Akta kemerdekaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu

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Akta kemerdekaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu
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Federation of Malaya Independence Act 1957

1957 c. 60 5 and 6 Eliz 2

An Act to make provision for and in connection with the establishment of the Federation of Malaya as an independent sovereign country within the


[31st July 1957]

1.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, the approval of Parliament is hereby given to the conclusion between Her Majesty and the Rulers of the Malay States of such agreement as appears to Her Majesty to be expedient for the establishment of the Federation of Malaya as an independent sovereign country within the Commonwealth. Provision for establishment of the Federation as an independent sovereign country.
       (2) Any such agreement as aforesaid may make provision—
       (a) for the formation of the Malay States and of the Settlements of Penang and Malacca into a new independent Federation of States under a Federal Constitution specified in the agreement and for the application to those Settlements, as States of the new Federation, of State Constitutions so specified;
         (b) for the termination of Her Majesty’s sovereignty and jurisdiction in respect of the said Settlements, and of all other Her power and jurisdiction in and in respect of the Malay States or the Federation as a whole, and the revocation or modification of all or any of the provisions of the Federation of Malaya Agreement, 1948, and of any other agreements in force between Her Majesty and the Rulers of the Malay States.
[ 2 ]CH. 60

Federation of Malaya 5&6ELiz.2 Independence Act, 1957 (3) Any such agreement shall be conditional upon the approval of the new Federal Constitution by enactments of the existing Federal Legislature and of each of the Malay States; and upon such approval being given Her Majesty by Order in Council may direct that the said Federal and State Constitutions shall have the force of law within the said Settlements, and, so far as She has jurisdiction in that behalf, elsewhere within the Federation, and may make such other provision as appears to Her to be necessary for giving effect to the agreement. (4) Any Order in Council under this section shall be laid before Parliament after being made. (5) In this Act " the appointed day " means such day as may be specified by Order in Council under this section as the day from which the said Federal Constitution has the force of law as aforesaid. Operation of 2.-(l) On and after the appointed day, all existing law to existing laws. which this section applies shall, until otherwise provided by the authority having power to amend or repeal that law, continue to apply in relation to the Federation or any part thereof, and to persons and things in any way belonging thereto or connected therewith, in all respects as if no such agreement as is referred to in subsection (1) of section one of this Act had been concluded: Provided that- (a) the enactments referred to in the First Schedule to this Act shall have effect as from the appointed day subject to the amendments made by that Schedule (being amendments for applying in relation to the Federation certain statutory provisions applicable to Commonwealth countries having fully responsible status within, Her Majesty's dominions); (b) Her Majesty may by Order in Council make such further adaptations in any Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed before the appointed day, or in any instrument having effect under any such Act, as appear to Her necessary or expedient in consequence of the agreement referred to in subsection (1) of section one of this Act; (c) in relation to the Colonial Development and Welfare Acts, 1940 to 1955, this subsection shall have effect only so far as may be necessary for the making of payments on or after the appointed day in pursuance of schemes in force immediately before that day and in respect of periods falling before that day; (d) nothing in this section shall be construed as continuing in force any enactment or rule of law limiting or restricting 2 [ 3 ]Page:Ukpga 19570060 en.djvu/3 [ 4 ]Page:Ukpga 19570060 en.djvu/4 [ 5 ]Page:Ukpga 19570060 en.djvu/5 [ 6 ]Page:Ukpga 19570060 en.djvu/6 [ 7 ]Page:Ukpga 19570060 en.djvu/7 [ 8 ]Page:Ukpga 19570060 en.djvu/8

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