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Tamil-Konkani Vocabulary

Direct transliterations of Konkani words into Tamil would produce errors so great in magnitude that the intended meaning of the word changes. Hence the following conventions are adopted.

The Konkani language has ten vowels and forty-two consonants. Each representation is given in the Devanagari script, followed by the equivalent in the Tamil script (the convention to be adopted from now on throughout this work is that order in the respective columns as shown below.)


अं அம்,அங்[3]
अः அஃ

Note that no sign conventions have been adopted above as such, but some characters, which are not found in Tamil have been introduced. Also, the character has been dropped on purpose from this list since it does not occur in Konkani at all, and hence in this word bank, except for some learned borrowings from Sanskrit or for Sanskrit words used as such [(तद्भव) words].

^  The discussion on the distinction between எ,ஏ, ஒ,ஓ and அம்,அங் is deferred until the next section.