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I am "Doug" on all Wikimedia Foundation Projects.

I am an administrator and importer (i.e. xml import-upload right) on the multilingual wikisource (, an admin and bureaucrat on Latin Wikisource, and an admin on English Wikisource, English Wikipedia, and and I run DougBot on several Wikisource subdomains,, meta, and commons. I have a second bot, InterwikiBot, for interwiki language links, but it is inactive as Candalua has improved the process and I defer to him.

I have developmental installs of MediaWiki both local and live and I do some trivial development work on both MediaWiki and WordPress.

I'm a U.S. lawyer. Although I would not consider myself an expert, by professional standards, I'm professionally familiar with U.S. copyright law and by most lay standards I would be considered an expert. I only have a general understanding of the copyright laws of other countries. I can help with copyright research, particularly with respect to non-renewal of pre-1963 US works.

I work as an internal auditor for the US Government and as a Defense Attorney in the US Army Reserve.

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