: fatla ew an bara Corf Christ dir consecration an girreow. Consecration ew gwris dir girreow agen arluth Jesus. Rag oll girreow erall a vo leveris ew gere peiadow rag an bopell, rag meternath, ha rag an remnant. pan vo an geir devethis rag gwiell an reverent Sacrament, nena ne ra an pronter vsya girreow e honyn, mas girreow Christ: rag henna gere Christ. ema gwiell an keth Sacrament ma: pub tra oll a ve gwreis dir geir Dew. an arluth a commandias, ha nef a ve gwreis: an arluth a commandias, an nore a ve gwreis: an arluth a commandias, han more a ve gwreis, an arluth a commandias ha pub creature a ve gwreis, lemmen te a wele an Crefter a gere Christ o conys, the changia pith ny ve derag dorn, S. Ambros in e LIBER .4. CAP .5. e ma o gweill an keth sentence ma playn. COELUM NON ERAT, MARE NON ERAT, TERRA NON ERAT. SED AUDI DICENTEM: IPSE DIXIT ET FACTA SUNT, IPSE MANDAUIT ET CREATA SUNT. ERG TIBI RESPONDEO NON ERAT CORPUS CHRISTI ANTE CONSECRATIONEM, SED POST CONSECRATIONEM DICO TIBI QUOD JAM CORPUS CHRISTI EST: henna ew Nef na ve gwreis na ve gwreis nore na ve. mas gwra clowas Dew o cowse; ef causis an geir ha y a ve gwreis: ef a commaundias, y a ve creatis, Rag henna, tha orybe gee, nyn go Corf Christ kyns ef the vos consecratis, bus osa the vos consecratis, me a laver the gee, e thew lymmen Corf agen arluth Jesus Christ. ANTEQUAM CONSECRETUR: PANIS EST: VBI AUTEM VERBA CHRISTI ACCESSERINT, CORPUS EST CHRISTI, ID EST. Kyns an bara the vos consecratis, ith thew bara: mas pan ruge girreow agen saviour Christ dos warnotho, e thew corf agen arluth Jesus Christ.

(An bara ha)n gwyn dir geir Dew ew trylis.the corf gois chris(t).
whath moy e ma S. Ambros o leverall: ACCIPITE, EDITE, HOC ESTCORPUS MEUM. Kemerogh, debbr(ogh), hem ew ow corff ve. ANTE VERBA CHRISTI CALIX EST VINO ET AQUAE PLENUS: VBI VERBA CHRISTI OPERATA S(UNT) IBI SANGUIS EFFICITUR, QUI REDEMIT PLEBEM henna ew: kyns an girreow Christ tha vos leveris an chalys ew len(wys) a gwyn ha dowr: pan vo girreow Christ cowsys, en(a) e ma gwrys gois agen arluth Christ: pandra ill bos moy playn? Pelha e ma S. Ambros ow leverall: VIDES QUAM OBERATORIUS SIT SERMO CHRISTI. SI ERGO TANTUM VIS IN SERMONE DOMINI: ET VT SUPRA. henna ew: Why a welle an gallus a geir Christ fatla vgy ow conys. Rag henna mar sees marver gallus in geir agen arluth Christ, tha gwiel pith nyn go dera(g) dorne, paseil moy gallus, the gonys, ha changya an pith na go derag dorne, kepar del ve leveris kyn(s) Gosoweth pan drvge S. Ambros ow leverall i(n) e .vi. lever han .i. chapter: FORTE DICAS, QUOMODO VERA? QUI SIMILITUDINEM VIDEO, NON VIDEO SANGUINIS VERITATEM. PRIMUM OMNIUM DIXI TIBI DE SERMONE CHRISTI QUI OPERATUR, VT POSSIT MUTARE ETIAM CONNOTERE GENERA INSTITUTA NATURAE. DEINDE VBI NON TULERUNT SERMONEM DISCIPULI EJUS, SED AUDIENTES QUOD CARNEM SUAM DEDIT MANDUCATURI, ET SANGUINEM SUUM DEDIT BIBENDUM, RECEDEBANT. SOLUS TAMEN PETRUS DIXIT: VERBA VITAE AETERNAE HABES, ET EGO A TE QUO RECEDAM? NE IGITUR PLURES HOC DICERENT, VELLITI QUIDAM ESSET HORROR CRUORIS, SED MANERET GRATIA REDEMPTIONIS, IDEO IN SIMILITUDINEM QUIDEM ACCIPIS SACRAMENTUM, SED VERE NATURAE GRATIAM VIRTUTEM QUE CONSEQUERIS. henna ew the leverall. Martesyn te a lavar, fattellans bos gwyer? e vosama ow gwel(es) an shap, an not an gwyer gois agen arluth Christ? an kensa oll me a leveris thees, a geyr Christ vge changia an kyndes ew ordaynes a nature: An Discipels nyn go abel thy gyrreow age arluth Christ, pan ruga ry y corf tha vos dibbrys ha e gois the vos evys, y a departias, (ha gois ha) corf agen arluth Christ. Bara han gwyn (dir ger Dew ew gwris).

Bara han gwyn dir geir Dew ew gwris corf ha (gois Christ)
Only Peder a leveris ema genas ge girreow bewnans heb dewath: petha ve mos the worthas? Kepare a vo ceartaine abhorria worth gois agen arluth Christ wath dir grace christ ema remaynea the redemya an redemtion, rag henna te a receves an Sacrament: mas in ded te a obtaynes grace han gallus a nature a Christ. Gosough pan dresy S. Ambros (ow leverall): SI OPERATIUE EST SERMO COELESTIS IN ALIIS REBUS, NON OPERATUR IN SACRAMENTIS COELESTIBUS? ERGO DIDICISTI QUOD E PANE CORPUS FIAT CHRISTI, ET QUOD VINUM ET AQUA IN CALICEM MUTATUR, SED FIT SANGUINIS CONSECRATIONE VERBI COELESTIS. SED FORTE DICIS, SPECIM SANGUINIS NON VIDERI. SED HABET SIMILITUDINEM, SICUT ENIM MAGIS SIMILITUDINE SCICISTI, ITA ETIAM SIMILITUDINEM PRECIOSI SANGUINIS BIBIS, VT NULLUS HORROR CRUORIS SIT, ET PRETIUM TAMEN OPERETUR REDEMPTIONIS. DIDICISTI ERGO, QUIA QUOD ACCIPIS, CORPUS EST CHRISTI. HENNA ew the leverall Mar crug an geir an tas an nef gonis in taglenno erall, mer moy e ma gonys in Sacramentes benegas. Rag henna te a theskas, an bara ew gwrys corf agen arluth Christ: han gwyn han dowr ew goris in Chalis, dir consecration an geir dew benegas, e thew gwris gois. Ma(r)tesyn whath te a vyn leverall, shap a gois nyn gew gwelis, te a recevas an shap a myrnans Christ, indella e thesta eva e presivs gois. Dir henna nyn gew gois Christ abhorris, ha what(h) e ma ef ow conys an prys tha redemya ny. Dir henna e thos diskys, te the recevia pith ew Corf Christ. henna ew girre(o)w Justin. QUEMADMODUM PER VERBUM DEI CARO FACTUS JESUS CHRISTUS SALUATOR NOSTER, CARNEM HABUIT ET SANGUINEM PRO SALUTE NOSTRA: SIC ET CIBUM ILLUM CONSECRATUM PER SERMONEM PRECATIONIS AB IPSO INSTITUTAE, QUO SANGUIS CARNESQUE NOSTRAE PER COMMUNIONEM MITRIUNTUR, EIUSDEM JESU QUI CARO FACTUS EST, CARNEM ET SANGUINEM ESSE ACCEPIMUS. HENNA ew the leverall, Dir geir Dew, hagen saviour Jesus Christ, ew greis gwreis kigg ha gois, rag sawya ny; indella e thew disquethas thyn (an) bois the vos consecratis dir geir a pesadow ha appoyntis tha vois kigg ha gois agen saviour Jesus Cbrist.

Bara ha gwyn dir gyrryow Dew, Corf ha gois Christ:gwris e thew
? NEQUE V.........PANE.................. SUMINUS........QUEMADMODUM VERBO DEI JESUS CHRISTUS. SERUATOR NOSTER INCARNATUS HABUIT PRO SALUTE NOSTTRA CARNEM (ET) SANGUINEM: ITA PER ORATIONEM ILLIUS VERBI CONSECRATUM HOC ALIMENTUM, QUO SANGUIS ET CARNES NOSTRAE PER MUTACIONEM ESURIUNTUR EIUSDEM INCARNATI CARNEM ET SANGUINEM ESSE SUMUS EDOCTI. henna ew the leverall Ne geranny ow kemeras hemma rag common bara ha dewas. Mas kigg ha gois agen Saviour Jesus Christ, thaken sawya ny: pan vova consecratis. Irenaeus e ma ow levera(ll) :EUM CALICEM QUI EST CREATURA, SUUM CORPUS CONFIRMAUIT EX QUO NOSTRA AUGET CORPORA. QUANDO ET MIXTUS CALIX ET FRACTUS PANIS PERCIPIT VERBUM DEI, FIT EUCHAREST (?) SANGUINIS ET CORPORIS CHRISTI, EX QUIBIS AUGETUR E(T) CONSISTIT CARNIS NOSTRAE SUBSTANTIA. henna ew, An kith chalys ma ew creature a thew. Christ a rug e confirmia the vos e corf ef, rag creffya agen corfow ny. pan vo.an chalys han bara Junis war barth, dir geir Dew, e thew ef gwryes an Sacrament a Corf ha gois agyn Saviour Jesus Christ tha creffe agen corfow. Ireneus pelha ow levera(ll). QUOMODO CARNEM NEGANT CAPACEM ESSE DONATIONIS DEI QUAE EST VITA AETERNA, QUAE SANGUINE ET CORPORE CHRISTI NUTRITOR? LIB .5. POST DUO FOLIA A PRINCIPIA. henna ew: farla vgy an Bobell ow leverall an kigg na ill recevia gifte Dew, henna ew bewnans heb dewath, ew megis gans corf ha gois agen saviour Christ: henna ew the vos redys in .v. lever a Ireneaus, ii folen tha worth an dallath. An Greciens e ma kelwall EUCHARISTIA, henna uw grasce the Dew. :EMISSENUS: MIRARE CUM REUERENDUM ALTAREM TIBI.....RI? ...TUALIBUS FACIENDUS ASCENDIS: SACRUM DEI TUI CORP(US) ET SANGUINEM FIDE RESPICE, HONOREM MIRARE MERITO(?) CONTINGE, ETC. henna ew, gwra marvgian pan vosta devethis inban then reverent alter dhe vos megis gans an spirituall bois. Kemer faith da then corf han gois benegas ath Dew in bara gwra marvgion ay l.....ha gwra wo.....

Bara ha gwyn (dir) gyrryow Dew. Corf ha gois (Christ gwris e thew)
HONORA CORPUS DEI TUI, henna ew. Gwra honora C(orf) thith Dew: ET SI QUAERIS QUARE VOLUIT ECCLESIA ELIGERE ISTUM INTELLECTUM ITA DIFFICILEM HUJUS ARTICULI TUM VERBA SCRIPTURAE POSSINT SALUARI SECUNDUM INTELLECTUM FACILEM ET VERIOREM, SECUNDUM APPAENTIAM, DE HOC ARTICULO, ETC. henna ew. Mar tewhy demandea, praga a ruke an egglos dewys mar galys Vnderstandyng an keth Ar(t)ickell ma girryow an scripture a yll bos eaisy vnderstandis (kepare dell vgy apperia) owrth an artickell ma, ET CETERA. :IN QUANTUM VERO EST SACRIFICIUM HABET VIM SATISFACTI(O)NEM SED IN SATISFACTIONE ATTENDITUR MAGIS AFFECTIO OFFERENTIS QUAM QUANTITAS OBLATIONIS. VNDE DOMINUS DICIT APUD LUCAM DE VIDUA QUAE OBTULIT DUO AERA QUOD PLUS OMNIBUS MISIT QUANIS ERGO HAEC OBLATIO EX SIU QUANTITATE SUFFICIET AD SATISFACTORIA ILLIS PRO QUIBUS OFFERTUR, VEL ETIAM OFFERENTIBUS SECUNDUM QUANTITATEM SUAE DEUOTIONIS, ET NON PRO TOTA POENA: henna ew: maga pe(ll) dell ewa sacrafice, e ma thetha gallus a satisfaction, neb a vge offra an affection in satisfaction, e thew moy, the vose consederis, dell ew an quantite an oblation. Rag henna an arluth Dew ow leverall e ma, in nawaile a .S.Luke, rag an wethvas a ruke offrennia ii mittes, hy a dowlas in offering a Dew moy agis y oll. Rag henna an quantite an oblation ma ew sufficient rag oll an payn. whath e thew gwrys satisfaction, thethans rag neb a vo offrys, accordyng the quantyte aga devotion ha not rag oll an payn. Onyn an sans egglos ew gilwis Vigilius a martyr, ef a ve disky(s) thyworth an Abostolath a Christ than keth yrmyn ma, dir girryow an tasow a vam egglos. e thesa ve ow menya, a Justine, Irenae, Tertullian, Origene, Eusebius, Athanasius, Cyrill, Epiphanius, Hierom, Chrisostom, Augustine, Aurelius, Eu......(ha) lowarth onyn erall an tasow coeth.

(Bara ha gwyn dir) gyrryow Dew, Corf ha gois Christ gwris e thew
DESIDERIO DESIDERUI HOC PASCHA MANDUCARE VOBISCUM. henna ew ow thesyre ew gans oll ow holan, the dibbry an pask onn ma genogh. e ma Tertullian ow leverall, pana pask onn ?ow Christ wensys tha thibbry gans e apostelath. TERTULLIAN. LIBR.4. CONTRA MARTIONEM: PROFESSUS ITAQUE SE CONCUPISCENTIA CONCUPISCERE EDERE PASCHA SUUM (INDIGNUM ENIM VT ALIENUM CONCUPISCERET DEUS) ACCEPTUM PANEM ET DISTRIBUI( DISCIPULIS, SUUM CORPUS ILLUM FECIT: HOC EST CORPUS MEUM DICENDO, ETC., ID EST. ef rag henna a ruge protestia, myre a thesyre the thybbry e bask, me a laver e bask e honyn (rag nyn go met, ef the deserya mas e bask e honyn). Christ a gemeras bara ha e ruk e distributia the e Discipels, ha efe a ruk e corf ha leveris, Hemma ew ow corf ve. e ma S.Austen ow lever(all) in Psalm.96. ADORATE SCABELLUM PEDUM EJUS, ID EST, gwregh honora scavall e dryes, etc. QUAERE INQUIT, QUIA SIT SCABELLUM PEDUM EJUS. ET DICIT MICHI SCRIPTURAE. TERRA SCABELLUM PEDUM EJUS MEORUM: FLUCTUANS COUERTO ME AD CHRISTUM, QUIA IPSUM QUAERO HIC, ET INUENIO, QUOMODO SINE IMPIETATE ADORETUR SCABELLUM PEDUM EJUS. SUSCEPIT ENIM TERRAM DE TERRA, QUIA CARO DE TERRA EST, ET DE CARNE MARIAE CARNEM ACCEPIT, ET QUIA IN IPSA CARNE HIC AMBULAUIT, ET IPSAM CARNEM NOBIS MANDUCANDAM AD SALUTEM DEDIT: NEMO AUTEM ILLAM CARNEM MANDUCAT NISI PRIUS ADORAUERIT. INVENTUM EST QUOMODO TALE SCABELLUM PEDUM DOMINI ADORETUR. VT NON SOLUM NON PECCEMUS ADORANDO, SED PECCEMUS NON ADORANDO IPSUM ETC., ID EST E thesa ve ow covyn (mith ef) pandrew an scavall e drys eff. an Scripture e ma ow leverall thyn: an grond ew an skavall ow thrys ve, ha dir sarchia an Scripture e thesa ow trylya ow honyn then Arluth Christ, ha e whelas ef vmma war a (nore). rag honora scavall e drys, rag ef a kemeras dore a thore ha dir henna e thew ef kigg an nore, ha kemeras kigg worth an werthias Marya, ha ef a walkias in kigg na omma war a nore. ef a ros then an kethsam kigg na then the thibbry. Nyn gvs (den)vyth ow tybbry an kigg na arr ne theffa (ha e worthia Bara

bara ha gwyn dir gyrryow dew (corf ha gois Christ gwris e thew)
AUSTEN CONTRA FAUSTUM. LIBER .20. CHAPTER .13...........PANEM ET CARNEM.....XERE.........ET CETERA. henna ew, pederro fatla.....ha gwyn honores ce na. PANIS QUEM FRANGIMUS, NONNE COMMUNICATIO CORPORIS CHRISTI EST? QUARE NON DIXIT PARTICIPATIO? QUIA AMPLIUS QUID SIGNIFICARE VOLUIT, ET MULTA INTER HAEC CONUENIENTIAM OSTENDERE. NON ENIM PARTICIPATIO CHRISTUM ET ACCEPTIONE, SED VNITATE COMMUNICAMUS. QUEMADMODUM ENIM CORPUS ILLUD VNITUM EST CHRISTO, ITA ET NOS PER HAC PANEM VNIONE CONJUGIMUR. HENNA ew: an bara erany ow tyrry, ne gew an communication a corf Christ? ha rag henna na ruk Christ gylwall participation: rag malla ef signifia brossa mater. ha e weth brassa conjunction in trethans. Rag kepare ew an Corf na Junys thagan Saviour Christ, in della e theny Jvnis thagan Saviour Christ, dir an keth bara na. Me a thro vmma Augustine in psalm .33. CONCIO .1. expounding an gyrryow ma: FEREBATUR IN MANIBUS SUIS. ef a ve degys inter e thowla. ID EST. REGUM. HOC QUOMODO POSSIT FIERI IN HOMINE, QUIS INTELLIGATUR. MANIBUS ENIM SUIS NEMO PORTATUR, SED ALIENIS. QUOMODO ..........DAUID SECUNDUM LITERAM, NON INUENIMUS: DE CHRISTO A....... INUENIMUS. FEREBATUR ENIM CHRISTUS IN MANIBUS CUM DICERET: HOC EST CORPUS MEUM. FEREBAT ENIM......CORPUS IN MANIBUB SUIS, ETC. henna ew fatla ill hemma bos vnderstandis the vos gwrys.........veith nyn gew............. ....cafas, fatla ill ...............an prophet be(negas)................tha worth.............honyn.............rag.......

Bara ha gwyn) dir gyrryow dew kyg ha gois Christ ew (gwris)
..............corf Christ ew yna warre an alter............Austen LIB .5. CONTRA DONATISTAS CAP .8........SCAB(ELLAM DOMINUS TRADIDIT NON MA...............................ENDO PER AULT. ETC. kepare a ruk (Judas a thebbras heb )yfya e arluth Dew. Ef the recevia pith ow badd (rag eff a) recevyas Corf Dew warlerth badd maner. et c.............S. Austen ow cowse nebas moy: QUIA ALIQUIS NON AD SALUTEM MANDUC(AT) NON IDEO NON EST CORPUS, ID EST. ema ran nyn gegy ow tybbry Corf Christ, thaga sawya, ha rag henna, nyn gew thethans Corf Dew Theophelas .7. e ma ow leverall, Judas a ruk tastia Corf an arluth. OSTENDIT DOMINUS CRUDELITATEM JUDAE, QUI CUM ARGUERETUR NON INTELLESIT, ET GUSTAUIT CARNEM DOMINI, ETC. An arluth a thysquethas an cruelte a Judas, pan rug an arluth Dew e rebukya, whath na ruk Judas e vnderstandya, ef a tastyas kigg an arluth Dew, hemma ew girryow Kvsell an Nice. HUMILITER PETIMUS PROPOSITAM PANEM ET POTUM, SED EXSALTATA MENTE FIDELITE... CREDAMUS JACERE IN ISTA SACRA MENSA DEI, TOLLENTEM PECCATI MUNDI, A SACERDOTIBUS SACRIFICATUM. Na esyn(n)y miras wor an bara han dewas ew sittys deragen mas derevall agen mynd ha colan da, mas cregy faithfully, fatla ew sittis onne Dew war an alter benegas, vge ow kemeras e ker pegh an bobell, an pith ew benegys gans prontyrryan. EXALTATAMENTE, ID EST, gans mynd hewwall tha thew. AGNUS DEI JACET IN MENSA Onne a thew ew sittis war an alter. ema tillar arall e mes Cucell a Nice. NULLUS APOSTOLORUM DIXIT HAEC EST FIGURA CORPORIS CHRISTI. NULLUS VENERABILIUM PRAESBYTERORUM DIXIT IN CRUENTUM ALTARIS SACRIFICIUM FIGURAM: ID EST, (ne gus) onyn an aposteleth a le(veris, bemma) ew fygur ow...............................leveris.........................(co)rf ef................................383.

bara ha gwyn dir gerryow Dew C)orf ha gois Christ gwris e thew
Chrisostom e ma ow leverall................................host.........bus only an owriek Chrisostom.....................ema 9. chapter an Acts Apostolis......................................
MANIBUS SACERDOTIS ETC....go........ ?host...... benegas e ma
inter dowla an pronter.....................................e ma Chrisostom ow leverall in tillar arall. NON....... APOSTOLIS EST INSTITUTUM. nyn gew dir hastenab apoyntis the worth an Apostelath. pelha, e ma Chrisostom ow scryfa than philipians A remembrance, a vea res thetha bos, in keth sacrament na rag an marow. Ema S. Austen ow leverall in e...........ha 11o chapter: NON EST NEGANDUM DEFUNCTORUM ANIMOS PIETATE FAMILIAR VIUENTIUM RELEVARI, QUUM PRO ILLIS SACRIFICIUM MEDIATORIS AFFERTUR. HENNA EW. na illen denaha an nenevow tha vos y relevis dir an devotion aga hvthmans ew bew, pan vo offrys an sacrafice a Corf Christ, ha pege rag an nenevow, An keth (A)usten ma a leveris a seran rag e vam Monica. e ma Cyrill ow leverall: PER COMMUNIONEM CORPORIS CHRISTI S(ISTET) IN NOBIS CHRISTUS CORPORALITER. henna ew dir an Communion a Corf Christ, e ma Christ corporally ow trega in (nan) ema S. Ambros ow leverall. VIDEMUS PRINCIPEM SACERDOTUM AD NOS VENIENTEM, ET OFFERENTEM SANGUINEM ET C. henna e(w) ny a welas an pensevik pronter ow tose then(ny ha) offra gois agan arluth Christ, ema an doctors (ow leverall) nyn gegy cowse vith a deow habblys arr na theff(a leverall) an keth geyr ma, PANIS, QUEM DABO, CARO MEA EST, An bara a theffan ry, ew ow kigg ve, Rag (res ew) dibbry worthely, kigg agen saviour Christ the theff............bewnans heb dewath, mith S.Austen, ha S,Paule, Cor .II. CALEX EST VINI NOUI TESTAMENTI: EST SANGUIS QUI EFFUNDITUR IN REMISSIONE TOTIUS MUNDI. QUOD VINUM EST ET AQUA IN CALICEM NON SPECIES SANGUINIS SUI, SED EST PRETIOSUM CORPUS ET SANGUIS CHRISTI, QUI EFFUNDITUR PRO NOBIS, ID EST. An chalys a Testament noweth ew an gois ew skvllys, ha ethew an precius Corf han gois agyn saviour Christ a ve skvllys ragan ny, pobell an bys

(Bara ha, gwyn dir Gyrryow Dew. Corf ha Gois Crist gwris e thew)
................PANIS CORPUS QUIA D\iCITUR CORPUS.........IN SERMONE DE TEMPORE DICIT..................PANIS A.........INFIDELITATIS SUSPICIO, ET TUM NON TE ......)UET QUOMOD0 SUNT ACCIDENTIA ATQUE SUBSTANTIA .....SUBSTANTIA ABSQUA ACCIDENTIBUS. henna ew PANIS ew henwis bara, CORPUS ew henwis Cor(f) gesogh oll thiscrygians, mith S. Austen, ha nenna na veth(ogh) troublis gans Accidens ha substans vetholl
CREDE ET EDISTI..............Crig ge, ha e thest(a)
PANIS TRANSALEMENTATUR QUONIAM INFIRMI SUMUS ET HORREMUS CRUDAS CARNES COMMEDERE, MAXIM(E) HUJUS CARNEM: IDEO PANIS GQIDEM APPARET, SED CARO EST. henna ew, Bara ew trylys theworth an neyl elyment, the gela, Rag an vosan ny mar gwa(n) ow kemeras skrvth tha thybbry kygg kreff ha chieffly kygg an keth Dean ma, rag hem(ma) ew in hevelep a bara, mas e thew kygg agen arluth Jesus (Christ) PANIS QUI NON EST FIGURA, SED TRANSFORMATUR IN CORPUS CHRISTI IPSA ET CARO CHRISTI: SECUNDUM BENEDICTIONEM SPIRITUS SANCTI. henna ew the leve(rall Bara nyn gew figure, mas transfvrmys the Corf Christ ha henna ew kygg Christ (osa) benigicter an spurissans. thotheff re bo oll honor ha glory in gwlas heb deweth. Amen.



PAGE 36. an egglos an Jevas an lell sens an scriptur ha y thew iudg a henna

PAGE 54a. onyn an catholik eglos ew Vigilius, a ve diskis the orth an Abostelath a christ. An Catholyk egglos ew rema, Justinius, Irenaeus, Tertull, Origine, Augustinus, Hieronimus, Chrisostomus, Eusebius, Emissenus, Epiphaneus, Athanasius, Cyrillus, etc.

PAGE 55. redewgh Kepare a ruk Dew ry then iii oll corfow rag tyrmyn, indella Dew a ros thothans an vse age corfow, hemma ew, the walkea, the dibbry, ha eva, ha tacclennow erall kepar.

PAGE 55a. An note war Exodi. .3. vers .2. Kinthew an Egglos ponishes grevously whath grace Dew ow quetha worth drocoleth. Exodi .3. vers .2. Josue .5. vers .13.

PAGE 59a. gans ganow Chrisost. homel.29. in epist. Co.13.