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It looks like the contributor of these pages has been doing a tremendous amount of work. It would be most helpful if he could become a registered user of Wikisource. What we see for all these pages is at least 2 numbered contributors. I suspect that the contributor is the same José Soares Da Silva who is listed as the translator of the Book of Mormon into Interlingua. However, I have no way of being certain of that.

There is a copyright issue involved. Of course there is no dispute about Joseph Smith's original version being in the public domain. Nevertheless, each new translation opens new copyrights which belong to the translator. For the Interlingua version those rights appear to belong to Mr. Da Silva; as the owner of those rights he may publish publish his work under GNU-FDL. What needs to be established is either that our numbered contributor(s) is in fact José Soares Da Silva, or that Mr. Da Silva has authorized him (or them) to publish this translation under a Free Documentation License.

Thanks. Eclecticology 19:23, 17 Feb 2004 (UTC)

My name is Jose Soares Da Silva and I'm a registered user of ia.wikipedia under the username JoSoares. The translation of the Book of Mormon was completed by only one person i.e. me. The original sorce for this translation was file which is of public domain. I have no problem to publish the BofM under GNU-FDL, if someone tel me how to do that.

[JoSoares] 7 Aug 2005

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