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the co-operation of many missionaries, over 10,000,000 copies of Scriptures are circulated each year—the figure for 1929-30 is 12,175,292—bringing the total circulation since its foundation to over 400,000,000.

The Society has made the Bible the cheapest and most accessible of books. It supplies the over-seas missions of almost every Reformed Church with the Scriptures which they need. It co-operates with the missionaries in preparing the versions; it prints the editions, bears the loss involved in their sale at reduced prices, and pays the carriage of the volumes to the farthest mission-stations. Its popular editions supply the Sunday-schools and home missions of nearly every Christian denomination, and all the varied agencies of religious and philanthropic activity.

The world-wide spread of education is raising up millions of new readers every year. The vast modern movements of emigration create linguistic needs which no other institution can meet. The triumphs of Christian missions involve ever-increasing claims upon the funds of the Bible Society.

On the whole, out of every £1 which the Society spends in producing and distributing the Scriptures, it is receiving back about 8s. as the proceeds of sales. The Society stands in urgent need of more generous support from lovers of the Bible, so that it may continue its sacred mission.

Gifts may be sent to the Secretaries, British and Foreign Bible Society, 146, Queen Victoria Street, London.

Printed in Great Britain at the University Press, Oxford by John Johnson, printer to the university