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of the
Cherokee Bible Society.

Article 1. The name of this Society shall be the Cherokee Bible Society.

Art. 2. The object of the Society shall be to disseminate the Sacred Scriptures in the English and Cherokee languages among the people of the Cherokee Nation; and all funds collected by the Society shall be expended for that object.

Art. 3. Any person may become a member of the Society by subscribing and paying any sum of money to the Society, and continue a member so long as he shall continue to pay any sum as often as once a year.

Art. 4. There shall be a meeting of the Society at Tahlequah on the third Wednesday in October of each year, for the election of officers and the transaction of business; which meeting may be adjourned as occasion may require.

Art. 5. The Society shall have a President, as many Vice Presidents as shall, at the time of election, be thought expedient, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Executive Committee consisting of five persons, including the Secretary and Treasurer.

The President, or, in his absence, the oldest Vice President present, shall preside in all meetings of the Society.

The Secretary shall record all meetings and doings of the Society.

The Treasurer shall keep all money belonging to the Society, and expend it according to the direction of the Executive Committee, and report at the annual meeting.

The Executive Committee shall direct the purchase and distribution of books; always having regard, in that distribution, both to the necessities of each neighborhood, and to the amount of liberality manifested in contributing to the funds of the Society. They shall also use such efforts as may be in their power to promote the object of the Society, subject to the Society’s directions; and shall report their doings at the annual meeting.

Art. 6. The President, or either of the Vice Presidents, may call a meeting any time and place within the limits of the Cherokee Nation, to promote the object of the Society, and may receive funds, and pay them over to the Treasurer. At each of these meetings, when the Secretary is not present, a Secretary pro tem. shall be appointed, who shall report to the permanent Secretary. But no laws shall be enacted, nor any permanent officers of the Society appointed, nor any business transacted relating to the purchase or distribution of books,