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alteutonik, 1915

(a union tongue for all teutons.)


by elias molee.

address:—tacoma, wash., u. s. america.


die deutsche natur schwebt ueber den völken.

victor hugo.

an das deutche wesen wird die welt einst genesen.


les allemands ont une langue, les francais n'ont qu'un jargon.

(paris), m. de villiers.

the baltic sea, between germany and scandlnavia, has always been the true world's center of culture.

prof. dr. lenker.

libraries, receiving a free copy of this pamphlet are requested to bind it in cloth.

published by the author, 1915.

tacoma, wash., u. s. amerika

price 20 cents; 80 pfenige; 75 öre

puget sound posten print.