jan en soweli

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jan en soweli
by Michael F
mi kama jo e toki musi ni tan lipu ni. mi sona ala e ni: tenpo sike seme la lipu ni li kama lon. taso tenpo sike 2014 la ona li lon lipu archive.org.

English (toki Inli): Retrieved from this page on archive.org. The English title is "People & Animals" according to this page. The year of first publication is unknown, but it was no later than 2014, going by the archive.org link.

jan en soweli

jan mute li pilin e ni:

jan en soweli li ante

ni li lon ala lon?

soweli en jan

li moku li lape

li open li moli

li pilin li pona

li musi li utala

li olin li pakala

li unpa li kalama

li awen li tawa

ni li lon:

soweli li jo e sona lili;

jan li jo e sona mute.

taso, ni kin li lon:

ante pi soweli en jan li lili

sama ona li mute.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.